Best Places to Live in Turkey for Expats

Best Places to Live in Turkey for Expats
Best Places to Live in Turkey for Expats
Written on: 3 January 2018

Turkey has much to offer all foreigners looking to live in the country permanently. An overhaul of lifestyle trends in the last 15 years means it can match any developed country regarding infrastructure, and standard of living, but the bonus is the low cost of living.

Indeed, some of the best places to live in Turkey for expats have sizeable communities of foreigners who have moved for several reasons including safety, English speaking locals, low prices and beautiful scenery.

Retiring expats generally stick to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts as well as the large city of Istanbul. The northern coastline is slowly attracting foreign property buyers, but expat communities are much smaller and less established than on the west and south coastlines.

Likewise, hardly any expat ventures to the southeast, because it is more conservative, and has a distinct lack of beaches. So, lets look at towns, villages and cities worth considering if you plan to move to Turkey.

5 Places to Live in Turkey for Expats

Didim: Cheap Home Comforts


For budget buyers who want a low cost of living, the small town of Didim ticks all the boxes. Also called Altinkum, it is a popular holiday resort in summer but also has a large expats community attracted by its British vibes and low prices of property starting at £35,000 for an apartment.

Eating and drinking out is also incredibly affordable. Despite its reputation as a “Little Britain,” certain neighbourhoods keep their traditional Turkish ambience, and a vast choice of beaches are close by. Thanks to its ideal combination of Turkish and British vibes, Didim is an ideal choice for first time property buyers in Turkey.

Fethiye Town: Beautiful Scenery

Enjoying a different climate zone to the Aegean coast, winters in Mediterranean Fethiye are distinctly mild, but the biggest attraction by far is its reputation as one of the most beautiful places to live in Turkey.


Global publications give front page coverage to its scenic landscapes including the Blue Lagoon in the Oludeniz district that is the most photographed beach in Turkey. Otherwise, Butterfly Valley, a rustic community within a green canyon attracts trekkers and avid snorkelers, while Kayakoy ghost village has earned international fame for its crumbling houses scattered over the hillside.

Indeed, it is easy to see why expats and holidaymakers adore Fethiye and with a range of budget and luxury property for sale, it is also a buyers’ market. If the hustle and bustle are too much in the town centre, but you adore the scenery of the region, look at the smaller surrounding coastal resorts like Calis beach, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, and Ovacik.

Yalikavak: A Socially Unconventional Lifestyle

Yalikavak on the Aegean coast of Turkey has for many decades attracted expats looking to get away from social conformity. As a favourite destination for artists, celebrities, musicians and anyone looking to find themselves, community vibes revolve around a belief that life is what you make it.


Yalikavak was one of the first destinations in Turkey to embrace tourism, so most locals speak English, and expats have the best of both worlds, because luxury living is prominent in the resort but you don’t have to be clever to stick to a budget either.  

If the buzz of Yalikavak is too much, the Bodrum Peninsula on which it sits has many other smaller resorts worth looking at. Neighbouring Gumusluk has a more modest, close-knit community, while Turkbuku is a prestigious and upmarket hub of the Turkish Riviera, but still keeps an unobtrusive atmosphere.

Alternatively, the heart of the town is a mixture of old and new, modern and traditional. Another bonus for all coastal resorts of the Bodrum peninsula is the region's airport close by, so once you step off the plane, you don’t have to travel far to get through your front door.


Istanbul: City Living in all its Glory

Many working expats base themselves in Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul. Naturally, it is a hub of tourism, finance, business, economy and industry. Istanbul is to Turkey what London is to the UK, and Paris is to France. It also has the best access to education facilities as well as an impressive transport network to other places in Turkey as well as countries around the globe.

Of course, as a city, the cost of living is higher, but current trends have seen people buying property in the outskirt regions of Istanbul. Therefore, they enjoy lower property prices and cost of living but are just a short drive away, should they want to be in the heart of it.

Although the Asian side of Istanbul has much property for sale, many expats settle on the European side, for quicker and easier access to everything including Istanbul Ataturk Airport and the third airport currently under construction. Up and coming neighbourhoods’ worth looking at, are found around the Basin Express road and include Bagiclar, Kucukcekmece and Avcilar.


Antalya: The Best City to Live in Turkey

At the further end of the western, Mediterranean coast of Turkey, and sitting within the region of the same name, is Antalya city centre, known as a tourism, shopping and nightlife hub. Although it is a bustling city, the distinctively subtle ambience entices many nationalities of expats to live there all year round.

Lara and Konyaalti beaches are the focus during summer, but unlike places on the Aegean coast of Turkey, Antalya city centre opens for tourism all year round thanks to the mild winters. The transport network is also top notch and the D400 highway running along the coastline, enables expats to easily reach other destinations of the regions, like golfing Belek, historical Side and traditional Kalkan.


Further Information: Turkey Homes are experts in all destinations of the country, and with offices in Fethiye, Bodrum, Antalya and Istanbul, our representatives are full of local knowledge. To receive more information about places to live in Turkey or a property portfolio for individual districts, contact us today.


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