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BLOG Best Places in the Mugla Province of Turkey for House Buyers

20 June 2023 / Properties

Best Places to Buy Property in Mugla

The diversity of places in Turkey's Mugla province makes this destination fabulous. As you arrive in Mugla, be enchanted by the region's diverse topography. The Mugla Province is in southwestern Turkey, bordered by the Aegean Sea to the west, Aydin and Denizli to the north, and Burdur and Antalya to the east.

The provincial capital is the city of Mugla, which is situated inland from the Aegean Sea. The province makes the ideal place to invest in Turkish property, so this article highlights major places and beautiful resorts where property buyers head. From major cities to small towns, the choice is there.

Key Points about the Mugla Province of Turkey

*Mugla is in southwestern Turkey, on the Aegean Sea.

*Mugla was once part of the ancient Carian and Lycian civilisations. Numerous historical ruins from those empires sit throughout the province. Examples include the ancient cities of Kaunos, Knidos, and Tlos.

*The Mugla Province features beautiful natural landscapes and an incredible coastline with numerous famous beaches, including Oludeniz, Icmeler, and Sarigerme. The region also has beautiful mountain ranges, like Babadag Mountain.

*Mugla is dotted with charming traditional villages that offer glimpses into local life and culture. Some notable villages include Kayakoy, a ghost town with abandoned Greek houses; Akyaka, and Köyceğiz, a tranquil lakeside town with relaxing atmospheres.

*The province's coastal cities towns, like Bodrum, Marmaris, and Gocek, are popular summer yachting and sailing destinations. They attract sailors and boating enthusiasts worldwide who enjoy exploring the pristine bays, coves, and islands along the coast.

*The city of Mugla is home to Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, a leading educational institution. The university's academic programs contribute to Mugla's intellectual and cultural vibrancy.

Famous Cities, Towns and Villages in the Mugla Province of Turkey

1: Beyond Ancient Times in Bodrum City

Bodrum in Aegean Turkey captivates everyone. The prominent landmark is Bodrum Castle standing proudly at the harbour's edge. This medieval fortress, known as the Castle of St. Peter, symbolises the city's intriguing past. Explore ancient halls, visit the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, and observe views of the Aegean Sea.

While charming whitewashed houses adorned with bougainvillaea and blue doors create postcard-worthy backdrops, Bodrum's centre beats at the famous Bodrum Marina with luxury yachts from around the world docking in all summer long. Bodrum's nightlife scenes also come alive as the sun sets, with bars and clubs offering lively atmospheres for locals and holidaymakers seeking entertainment and dancing until dawn.

Places of Mugla area of Turkey

For beaches, the Bodrum peninsula boasts coastlines that cater for everyone, from lively and bustling beaches like Gumbet and Bitez, where water sports enthusiasts enjoy jet skiing and windsurfing, to more secluded and tranquil coves like Türkbükü and Torba, where relaxation and serenity prevail.

2: Natural Beauty of Fethiye City

With relaxed Mediterranean vibes, Fethiye Centre on Turkey's southwestern coast will capture your heart and leave you yearning for more. Ölüdeniz, the most famous and beautiful beach, is a paradise for beach lovers. For adventure, boat trips around Fethiye's coastline are a must-do experience. Sail on traditional Turkish gulet and explore hidden gems such as Butterfly Valley, with a cascading waterfall. The Twelve small Islands, dotted along the coast, offer snorkelling, diving, and opportunities to explore unspoiled nature.

The historical charm of Fethiye City is evident in ancient sites. Venture to Kayaköy ghost town, once a thriving Greek village but now a hauntingly beautiful collection of abandoned stone houses. The rock tombs of Lycian kings, in cliffs overlooking the town centre, provide fascinating glimpses into the ancient civilisation. Also, Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Fethiye's Old Town, with narrow, winding streets lined with colourful shops, charming cafes, and traditional Turkish restaurants. Read more about Fethiye here.

3: Marmaris City

On the southwestern coast of Turkey stretches along the town's promenade, Marmaris offers soft golden sand, lively atmospheres, and water sports. For quieter experiences, escape to serene coves and hidden beaches that dot the coastline. Otherwise, visit the 16th-century Marmaris City Castle on a hill overlooking the town. Marmaris's nightlife is legendary, offering bars, clubs, and live music venues. Additionally, the Marmaris marina attracts sailors from all around the world. It puts this part of western Anatolia on the map for tourism excellence. Beyond the town, Marmaris City presents opportunities for exploration and adventure in the Mugla province.

4: Ancient Ruins in Southwest Datca

Although not a city but a small town, Datca offers serene and unspoiled atmospheres with tranquillity, beauty, and laid-back coastal experiences. Whether you prefer sandy stretches like Kargı or Aktur Beach or more secluded spots like Palamutbükü and Hayıtbükü, there is a beach that suits your preferences. Datca separates into the new part and the old village part.

Buildings in the old village are more traditional. The old part is delightful to experience, surrounded by almond orchards and fragrant pine forests. The region's microclimate, with clean air and mild temperatures, has healing effects. Many visitors enjoy thalassotherapy natural treatment that involves bathing in seawater and indulging in sea mud therapy.

Night times are slow in Datca, which suits the residents and property owners just fine. History enthusiasts will find interest in ancient ruins, buildings and excavations scattered throughout peaceful Datca. During summer, explore the 4th century BC Knidos at the south tip of the peninsula. Marvel at well-preserved theatre ruins, including the theatre and Temple of Aphrodite.

5: Dalaman - Transport Hub of the Mugla Province

Dalaman acts as a gateway to the Mugla province because of the international airport. However, the area has much more to offer. Although Dalaman's nightlife is quiet, day times are perfect for exploring the Turkish countryside. Dalaman also attracts nature lovers because the town is near Akkaya Valley, a beautiful area inviting you to reconnect with nature.

Sitting in the nearby Ortaca district, Sarigerme is a true beachy destination. Rent a sunbed or umbrella, then lie back and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. Anyone seeking a thrilling chase can opt for any water sports, including jet skis, windsurfing, and water skiing. Alternatively, time your visit for a Friday or Wednesday and indulge in some retail therapy when the local markets open.

On the foreign tourism market, Sarsalya is unheard of, yet Turks call it a well-kept secret. With the backdrop scenery of green hills, yachts and small boats often dock into the bay to experience the calm and tranquillity that Sarsala boasts of. After relaxing on the beach, the quaint traditional village is a delight to explore. More about the Dalaman area of Turkey.

6: Dalyan – Turkey's piece of Paradise

Over the past twenty years, the local economy in Dalyan has migrated from the agricultural business of citrus fruits, cotton and pomegranates to the exciting world of tourism while retaining its traditional Turkish charm, making it a top summer destination. Iztuzu Beach is as natural and unspoiled as possible, protecting the incredible turtles' breeding ground and nesting area.

Dalyan attracts day-trippers from other popular Muğla resorts like Fethiye and Marmaris, not only for its stunning beach and Caretta caretta but for natural thermal springs and mud baths. Since the springs were Popular in the Roman era as a spa and treatment facility, the sulphurous waters continue attracting hundreds of visitors daily.

Dalyan is a town surrounded by water; no time in this town would be complete without exploring this! While the Dalyan River winds through the town centre, you have the delta and Iztuzu Beach in one direction and Köyceğiz Lake in another. There are over 350 boats in Dalyan, and you will not be short of boat trip offers as you walk along the river. Unless you want to get out of town for the day, this will be your number one thing to do in Dalyan. Find out more about Dalyan in Turkey.

Mugla Turkey

                                                    Summary of the Mugla Province

There are several compelling reasons why buying property in the Muğla province of Turkey is an attractive investment. Here are some key points to consider

Beauty: The Muğla province is renowned for its natural landscapes, beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. The region features popular tourist destinations such as Bodrum, Fethiye, and Marmaris.

Tourist Appeal: Mugla attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists yearly and foreign house buyers looking to purchase a holiday home or somewhere to retire in Turkey.

Infrastructure and Amenities: The Mugla province benefits from well-developed infrastructure. The region's excellent transportation links include international airports, major highways, and efficient public transportation systems.

Lifestyle: Mugla offers good lifestyles with pleasant Mediterranean climates, social scenes, and various leisure activities.

Potential for Growth: The Mugla province experienced significant growth in real estate over the years. Investing in property in Mugla is a long-term investment strategy, as the demand for quality properties in this sought-after destination is expected to continue to rise.

How to Buy Property in Mugla

Engage Our Services: As an established real estate agent with offices in many parts of Mugla, we can assist with your property search. Contact us to chat with an agent or get assistance arranging viewing trips.

Financing Options: Determine your budget and explore financing options. Check with international banks for terms and conditions if you require a mortgage. Turkey offers foreign mortgages; however, the interest rates are high.

Property Search: Browse our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in every area of the Mugla region. Each listing contains everything you know, including price, home features and an enquiry form to receive more information via email.

Legalities: When you employ our services, we will assist with all steps, including obtaining a tax number, opening a bank account and getting a property valuation. Even though Turkish law doesn't require a lawyer, most buyers typically use one to draw up a sales agreement and contract and perform independent due diligence.

Title Deeds: Transfer the title deed into your name once all necessary paperwork and approvals are obtained. This process occurs at the Land Registry Office (Tapu ve Kadastro Mudurlugu). Pay fees, taxes, and registration costs associated with the property purchase.

Ongoing Responsibilities: After completing the purchase, consider ongoing obligations like property maintenance, utility bills, and potential rental management if you plan to generate income from the property. But we are always here with advice and support in after-sales.

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