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BLOG Fees and Insurances in Turkey

19 January 2018 / Lifestyle

Settling into your new property in Turkey? That's the best bit. The hard part is just beginning as you contemplate what you will spend annually to stay safe and sound in paradise.

If you have a property, intend to buy a car, opt for a residence permit and statutory health insurance, then you are looking at least TEN insurances and annual fees that you'll be forking out. So let's take a broad look at what you could be facing:


Visa or Residence Permit

To enter Turkey, you will be spending $20 on a 90 day in 180 days travel visa.

But once your 90 days are up, then most people will pay $80 for a one-year residence permit. For 2018, the cost of a residence permit card will cost 72 Turkish Lira. For the one-year permit, you need to show a minimum of 19,236TL in your bank account.

Don't forget you can apply for a minimum 6-month permit, a 2-year residence permit or a family permit. You can also apply for permanent residence once you have lived in Turkey for at least seven years. Permit costs vary on the length of time you decide to stay.


Looking to guard against accidents, breakages and break-ins, then a property owner will have to consider house insurance in the first few weeks of relocating. Coupled with contents insurance that protects your items, these insurances can be obtained from reputable insurance firms in Turkey.

House insurance is based on the size of the property and its value. For those living permanently in Turkey, regulations say they should buy their insurance from Turkey-based companies. Those using the property as a holiday home can opt to use companies from their own country.

Permanent stayers usually have to be armed with a copy of their Tapu (title deeds), the size of the property (declared on the Tapu), passports or residence permits of those declared on the deeds and the address. These details are required for registering first time with an insurance company. Those renting, but staying permanently, can use their rental agreement.

For contents insurance make known to the insurer all your electric goods, and take photographs of them in case of a claim. Double check with the insurer that movable goods, such as laptops, cameras and jewellery, are covered. If so, declare them to the insurer to avoid any problems at times of claiming.

Annual Earthquake Insurance (DASK) is a must in Turkey. The Turkish government has tightened up the requirements for DASK in recent years. The government decides the price of DASK, and this can be obtained from an insurance company when you produce house insurance, a habitation certificate and permit/passport.

Annual property costs: Residents will have to pay council tax as well as other standing charges, such as environmental tax. These can be paid annually, or twice yearly. For 2018, council tax will rise by 7.25 percent, while the environmental cleaning tax increases to 32 Krus per 1 cubic meter of water consumption.

If you live on a complex or sitesi, then factor in property maintenance fees for the upkeep of the site. These are determined annually by an official committee of property owners.


Buying a car or scooter to get around means four definite fees to consider. The Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV), for 2018, is being increased between 15 percent and 50 percent depending on the vehicle's CC and age.

Vehicle insurance and polis insurance (KASKO) will also be due. In 2018, traffic insurance premiums are due to increase by 5 percent in January, and 1.5 percent each month after February. If your vehicle requires an MOT, be ready to spend 226.56TL for a car or van, and 115.64TL for a motorbike.


Private Insurance or SGK

Health insurance has become compulsory for foreign residents as it is now part of the requirements for the residence permit. If you are over 65, health insurance is not required, but advisable to have.

There are two routes: private health insurance which enables you to receive treatments at private medical facilities. Ensure you have full health insurance, covering in- and outpatients services. Costs vary from insurer to insurer, on your age and any pre-existing conditions.

Alternatively, SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu) is the government-backed health insurance enabling you to receive operations and treatment at state hospitals or discounted - as much as 70 percent - treatment at private hospitals.

The cost for SGK for a married couple is 487.08TL per month as of January 2018. Under Turkish law, unmarried couples are not recognised, so each person will have to pay a single person's premium, which is also 487.08TL

Some insurance providers also offer accidental insurance to cover potential injury from accidents. Speak to your insurance broker for more details on this.

Holiday Insurance

If you intend to fly for a winter break or return to your home country, then consider holiday insurance to cover any unforeseen problems.

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