A Romantic Honeymoon in Bodrum

A Romantic Honeymoon in Bodrum
Romance & Bodrum
Written on: 13 May 2017

For many decades, Bodrum on the Aegean coast of Turkey has been a favourite destination for artisans, lovers, families, and solo explorers. They are lured by a combination of hedonistic pursuits, picturesque scenes, a comfortable lifestyle and a perception of reality, so detached from worldly issues that people would be forgiven for thinking they had found their ideal utopia.

In the main town centre and the surrounding coastal resorts, old and new sit side-by-side in a gentle fusion, while first-time visitors quickly spot the traditional lifestyle from the modern, globalised and upmarket trends attracting Turkish and international celebrities. Although it is an all-rounder satisfying all types of people, many couples in particular enjoy a romantic honeymoon on Bodrum, either as a two-week stay or a short trip while touring the rest of Turkey.


The Best Honeymoon Hotels in Bodrum

Naturally, newly wed couples want the best of hotel rooms, and this is where Bodrum excels. As experts of hospitality, they perfected the art of honeymoon suites decades ago. Think vibrant sunrise and sunset view, impeccable room service, large Jacuzzi tubs and the finest in décor and decoration.

Rather than distinguish their honeymoon site as VIP, The Cape Bodrum says it is a private holiday haven, with your pool on the veranda. Small finishing touches in the décor and decoration, as well as a fantastic, full sea view, ensures everything is on hand for a couple to enjoy privacy and romance at the same time.

If cash is no object, the Mandarin Oriental that is one of the best luxury hospitality brands in Turkey, promises to deliver luxury and much more. Rooms start at roughly 650 euros a night while villas and suite prices are only available upon request. King size beds, a wide range of amenities are all promised as well as a fully equipped and modern kitchen should couples want a private food fest.


The Premium Rixos in Bodrum welcomes you to a land of privilege through its rooms and suites that offer superior comfort and a private butler service for an unprecedented lifestyle. Finish baths, handmade mosaics tiles in the bathrooms, private dressing rooms and VIP privilege services all distinguish the Rixos from other brand name luxury hotels.

Voted a traveller’s award by Condes Nast in 2016, the Caresse Luxury Resort and Spa invites honeymoon couples to indulge in spa and wellness while they are relaxing. Calling itself the epitome of grandeur and height of sophistication, as well as a prime beachfront location, a 1600 square metre spa centre encourages couples to rejuvenate and relax in peace.

The above are only a few of the possibility hotels for a romantic honeymoon in Bodrum. Small, individual boutique hotels often provide the same type of luxury but on a smaller scale and with a unique style. Naturally, though, couples want to get out and about from the hotel, for romantic dinners for two and the many restaurants across the peninsula deliver exactly that.

Places to Dine While On Honeymoon in Bodrum

A candlelight courtyard in the middle of an old and nostalgic Greek house is the romantic setting for Kocadon Restaurant that wins rave reviews from couples. Situated in the heart of Bodrum town, the unique menu delights everyone with specialities like artichoke salad, sautéed octopus, and tender lamb chunks in an aubergine puree.


Alternatively, the Marina Yacht Club only employs world famous, award winning chefs who serve delicious meals for two with a continental vibe. With after dinner entertainment in the form of live music, couples sit veranda side in the cool evening air to feast on juicy meat, sumptuous fish, pasta, and dessert.

Although many good restaurants are open in Bodrum town centre and the surrounding holiday resorts, we always prefer to dine in Yalikavak. The old town harbour district with its many pavement side restaurants on the cobbled street provide a full frontal view to one of the most vibrant sunsets in Turkey. Otherwise, heading further along the coastline are the upmarket restaurants of the Palmarina. Flawless service, top-notch food, fine wine and soft music, while dining open-air ensures this place becomes one of your favourites in Turkey.

Things to Do While on Honeymoon in Bodrum

At a slow pace, exploring Bodrum town centre should be first on your list of honeymoon activities. The Castle of Saint John is a good place to start with its fantastic Aegean views and Underwater Museum holding the Uluburin shipwreck and other relics found in shipwrecks around the coastline. Many boutique shops and quaint lunch cafes line the cobbled back streets that give a slight impression of the bygone days.

If you want to get out and about, many travel agents sell excursions to famous attractions and landmarks like the ancient Greco-roman city of Ephesus that are one of the most famous historical ruins in the world. Further inland, Pamukkale natural calcium pools are a 3-hour drive away to what is Turkey most beautiful natural landmark. For privacy and to explore independently, hire a car. Otherwise, it is our firm belief that a must-do honeymoon activity is a 3-night private Blue Voyage Cruise.


Bodrum is a pivotal centre of the Turkish Riviera and internationally renowned for its yachting expertise. For many decades, locals have constructed handmade boats called gulets, and they are the preferred methods for sailing set routes of the Riviera that are called Blue Voyage Cruises. With breakfast, lunch and dinner served on board, couples enjoy swimming, resting, and exploring attractions at various stop off points on the route. A perfect itinerary is to sail to the Gulf of Gokava, Gulf of Hisaronu or even take in the Greek islands like Symi for a two in one honeymoon.

Note: Weddings are just as popular as honeymoons in Bodrum. Many companies and luxury resorts offer combined wedding and honeymoon packages to take away all the hassle of the organisation. As well as accommodating guests, arranging the ceremony and reception, they take care of all the details, so these special events flow into one memorable lifetime moment.

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