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BLOG A House-Hunter’s Guide To Living In Antalya

11 November 2021 / Properties

The thriving expat community – made up of people from the UK, Russia, Germany and other nationalities – should reassure anyone considering investing in Antalya real estate that it’s a good decision.

Antalya, or the Turkish Riviera, isn’t just the country’s second most popular tourist destination – it’s also ranked second after Istanbul for the number of property sales to foreign buyers.

Some buy a family holiday home, while for others their property in Antalya is an investment. Others have chosen to move to Antalya full-time and are seeking their forever home.

Why do people love Antalya?

But what is it that makes life in Antalya such an attractive proposition? What draws people to pack up lock, stock and barrel to move here, or to return on holiday year after year? Here are some of the top reasons:

1. The fantastic weather. As well as guaranteed summer sunshine, Antalya has a temperate climate with an average of 300 or so sunny days each year. Winters are mild; yes, it rains sometimes, and the storms can be spectacular, but you know for sure you’ll be sitting at a beachside café enjoying an alfresco lunch before you know it!

2. The Mediterranean lifestyle. As well as a slower pace of life than many of us are used to, Antalya offers so many other benefits that are good for our health. The diet, for instance – there’s a wide variety of wonderful, locally grown produce, not to mention freshly caught fish and seafood. You’ll spend more time outdoors, too – walking, swimming and enjoying the fresh air.

3. Something for everyone. Antalya really is all things to all people. If you enjoy an active social life, you’ll find excellent bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Shopaholics will be spoiled for choice, with modern malls combining well-known brands and exclusive independents. Those who like to get out and about and explore will love being so close to nature, with plenty of countryside to get away from it all. Whether you prefer the quiet exclusivity of Kalkan or want to join the 24-hour party people in Alanya – Antalya’s got your back.

4. Excellent transport links. It’s so easy to travel to Antalya. The international airport operates all year round, with overseas flights right through the winter and plenty of domestic connections to Istanbul – gateway to the rest of the world. The road network makes it easy to get around by car or public transport, and the ultra-modern marina means even those who visit by sea are catered for.

5. Wide range of property options. The real estate market is thriving. Whether your budget allows for a private villa with stunning sea views in Kalkan or a more modest apartment on a modern complex, you’ll be able to find your ideal home in Antalya. As well as key-ready and resale properties, there’s even the option of a custom-build.

Where’s the best place to live in Antalya?

There’s no one answer to this. It will depend on so many factors – whether you prefer a lively or quiet area, for example, or if you need to be close to a regular bus route. Do you have your heart set on a sea view, or are you dreaming of a remote mountain location? Antalya is a large province, so do your research – and take a look at this article for a short guide to some of the possibilities.

How much does it cost?

It’s hard to be definitive. It follows that a family of four will spend more on food than a single person, for example. And if you enjoy eating out, are a smoker or plan to run a car, that will affect your budget too. According to Numbeo, which works out the cost of living just about anywhere, the average single person will need 3,410 Turkish lira each month to live in Antalya (excluding rent). At the current rate of exchange, that’s around £262, or $357. Even though prices are rising, it’s still relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of living in many European cities – you don’t need a huge income to be able to live very comfortably indeed.

Is being an expat in Turkey easy?

There are always challenges when you move to a new place – never mind a new country! However, if you plan properly and give yourself time to settle, you’ll adapt to life in Antalya pretty quickly. Get your finances in order, accept there will be culture differences, and be open to new experiences. Seek help if you need it for legalities like applying for your residence permit. The expat community is welcoming and friendly and various languages are spoken here. Embrace your new life!

Is it hard to buy property in Antalya?

It’s one of the easiest parts of moving here, especially if you have us by your side! We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you find your dream home in Antalya. The process can take as little as a couple of weeks from viewing potential properties to completing the sale. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have so just get in touch.

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