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BLOG About Title Deeds in Turkey – The Turkish Tapu Explained

13 August 2022 / Properties

Title Deeds in Turkey – The Turkish Tapu Explained

Every property buyer always has questions about title deeds in Turkey. Otherwise known as the Turkish tapu, title deeds are more important than bricks and mortar. This legal document proves that you own that dwelling. Turkish title deeds include various information about the location and type of property. Turkey’s land registrar regulates all title deeds, and this article looks at what you need to pay to get them and breaks down translations for each section.

                                                                     About Title Deeds in Turkey

1: Costs to Obtain Title Deeds in Turkey

  • Transfer Tax – Approximately 4%
  • Land registrar fee
  • Translator fees
  • Power of attorney, if applicable

About DASK Insurance: To sign for title deeds in Turkey, you must have Turkish DASK insurance, which is earthquake related. Big earthquakes are rare in Turkey, but as a precaution, the Turkish government requires every house owner to buy DASK, which covers homeowners for major or minor damage. Prices of DASK insurance vary depending on the property’s square meterage.

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2: Types of Turkish Title Deeds

  • BLUE: A blue border refers to land and standalone property like detached villas.
  • RED refers to dwellings within a larger complex, like commercial premises on ground floors or apartments in complexes. In Turkey, apartments also must adhere to the condominium law that regulates how owners maintain and upkeep communal areas. (About the Condominium law in Turkey.)

3: The Turkish Tapu Explained

  • From the top left side of the title deeds, explanations are as follows.
  • Ili – Province
  • Ilcesi – Region within that province
  • Mahallesi: Koy: This refers to the neighbourhood or village
  • Sokagi – Street number
  • Mevki – Position on the street
  • Pafta, Ada and parcel number – erty location according to land plots by the land register.
  • Niteligi – Description like whether it is land, commercial or residential property.
  • Bagimsiz Section– This refers to the reason for purchase, the names of the owner’s mother and father and the new owner under the section called Sahibi.
  • Satis Bedeli – The sales value

4: Kat Mulkiyeti Versus Irtifaki

This is one crucial aspect when you look at the title deeds of property you plan to buy. Kat Mulkiyeti means the property has habitation approval known as an Iskan. These are issued per building. If the tapu has an irtifaki stamp instead, still check with relevant authorities because it might just be a case of the title deeds were never updated. However, never buy a property without an Iskan. The lack of one knocks thousands off the property’s value.

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