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BLOG 7 Enjoyable Things to do in Kalkan

9 September 2016 / Lifestyle

Kalkan & Kas

As one of the most prestigious holiday resorts of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey, Kalkan is small but attractive. Its hillside geographical layout not only lends itself to amazing coastal views but also keeps the resort compact and straightforward, therefore making it a popular family vacation destination. While the lack of land to build and expand is limited, therefore driving property prices up, many locals prefer this since Kalkan has a substantial chance of maintaining its contemporary but traditional atmosphere. The other appealing aspect of Kalkan is that there is plently to do in the area, no matter what your age is.

Go Sailing on the Turkish Riviera

The Mediterranean coast is a crucial and highlighted section of the Turkish Riviera so in an upmarket, prestigious resort like Kalkan, naturally taking to the water is a favoured activity for the young and old. Daily boat trips in particular favour sailing up the coastline to explore the sunken ruins of Kekova. The ruins of the former city lay underwater, and the government has forbidden scuba diving, yet most structures including steps to the houses is clearly visible from a boat. Lastly, turning a direct left and heading across the ocean, boats arrive at Simena. Boasting of a Byzantine castle with fantastic views of the peninsula, the small outlet is famous internationally for its homemade tasty ice cream.

Tours to Xanthos, Letoon, and Patara

Local excursion shops sell daily trips to the nearby UNESCO world heritage sites of Xanthos and Letoon. Both belonged to the former Lycian Empire that ruled this stretch of coastline for many centuries before the Persians, Greeks and Romans also conquered the area. Landmark structures to see in the ancient ruins include the theatre, pillar tombs, and sarcophagus.

In the afternoon, Patara is a highlighted favourite for three reasons. The village is extremely rustic and quaint, so ideally for relaxing. The ancient city ruins, that was once a member of the Lycian League includes an agora, temples, and theatre. With ongoing excavations all the time, exploring the widely spread out landmarks is a nice jaunt around the Turkish countryside but lastly, Patara is home to Turkey’s largest beach, stretching for approximately 16 kilometres. Isn’t that worth seeing?

Scuba Diving for Beginners

Many 5-star PADI diving centres operate from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey including Kalkan. Diving into the clear blue waters to discover a vibrantly colourfully range of marine life and underwater shipwrecks has made Kalkan one of the top diving spots in Turkey. Experienced divers who are apt at 25 to 30-meter dives book private trips. Otherwise, first timers often start with a try dive in the swimming pool of their hotel or shallow waters. Dive boats sailing the coastline, also head around to Kalamar Bay, the favoured spot for fish feeding because of its calm waters.

Kaputas Beach

Just a 10-minute drive along the coastal D400 road or slightly longer on public transport, Kaputas beach, often named by international travel magazines as one of the prettiest in Turkey, is perfect for holidaymakers who want to relax, snorkel, swim and sunbathe. Backed by a slim valley of the same name, amenities are not extensive or upmarket as other beaches, but clear blue waters and scenic landscape are what attracts beach lovers anyway. Boats sailing the Turkish Riviera also tend to stop in the spot for swimming breaks.

Neighboring town of Kas

If you are in Kalkan, you just can not avoid authentic town of Kas which is only a 20 minutes driving distance away. It is a must visit place with its charming cobble streets, authentic fish restaurants, slightly different from Kalkan but also as attractive and cosy as a Mediterranean town. 

Visit the Greek Island of Meis

Departing from the nearby coastal resort of Kas, a ferry sails to the picturesque and rather idyllic Greek island of Meis. The island resembles everything that a typical Mediterranean postcard scene should have including seafront taverns, small, colourful fishing boats, coastal houses and an amazing landscape view. Naturally, taverns serving fresh fish and delectable seafood are popular afternoon watering holes. The castle holds a scenic view of the Mediterranean and island or small speedboats zoom around to the other side of the island to visit the stunningly beautiful Blue Cave.

Lycian Rock Tombs of the Ruined City of Tlos

An hours drive away, the ruined city of Tlos doesn’t often feature high on Turkey’s list of most prominent historical sites, yet it deserves admiration, mainly for the Lycian rock tombs overlooking the neighbouring plains. Lycians placed dead royalty in tombs or sarcophagus high off the ground so the winged creatures they believed carried them to the after-life would have an easier job. Other impressive landmarks include the castle, theatre, and foundations of the old city agora.

Go Paragliding in Kas

Lastly, if you are an adrenaline junkie, the neighbouring resort of Kas or nearby area of Oludeniz is famous for paragliding. The mountain used in Kas is just 1000 meters while Babadag Mountain in Olu Deniz is 200 metres high. The good news is that you don’t have to be experienced to give it a go. All rides unless requested are with an experienced and licensed pilot who will guide you gently for a terrific bird’s eye view of the coastline.


There is just plenty of things to do in beautiful Kalkan & Kas. For more information about living and working in Turkey, check out our Kalkan area guide.


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