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BLOG Dalyan Could Be Your Dream Home

16 January 2017 / Properties

Dream Home in Dalyan

Dalyan has been described as a little piece of paradise by those who know it and it is easy to understand why. Set amongst the most beautiful natural surroundings, Dalyan has everything you could wish for in a place to live or as a location for your second home. From one of the most stunning unspoilt beaches in the world and mountain top views to die for, to well built highways and an easily accessible city with all the amenities you could wish for, Dalyan’s perfect location has people from all over the world pining for a foot up on the town’s property portfolio.

For decades, Brits have been drawn to buying property in major tourist towns such as Bodrum, Marmaris and in particular, Fethiye, but in recent years, the demand for property in Dalyan has increased ten-fold. Dalyan has been a slow grower on the tourist track in the grand scheme of things, only becoming well known in the past 15 years. Today it is one of the most popular destinations to visit on holiday or as a day trip from nearby resorts, Marmaris and Fethiye. A true testament to the town’s new found popularity though, is the fact that Dalyan has become the top choice summer retreat for the Turks themselves, with the area attracting property investors from the country’s big cities; Ankara and Istanbul.

Dalyan is a small riverside town located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, just inside the southwest corner of the country. The river that runs through Dalyan connects the visually stunning Lake Köyceğiz with the unspoilt beauty that is Iztuzu Beach, a natural nesting site for endangered loggerhead turtles. On its journey through Dalyan, the river runs past natural mud baths and sulphur rich waters before passing through the quaint town centre and then past the impressive rock carved Lycian tombs and the ancient city of Kaunos. It goes on to meander its way through the reed beds that were made famous by the 1951, Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn movie, “The African Queen”, paving its way down to the Mediterranean Sea.

Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? Whether you are considering a permanent move to this area of Turkey, or are keen to find out more about investing in property as a second home or summer rental, here are six reasons why Dalyan is the perfect place for you!

1) A Small Traditional Town

While the major coastal cities of Bodrum and Fethiye have long been stalwarts in Turkey’s foreign property market, there is one very distinctive difference between these two favourites and beautiful Dalyan. It is a difference that really could be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a location for your Turkish property. Do you prefer city living or small town dwelling? Neither Bodrum nor Fethiye are quite the same magnitude of a city like Istanbul, nonetheless, they are cosmopolitan, bustling, well built up cities with many lovely neighbourhoods to choose from. Dalyan on the other hand, is tiny in comparison, and that is unlikely to change.

Thanks to the Dalyan’s proximity to the neighbouring town of Ortaca in one direction, and Iztuzu Beach and the coastline in the other, Dalyan’s boundaries are pushed to the limit. While property developers are finding every piece of land possible to build on, and there is still plenty left, there will come a time when there are no empty plots available to investors and the property already standing will only be available at a premium. Perhaps now is the best time to invest in Dalyan?

It is not just the physical size of Dalyan that attracts people, with small comes tradition and community. Compared to the larger coastal cities, Dalyan is a good example of a traditional Turkish town. A few hundred expats live among a small community of just over 5500 in population. It is quiet and peaceful and mostly, people keep themselves to themselves. In Dalyan, you are free to live your life of tranquility in one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

You can find peace and tranquility in this wonderful detached villa, with a touch of the traditional, set in the rural Arakbasi area, with a nice plot of land to hide away in, while only being a 20 minute walk from the centre of town. With 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, it makes the perfect family home or retirement home with plenty of space for guests, priced at a competitive £291,108.

2) Beautiful Natural Surroundings

The natural beauty of Dalyan is what Turks know it for. Ask anybody in Istanbul or Ankara if they know Dalyan, and their response will be “oh yes, so beautiful”. It is not just the fantastic summer weather and crystal clear waters that draw visitors to Dalyan year after year. Some would argue that it is the Turkish people of Dalyan that stick like glue, and while that can be true, the majestic surroundings of Dalyan is what takes your breath away, whether it is your first visit or your 20th.

The sunshine helps, of course! There isn’t a place in the world that can’t be improved by the sun. In Dalyan, the sun shines most of the year round but the locals are often thankful for rain, and luckily, the rain can come in abundance during the winter, which leaves the lush vegetation to enrich the Dalyan backdrop all year round. While the sun dances through the leaves of the lush green trees and across the faint ripples of the blue-green water of the river, the town would be much less beautiful without the rain. While the sparkling water flows with a great energy through the town, the majestic mountains loom over it, without being imposing, but offering the town a place to hide, making it all the more special.

The wildlife flourishes here along with the local flora. The reeds attract kingfishers and hummingbirds, storks find homes across town, doves coo from their boxes, owls hoot from the eaves of the local houses and that’s just the birds. The fresh water of Lake Köyceğiz and the Dalyan River is home to blue crabs and nile turtles, which you often find yourself swimming with during the summer and of course Iztuzu Beach, beautiful as it is, wouldn’t be the same without its loggerhead turtles. Iztuzu may just be the most perfect beach in the world and is now well looked after thanks to the efforts of local environmentalists and the legend that is Kaptan June. Protected to save the loggerhead turtles, the beach is perfectly sandy with no buildings at all along the beach front, bar a couple of environmentally friendly wooden shacks.

It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or in which direction you look, beauty is everywhere in Dalyan. If it isn’t the mountains or the water that catch your eye, take a look at the people. They are just as beautiful to witness as the scenery that you are privileged to have around you. Nothing can beat a stunning sunset from the tops of the Dalyan mountains as you enjoy succulent Turkish food with your wonderful Turkish friends.

3) An International Airport

Perhaps the most important thing to anybody buying property abroad is that the apartment or villa is easily accessible. This is important for you to be able to enjoy it as a holiday home, it is important if you decide to live there permanently and travel back home to see friends, and it is incredibly important if you hope to promote the property as a summer rental. Dalaman airport serves Dalyan and the town can be reached from the airport in less than 30 minutes by taxi. In high season, you can book yourself onto transfer buses with those who have purchased package holidays, which would be the cheaper option, however a taxi is the fastest and easiest way to reach your destination if you pre-book before leaving for Turkey.

Dalaman airport connects the Mediterranean coast to the rest of Turkey, with many cheap, daily flights to and from Istanbul in particular. It is also an international destination airport, with direct flights to major airports in the UK and across Europe. 

4) Good Transport Links

If you need to get yourself to a busier town or city with more amenities, there are plenty of options from Dalyan. The most convenient is to travel to Ortaca, just ten minutes away. There is a local bus service that travels between Dalyan and Ortaca all day long, or the dolmuş can take you from Mosque Square. Ortaca will have many services that Dalyan doesn’t, such as large banks, flower shops, bike shops, department stores and places to buy building materials.

There is now a direct bus from Dalyan to Fethiye which passes through Ortaca, making a day trip to the Mediterranean’s favourite city a much easier feat. The journey takes about an hour, but leave Dalyan early and you will have plenty of time to do your shopping, buy your freshly caught fish and eat a leisurely lunch by the marina.

5) A Nearby City

The city of Muğla is the capital of the province in which Dalyan is situated and is just over an hour’s drive from this pretty little town. Having a major city like this so accessible from Dalyan is fantastic for anybody who might occasionally need an escape the slow paced life of a traditional town. Muğla isn’t often visited by tourists, in fact you would be hard pushed to come across anybody who is not Turkish there. It is an underrated city, so pleasant in many areas, with shady streets and authentic shopping experiences, an Ottoman bazaar and a few traditional tea gardens dotted about.

The old quarter of Muğla sits on the slopes around Saburhane Square, which consists of about four hundred registered old houses dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, many of which have been lovingly restored. The city is also home to one of Turkey’s largest universities, which has brought a huge amount of investment and capital to the area. The most valuable asset of Muğla to anybody thinking about retiring in Dalyan, is the newly built hospital due to open this year, which is attached to the university, but with the intention of providing health care to the entire province, including expats and foreign residents.

What will also be attractive to many is how much more westernised the city is than Dalyan. In Muğla you will find a McDonalds, a Burger King and even a Pizza Hut. You can join the large population of university students as they queue for their morning Starbucks too!

6) Low Cost of Living and Affordable Property

As with anywhere in Turkey, the cost of living is significantly lower than it would be in any European country, particularly the UK. Food is cheaper, electric and maintenance is cheaper, transport is cheaper and so is rent and the price of housing. Living in Dalyan is certainly for the laid back and you really wouldn’t need much at all. So, once you have your property and you have moved in, you can look forward to a much simpler way of life, with less bills and less costs. Even buying your dream home in Dalyan is much more affordable than you would think, with no stamp duty, no hidden costs and apartments and villas at bargain prices in comparison to what you would get at home.

Take this affordable two bedroom villa, both with ensuites, located on a complex with six others, just a few minutes walk from the town centre for the incredible price of £48,500.

Spend a little more and you will find pure luxury in Dalyan. This wonderful 3 bedroom detached villa with a private pool is as close to the town centre as you can get, yet peaceful at the same time. Best of all, it has stunning views of Dalyan’s signature rock tombs!


But you have to find your perfect home first, and that is where ‘Turkey Homes’ can help! Take a look at our wonderful selection of properties in Dalyan, currently on the market. There are some fantastic investment opportunities available in addition to a number or luxury villas with private pools, set in the mountainous outskirts of town. If you find something you like, leave us an enquiry and let us help you find your dream home in Dalyan.



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