Districts of Alanya: Where to Invest In Real Estate

Districts of Alanya: Where to Invest In Real Estate
4 Districts of Alanya for House Buyers
Written on: 24 December 2018

To prove its vast size and dominant position on the Mediterranean coast, there are over 100 districts of Alanya for real estate investors and house buyers to choose from. Make no mistake. The region is shedding its reputation as a hub of Antalya to become a fully-fledged destination in its own right.

Over the last five years, the local council promoted Alanya to a vast audience across the globe and efforts paid off as tourists and foreign property buyers flocked to enjoy the delights of the seaside hub. Sitting 139 km east of Antalya, stats show 30% of foreign property purchases happened in Alanya, and the region has a sizeable expat population living there all year round.

Whether you want to join them or just get your feet on Turkey’s property market, plenty of neighbourhoods await you.

4 Districts of Alanya for House Buyers

Mahmutlar: Affordable Prices in a Popular District

Receiving the most attention, the seaside area of Mahmutlar has an impressive property portfolio to boast of. Many foreign property buyers head to Mahmutlar because of excellent prices per square meter, a bonus for a seaside location.

Sitting 8 kilometres from the city centre residents have an excellent transport network, and as the district has grown, the local council kept up with the demand by improving roads and infrastructure.

As well as being a popular hub for foreign buyers, the citrus fruit and banana industries enjoy a thriving trade. It also garners popularity because Gazipaşa Airport is just 25 minutes drive, making getting there so easy.

Avsallar: Ideal for First-Time Buyers

Heading in the other direction, Avsallar sits halfway between the city centre and the small region of Side. It’s another beach-side destination promising the usual laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle Turkey promises. Lying 24 km from the centre, residents have a slow-paced lifestyle but easily taps into a broader range of shops, bars, banks and restaurants by using local bus routes.

As another district attracting more tourism and expats, it doesn’t hesitate to boast about its gorgeous beach, one of the best in the Antalya region. Once again, Avsallar’s position away from the centre means its excellently priced real estate portfolio is ideal for budget buyers in Turkey.

Tosmur: A Beach and Riverside Setting

Residents in Tosmur have the best of both worlds. A range of shops, bars and restaurants offer everything on your doorstep, but it also sits just 6 kilometres east from the centre and 6 kilometres west from Mahmutlar.They say location is everything and, in this case, Tosmur residents have choice, choice, and more choice. Tosmur offers something other neighbourhoods can’t.

Although the beach is a focal point of day-to-day living, it also sits next to the beautiful Day River. Think riverside restaurants with Turkish pergolas, picnics, fishing, BBQs and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. Kestel on the other side of the Dim river is another popular destination for home purchases.

The Centre and Heart of Alanya

The above districts offer everything for a comfortable lifestyle, but buyers with a higher budget who want to be in the heart of the action should start their property search in Guller Pinari, Hisarici or Saray Mahallesi. Everything within walking distance including bars, restaurants, shops, and banks are open all year round, while local buses often run to outskirt districts.

Gazipasa airport is one hour away, and Antalya Airport is 2 hours away. Buying property here means immersing into the heart of the action, but don’t think of it as a typical urban lifestyle because the unique atmosphere distracts from the usual hustle and bustle of city living.

Find Out More

To know more about districts of Alanya with a prominent real estate portfolio, contact us today to arrange a viewing trip. Our local sales staff will take you around and point out the main selling points for each district. Alternatively, see our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in Alanya here.

Brief Guide to Alanya: Including things to do, historical facts and why the region is emerging as one of Turkey’s most favourite destinations, this article gives a brief introduction for first-time visitors.

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