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BLOG 6 Must-Do Day Trips To Take From Kalkan

17 July 2021 / Travel

With a well-deserved reputation as the jewel in the crown of the Turkish Riviera, Kalkan is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s one of the most prestigious resorts on the Turquoise Coast, with an atmosphere that’s more sophisticated than that of the 24-hour party towns.

The soaring Taurus Mountains curl protectively around the old town which nestles at their foot, offering a stunning backdrop and outstanding views.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that Kalkan is highly popular when it comes to buying property in Antalya. As well as a lively expat community, it’s a prime location for anyone looking to invest in a Turkish holiday home; rental yields are the highest in the region, returning around 9% from May to October alone.

There’s plenty to do in the area too, whether you live in Kalkan full time, have enjoyed holidays there for years, or are a new devotee of this beautiful town. Here’s our pick of must-do day trips while staying in Kalkan.

Down the coast to Kaş

Around a half-hour drive from Kalkan lies Kaş, with its sleepy cobbled streets and laidback vibe. It’s grown in popularity recently but is still much less commercial than many of the area’s tourist centres.

There’s an abundance of bustling bars and restaurants serving delicious food, and small, independent shops that will prove irresistible to anyone who enjoys browsing. It’s the perfect place to while away a few hours.

Take a history tour

There are many ancient sites and ruins that offer a glimpse into Turkey’s rich history. Both Letoon and Xanthos, just a short journey from Kalkan, are UNESCO world heritage sites. The Temples of Leto, Artemis and Apollo can be seen at Letoon, while Xanthos was the former capital of ancient Lycia and dates back to 4BC.

Nearby Patara is also worth visiting. Many of its ruins, including a huge theatre and Roman baths, are in surprisingly good condition. While you’re there, you can also enjoy Patara beach, famed for its 12-mile stretch of sand and one of the most important nesting grounds for caretta caretta – the endangered loggerhead sea turtle.

Take a trip to Greece

The Greek island of Meis, or Kastellorizo, is the smallest of the Dodecanese islands and lies just two kilometres off the Turkish coast. There are daily ferry trips* to and from nearby Kaş.

The island itself, with a year-round population of fewer than 500, is delightful. Take a seat at one of the charming tavernas and watch turtles swim in the harbour while you enjoy a drink and something to eat or hike up into the hills and feast your eyes on the scenery. There are also speedboat tours to the beautiful Blue Cave – the name speaks for itself and it’s a wonder well worth seeing.

* At time of writing, the borders between Greece and Turkey are closed; it is hoped they will reopen soon.

Skywalk Fethiye

The newly opened cable car takes you from Ölüdeniz up to the 1700m launch point on Babadağ, with a chairlift travelling an additional 200m for those who want to go a little further. There’s also a station lower down, at 1200m.

The views across the surrounding area are nothing short of spectacular and you can watch the paragliders take off and descend gracefully to the beach below as you relax in the excellent restaurant. (Additional catering facilities are due to open soon.)

The Skywalk is a little further away – the trip from Kalkan is around 90 minutes – but as one of the region’s newest attractions it’s already drawing the crowds and is well worth the effort.

Kekova and Simena

The ‘sunken city’ off Kekova island is endlessly fascinating. These underwater ruins were once ancient Dolchiste, flooded in 2BC due to an earthquake. Swimming is not permitted, as it’s a protected area, but there are plenty of boat trips that will take you there. (If you’re fit enough, there are also sea kayaking expeditions for a closer view.) Many tours also take in Simena, a small, authentic village famed for its ruined castle and necropolis.

Magnificent Saklıkent

The cool of Saklıkent Gorge is a welcome relief from the heat of summer, but that’s far from the only reason to visit this fantastic natural wonder. Nestling in the foothills of the Akdağ range, the gorge is 1000m deep and around 18km long.

Intrepid explorers can take a guided tour upstream; you can hire suitable shoes if necessary and be prepared to go waist-deep in cold water. Alternatively, the easier option is to view the fast-flowing river from wooden platforms above.

Ready to buy?

If you’re considering buying property in Antalya and would like more information, then please get in touch to talk about your options. Our team has vast experience in buying and selling Turkish real estate and is happy to help. You can also view our current portfolio of properties for sale in Antalya here.

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