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BLOG 5 Romantic Things To Do In Antalya

27 September 2021 / Lifestyle

It’s easy to see why Antalya is so popular as a holiday destination. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a beach lover, an action hero or need to make sure the kids are entertained. You’ll never be short of great things to do.

But what if you’re a couple hoping for the perfect romantic getaway? You’ve booked your dream holiday villa in Antalya, and now you’re looking forward to making some special memories. Don’t worry – Antalya is a great place for couples as well as family trips.

Here are a few suggestions to ensure your romantic holiday in Antalya is memorable for all the right reasons.

The Chimaera Flames

The flaming stones of Olympos are a sight to be behold. Called yanartaş (ya-nar-tash), or ‘burning rock’, the legends say they are the breath of fabled chimera – a creature that is part lion, part goat and part snake.

They are best seen at night, so plan to visit late in the day for a truly magical experience. It’s a bit of a hike, so wear sensible footwear and take a torch or other light source at the least. To make a really special evening of it, why not pack a picnic – including marshmallows to toast over the flames? Take a blanket for chilly evenings and snuggle up and soak up the atmosphere.

If you arrive earlier and have time, it’s worth spending time exploring the ruins of Olympos itself. The city dates back to at least the Ancient Greeks and was part of the Lycian League, a group of powerful cities that ruled the area.

Kaputaş Beach

There are so many beautiful beaches in Antalya that it’s hard to single out just one. But even with so much choice, Kaputaş (Cap-uh-tash) is something special. Nestling on the shoreline between Kalkan and Kaş, it’s not the easiest beach to get to – you’ll need to climb down nearly 200 steps (and up again later!). But we promise it’s worth the effort – the waters are blue and crystal clear and the scenery is stunning. It’s the ideal spot to enjoy a beach day for two.

Tahtalı Cable Car

Imagine riding high above the ground as you travel through the beautiful Beydağları National Park (Bay-dar-lar-uh) with the love of your life, marvelling together at the scenery below. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

One of the fastest cable cars in Europe, the trip to the top of Tahtalı mountain (Ta-tah-luh) takes around 15 minutes. The summit is some 2,365m above sea level and there are observation decks where you can enjoy some of the area’s most spectacular scenery.

The cable car is open all year round, except in severe weather. As the peaks are covered in snow apart from during high summer, it’s also wise to take a fleece or warm jumper.

An extra-special meal

A romantic dinner is a must-do for any couple planning to spend quality time together. If you’ve enjoyed holidays in Antalya for a while you may already have a favourite restaurant in mind; certainly the area has no shortage of excellent eateries!

One of the best known is Seraser Fine Dining which, as the name suggests, is a superb choice if you’re looking for a truly exceptional experience. Since opening in 2009 it’s built an outstanding reputation for combining international and traditional Turkish cuisine. If you’re a wine-lover, you’ll also be delighted by the extensive wine cellar. An evening at Seraser, in Antalya’s atmospheric Old Town, is unforgettable.

The ‘sunken city’

A boat trip is on most people’s ‘to do’ list for their holiday to Antalya. If you’re looking for something more romantic than the usual bay-hopping, consider the ‘sunken city’ off Kekova island. The ruins were once the Ancient Greek community of Dolchiste, with houses, churches and industry. Then, in 2BC, it was flooded by an earthquake.

It’s a protected area, so swimming is not permitted, but you can still see plenty by boat. Alternatively, for something a little different, you can also hire a sea kayak and paddle over the ruins for a closer view.

Thinking of buying

Are you considering investing in Antalya real estate? We’d love to help you through the buying process, whether you’re looking for your dream forever home, a family holiday home, or a luxury buy-to-let holiday rental. You can see our current portfolio on our website, and we’re always happy to answer any queries you may have.

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