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BLOG 7 Reasons Why Antalya is a Great Place for Your Summer Home

29 May 2022 / Properties

7 Reasons Why Antalya is a Great Place for Your Summer Home

If you’re looking to invest in a holiday home overseas, why should Antalya be the first choice for your summer residence? After all, the Aegean and Mediterranean are known for their fantastic sunshine resorts – so what makes Antalya special?

There are good reasons why the area is second only to Istanbul as Turkey’s most popular destination – and here are a few of them.

Value for money

Turkey’s financial independence from the euro means it’s always been competitive on price. Although the cost of living has risen in recent months, it’s still attractive to people used to more expensive countries. Asking prices for properties are also lower than you might expect, especially compared with cities like London, Paris, Lisbon or Madrid. That idyllic sea view villa might be more affordable than you think.

While a recent spike in inflation has led to increased costs across the board, overseas investors have been insulated from the worst by the performance of the Turkish lira on international money markets.

Currently, dollars, pounds and euros go much further than even just six months ago. Consequently, a luxury three-bedroom villa with its own pool and gardens on the Turquoise Coast can still be found for much the same price as a one-bedroom apartment in London’s Belgravia.


Those little extras

Not only is Turkey cheaper than many rival holiday destinations, but you’ll also find you often get more for your money than you expect. The Turkish people are renowned for their generosity and hospitality, after all.

After finishing your meal in a favourite restaurant, don’t be surprised if a complimentary fruit plate arrives at your table. If you’ve stopped at the garage to fill up with fuel, you’ll often find someone appears to clean your car windows.

And once you’ve visited a bar, don’t be surprised if your favourite tipple is bought to your table before you’ve even ordered it the next time. The Turkish memory when it comes to a face and name is legendary.

It’s safe

We’re not suggesting Antalya is a crime-free Utopia; it has its issues just like anywhere else. However, petty crimes like violence or theft are minimal outside the big cities.

Some newcomers might be concerned by the apparent proximity of Middle East trouble spots, but we can put your mind at ease there too. The Syrian border is around 500 miles away from Antalya and can take a day to reach by car.

There have been no significant terrorist attacks in Turkey since 2017 and the country is home to the second-largest army in NATO. Agencies such as the Jandarma, zabita and coastguard are responsible for individual areas of protection, while some of the more rural regions recruit neighbourhood guards, similar to the UK’s special constabularies.


It’s a secular country

Islam is the majority religion in Turkey, but there’s certainly no hard-line Muslem regime. Faith is an important part of life, of course; many women still choose to wear a head scarf and you can’t fail to notice the evocative sound of the call to prayer from the mosques.

But there’s no ban on alcohol, you may dress however you like, and life in Antalya is indistinguishable from many western European countries.

Turkey is buying into the luxury market

While places like Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi may still lead the way when it comes to gold-leaf uber-affluence, Turkey is beginning to catch on. You need only look at some of the hotels in areas such as Antalya’s Lara Beach for evidence.

The international airport now welcomes flights from more than 50 destinations and tourism bosses realise they need to keep pace with visitors’ expectations.

A rebrand under the “Turkiye” banner in early 2022, a marketing campaign in the Orient and renewed efforts to lure cruise ships back into the ports are examples of how the country has forged its own path in tourism.

By choosing to buy property in Antalya, you’ll benefit from investment in initiatives to attract affluent and discerning visitors – as will any guests, should you opt for a buy-to-let investment.

There’s so much to do

One trip to Turkey is never enough, as many seasoned visitors will tell you. There’s always something new to discover.

Buy that dream home in Antalya and you’ll find every season is different. Enjoy watersports and scuba diving, white-water rafting in the mountains, paragliding, trekking, golfing, cycling, hiking, beach days and boat trips; the list is endless.

There are numerous historic sites to visit too. Relics date back to the Byzantine, Roman and Greek occupations as well as even earlier, to the era when Anatolia was home to a number of different civilisations – all of them eventually conquered by the Turks who swept in from the east to found the Ottoman Empire.

Antalya’s old town preserves a hint of that historic opulence, while the wider city boasts everything you’d expect from a modern metropolis, including state-of-the-art hospitals and community facilities and leisure and retail malls featuring familiar brands.

It’s easy to eat healthily

The Mediterranean diet needs little introduction, with its emphasis on flavoursome vegetable, oils, salads and fish. Pasta and potatoes tend to take a back seat, although bread is a Turkish staple and accompanies every meal.

A meze can be an appetiser or an extensive, multi-dish main course while a “village breakfast” of cheeses, sausage, eggs, salad vegetables, honey, jams and bread often satisfies for most of the day.

Kebabs and köfte are popular choices, while you can satisfy your sweet tooth with baklava, lokma and other desserts. If you want them, though, you’ll find cuisines from Europe and elsewhere around the world are widely available – so your favourites are easily found.

How can we help?        

We’re experts in the Antalya property market and we’d love to help you find your perfect place in the sun. Take a look at our extensive portfolio – we’ve everything from exclusive modern villas in Kalkan to sea view apartments in Alanya. We’re here to answer any questions and hold your hand at every step of the process, from viewing to completion.

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