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BLOG Do You Get Residency If You Buy Property in Turkey?

20 July 2020 / Properties

Do You Get Residency If You Buy Property in Turkey?

When people dream of living overseas, they often wonder if they get residency when they buy property in Turkey. The answer is that you still must apply, and don’t gain it automatically, but the good news is you don’t have to buy property to live here. Besides, if you fulfil specific criteria when purchasing property, you are also eligible to apply for citizenship. So, to be clear, the residency system, property buying process and citizenship by real estate investment scheme are all three separate processes. Let’s look at each one in-depth.

Applying for Residency in Turkey

The basic visa is just a tourist one that allows you to stay for 90 days out of 180. To live here, you need a residency visa, and will need to apply first, which can be done here - However, it is worth gathering the following supporting documents first. In many resorts, where sizeable communities of expats live, there are offices who will complete the application for a small fee.

- Six passport photographs

- Copies of your title deeds or rental contract with your landlord

- Copies of the main page of your passport plus the original

- Turkish tax number. (Anyone can get one from the local tax office where you plan to live.)

- A bank statement and/or additional paperwork to prove you don’t need financial support

- Proof of your address from the local Nufus office

- If you are under 65, show healthcare coverage. Most people do this by opting into the government SGK scheme.


Turkish Passport

Citizenship by Investment Scheme

Many countries offer a golden visa scheme where people buying property can also gain citizenship. Turkey’s programme does exceptionally well when compared to places like Spain or Portugal because of a faster, cheaper and more straightforward process. Applicants need to buy a property worth $400,000 and keep it for at least three years. Over the last four years, roughly 9000 people have gained citizenship this way. Many use a lawyer to handle the application forms. Find out more information about the citizenship scheme here.

Istanbul Turkey

Buying Property in Turkey

When you buy property in Turkey, the residency visa or citizenship scheme is an entirely different application procedure. Many people purchase summer holiday homes and spend a few months here, while others look towards the property purchase as a mid-to-long-term real estate investment.

The good news is if your finances are in place, the simple process takes half the time it does in other countries. As your real estate agent, we walk you through it step by step, and in the case of applying for residency or citizenship, also advise on what to do next. Also read an outline of the property buying process here.

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