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BLOG Buying Property in Calis Beach versus Ovacik

28 February 2018 / Properties

Buying Property in Calis Beach versus Ovacik

Buying Property in Calis Beach versus Ovacik

Anyone looking at buying property in the Fethiye region of Turkey is making a wise long-term investment. As one of the most desired locations on the Mediterranean coast, it’s already attracted many foreign property buyers, of which some use their apartments and villas as holiday homes while others live permanently in the region.

The hard decision comes from choosing which of the smaller resorts in the region will make the ideal place for your Turkish property purchase. As well as the main town centre of Fethiye, the region separates into smaller districts of which Ovacik and Calis Beach are two to consider.

Both have their own merits and easy access to all amenities needed for a comfortable lifestyle or fun-filled holiday. It is just a 30-minutes drive between the two resorts and deciding which one of the resorts to buy in, is a personal choice, however, to help you decide, here are some aspects to consider.

Buying Property in Calis Beach versus Ovacik

Geographical Location: The most significant difference between the two resorts is the geographical position. Anyone hampering after a seaside or beach life should choose Calis Beach that in recent months has modernised and upgraded its main promenade with new cycle paths, footpaths and landscaped areas.

This has improved its aesthetic appearance and added weight to a dream of living in the sun. Otherwise, Ovacik, which means little plains, sits at the foot of the Babadag mountain and is a 10-minute drive or 90-minute walk to the main Oludeniz beach.

Weather Climate: Both districts have a Mediterranean climate with an average summer temperature of 35 degrees, that drops to 16 in the winter. However, the temperature in Ovacik is slightly more refreshing thanks to the mountain breeze. This is a relief in the height of summer when temperatures duringJuly, August and September reach an average of 40 degrees, though also colder in the winter months

Transport links: As well as using Dalaman airport, just an hour’s drive away, both resorts have easy access to the broader local transport network of Fethiye. Cheap and frequent dolmus buses run regularly between resorts and from the central bus station in Fethiye town centre, property owners in Calis beach and Ovacik can also travel to many other places throughout Turkey via the countywide bus system.

Calis Beach does have one distinctadvantage though. The local water taxi running between the main promenade and Fethiye town centre is a focal point of summer life and a quirky method of travel that Ovacik just cannot match.

Dining Out

Both Calis and Ovacik provide a multitude of eateries, from takeouts to quality international restaurants, yet again most of the Ovacik restaurants area closed from November to May, as do many Calis restautants. For quality winter dining, the waterfront promenade between Fethiye and Calis offers some excellent choices, Mancero, Carikli both offering succulent steaks, Hilmi for tasty fish and seafood dishes, and very popular Bogazici that offer a lovely international menu to name just a few.

Property Prices: Calis can have a slightly higher price bracket, when you are looking for a beachside location, though in general the prices are on a par with each other with prices for apartments in Ovacik and Calis tending to start at around £50,000.

Villas, however, tend to be more luxurious in Ovacik and can reach prices of £600,000, higher if they offer an Oludeniz sea view, whilst Calis villas tend to reach a price bracket of around £400,000, again higher if offered with a beach location.

The real estate market of both Calis Beach and Ovacik are both ever changing with a massive choice of new, off-plan, budget, luxury, apartments and villas for sale in Fethiye. Some buyers compromise on the beachfront location of Calis for a home in Ovacik as they tend to come with more space both indoor and outdoor living, offering better value for money.

Rental Potential: Both resorts belong to the Fethiye region, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Therefore, with the right marketing, properties in either Calis beach or Ovacik can earn rental income from holidaymakers who prefer self-catering apartments or the privacy of villas, and in some cases, property can come with a rental guarantee scheme and mortgages of up to 80% for UK citizens, subject to approval of course.

Ovacik also blends in with the neighbouring resort of Hisaronu that has earned a stealthy reputation with British holidaymakers for its lively nightlife. However, Calis with its beachfront and wide range of water sports has the edge over Ovacik on this one, though both Ovacik and Hisaronu are close to the famous Oludeniz Beach

Winter Living: Both resorts wind down at the beginning of November as international flights into Dalaman airport drastically decrease. Marking the end of the summer tourism season, expats look forward to a quiet winter.

In the past, many businesses in both resorts like bars and restaurants shut down. However, this is changing slowly as the expat population grows. The nearby town of Fethiye is, of course, a hub of business, shopping and transport all year round.

If you like a quiet resort and are looking for a permanent home, winter in both Calis and Ovacik are quite pleasant but be sure to find a home suitable for the colder winter months.


Calis Beach has a few things that Ovacik can not match like the extra water taxi transport, water sports and a beachfront location, while Ovacik has the added benefit of more space for your money, and a cooler temperature in summer.

It really is about personal choice and whether you are buying property in the Fethiye region as a permanent home, holiday home or buy-to-let return on investment, our sales representatives in the Fethiye office can help you choose by arranging viewing trips and giving additional details about any property listings that catch your eye. 

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