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BLOG 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Holiday Rental Property in Antalya

24 December 2020 / Properties

While many people see Antalya as their second home, a permanent move may not be practical. If they visit several times a year, however, the thought of buying a property is appealing. As well as using it whenever they like, they could rent it out to other holidaymakers for extra income.

Others choose to buy a holiday home in Antalya as a deliberate investment, focused on bringing in revenue. It’s never intended to be their home or a place for them to stay; it’s a business opportunity.

Whichever camp you fall into, if you are interested in holiday properties for sale in Antalya, there are a few points you should consider.

Location is everything

Naturally, some districts and properties will bring higher returns than others. If you’re a regular visitor, you might already have fallen in love with a particular area and know where you want to buy. Otherwise, it’s worth doing your research to find out where your money is best spent.

Prestigious Kalkan, for example, delivers the highest rental yields on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. If your rental property has full occupancy throughout the season – which traditionally runs from May to October - you can expect up to 9% annually. However, with many airlines operating direct flights from as early as April, and with increasing numbers of people seeking out-of-season retreats, there’s potential for year-round rental income.

Antalya is becoming ever more popular with tourists looking to spend the Christmas and New Year period in Turkey. Invest in a sea view apartment by Lara Beach, and you could find yourself with guests all year round.

Your money may go further than you think

Budget is always a key factor when buying property. Although Antalya province is second only to Istanbul when it comes to the number of overseas buyers investing in real estate, prices have stayed surprisingly affordable.

A two-bedroom penthouse in Alanya, with views over Kleopatra Beach, could be yours for as little as £85,000. Or how about snapping up a detached four-bedroom villa in Belek, close to championship-standard golf courses and with stunning natural views, for around £138,000?

Consider engaging professional support

If you don’t live in the area, it’s a good idea to use a property management company to deal with maintenance, guest liaison, and the regulations that must be adhered to as a holiday rental.

They’ll deal with tasks such as inventory checks, ensuring repairs are carried out, and cleaning and linen laundry. They can also act as a local point of contact for your guests.

In addition, the stringent rules now in place for registering guests with the authorities mean it’s often easier for absent property owners to pass this on to a management company.

Check your tax obligations

You will be required to pay tax on rental income from your Antalya holiday home. The current KDV rate for example – equivalent to VAT in the UK – is 18%. The amount will vary, and there are also deductible allowances to consider.

Talk to us to find out more about your obligations and the steps you should take. We’ll be delighted to advise you in the first instance and can help you find a reputable accountant if you decide that would be your best option.

Think about your marketing strategy

As with any business, you’ll need to connect with potential guests and show them why they should book to stay in your Antalya holiday home. There are many companies which will offer to do this for you but be wary as some can prove expensive.

It’s entirely possible to handle your own marketing and booking, even from a distance; here are a few ideas we know work well:

- Facebook groups. Join as many as you can – there are plenty dedicated to holidays in Antalya, but also consider those local to you. They are a great way to spread the word and show off both your property and the area. Be respectful of any rules; for example, some might only allow advertising posts once a week.

- Other social media. Instagram is image-led, so post stunning pictures and entice customers with well-written captions and relevant hashtags. They don’t all have to be of your property – use local attractions too.

- Word-of-mouth. Tell everyone you know about your luxury apartment in Side or the gorgeous villa you’ve bought in Kalkan and ask if they’d mind spreading the word among their networks. Ask your guests for testimonials after their holiday.

- Set up a website. It might sound daunting, but basic sites aren’t complicated, and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy – take a look at a platform like Squarespace to start with.

- Look at online sites like Vrbo – formerly Owners’ Direct – which offer integrated systems that include booking and client contact.

Thinking of buying?

We’d be delighted to answer your questions about buying holiday accommodation in Antalya. Our experienced team will help you navigate the whole process – just get in touch to learn more.

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