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BLOG A Guide to Buying Property in Antalya

24 August 2020 / Properties

If you’ve made the decision to buy property in Antalya, you’re in good company. The province is increasingly popular among those seeking to invest in Turkish real estate, second only to Istanbul in sales to overseas buyers.

Foreign investors are realising both the potential and attraction of Antalya as a region, whether it’s for a holiday villa, a rental property, or their own permanent home. The province has many different areas, each with its unique communities and attractions. You might have already decided you prefer Alanya over Side, or Kalkan over Belek. For many, the city of Antalya itself is their choice – and that’s what we’ll focus on here.

Why buy in Antalya city?

Cosmopolitan Antalya truly does have something for everybody. Thousands of tourists flock to the area each year to enjoy its luxury hotels and outstanding hospitality. From fine dining and vibrant nightlife to traditional lokantas (lock-ant-as) or a peaceful corner for quiet contemplation, Antalya has the ambience you’re looking for.

Smart, modern malls boasting high-end names have made Antalya a favourite shopping destination in south west Turkey. It has excellent transport links, too, with a bustling otogar (otto-gar) connecting the city to the inter-province bus network, and Antalya Airport just 20 minutes away for international and domestic flights.

Medical care is superb, with several private and government hospitals offering the latest treatments. And let’s not forget the beaches, one of the key attractions for Antalya visitors. The province as a whole is home to 202 of Turkey’s 463 Blue Flag sites, with a number of those close to the city itself.

Which areas are most popular in Antalya?

Top of the list for many is Konyaaltı (Con-yar-lt-uh), lying right on the edge of the city centre. Lively and welcoming, there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, and it’s perfectly situated for access to every local amenity. Konyaaltı also ranks on Trip Advisor’s top ten list of best sandy beaches in Turkey, stretching some seven kilometres.  

In addition, the ongoing Konyaaltı Coastline project will see the beach extended to around 40km, with a range of ultra-modern facilities, parks and walkways. Part of this is the Boğaçay (Bow-a-ch-eye) Creek Marina project, which will further enhance Antalya’s reputation as a thriving hub for the international yachting community.

Given all this, you’d be forgiven for thinking property in Konyaaltı is eye-wateringly expensive. However, prices are more reasonable than you might think – even for a luxury apartment with views over the Mediterranean.

The other popular choice for people buying real estate in Antalya city is Lara Beach, with its numerous large hotels catering for thousands of overseas visitors each year.

If you’re considering a buy-to-let investment in Antalya, its proximity to the airport and range of amenities make it a wise choice. Lara Beach isn’t just a summer destination, either; it’s popular as an off-season retreat, maximising rental potential among those seeking some winter sunshine. Property prices here are a little higher, but still reasonable when compared to similar beachside areas in other countries such as Portugal.

Is property in Antalya a wise investment?

With increasing numbers of foreign investors choosing to buy property in Antalya, there is every reason to believe the real estate market will only continue to get stronger. While areas such as those above command the most interest, there is also potential in other, lesser-known parts of the region.

Our local team is ideally placed to discuss your options, as well as keep you informed about planned developments or policies that may influence your choice. Of course, it may be that you prefer to look at different locations across Antalya province – and we can help there, too.

Are foreigners allowed to buy property?

Citizens from most countries, including the UK, US, Europe and the Middle East, are allowed to buy property in Turkey. There are a few exceptions, such as Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Cuba and Nigeria. Some restrictions exist – for example, you may not buy in a military zone or own total property exceeding 30 hectares – but barriers are relatively few. It is very easy for foreigners to become legal property owners here, and it can also be a way to gain Turkish citizenship if you plan to live in the country permanently.

Are you ready to buy?

Our team is ready and waiting to help you at every stage of the buying process, from selecting an area and viewing properties to agreeing a price and making sure all necessary paperwork and procedures are properly completed. You can view our full portfolio here, and just get in touch to learn more – we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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