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BLOG Fethiye Town Centre: Attracting the Masses with Charm

20 July 2017 / Travel

Fethiye Town Centre

In history, one of the names of Fethiye town centre was Telmessos. To the ancient Lycian civilisation, it was a city of excellence, and many philosophers lived there, spreading their words and theories to the masses. Despite turbulent events in its timeline, that reputation of excellence still exists today, albeit for several different reasons.

Firstly, the Fethiye region of Turkey has achieved fame because it lives up to the promise as an ideal Mediterranean destination. It has a distinct charm, found nowhere else in the country. Standing in a league of its own, and adored by Turks and foreign holidaymakers and expats who live there all year round, its name is synonymous with the pleasures of coastal living.

The region covers many different areas including Oludeniz, Hisaronu and Calis Beach, but Fethiye town centre is especially delightful. One way to get to know it is from afar. The Lycian rock tombs overlooking it, give way to a dramatic view.

Appearing, to be temple like entrances, they are in fact tombs built by the Lycians for convenient pathways into the afterlife. They give a slight peep at what Fethiye town centre is all about but to truly get to the heart, three areas in particular are worth visiting.

The Marina and Harbour of Fethiye Town centre

Traditional gulet boats, with tall masts protruding into the sky, are a typical symbol of the Turkish Riviera. Stretching from the north Aegean to the south-east coast of Turkey, three centres of nautical excellence sit on the Turkish Riviera and Fethiye is proudly one of them.


Strolling along the harbour front unveils the local’s dedication to sailing. Every night, yacht captains sit down to chart wind and weather conditions for the next day. Boat staff scrub down the decks, while cooks come back from the local market with fresh ingredients for their clients who have eagerly signed up 3 or 4-night gulet trips to see the best of the Mediterranean.

Work also goes on behind the scenes. Luxury vessels constructed by sailing professionals are sold all over the world, while international yachts from countries like America and Australia, dock into Ece Marina, where utmost care and attention is given to help them look after their immaculate vessels. Indeed, if you want to get into the world of sailing in Turkey, Fethiye town centre is one of the best places to go.

The Fish Market: Taking Mediterranean Cuisine to Another Level

Naturally being a coastal destination, fish and seafood are crucial ingredients of the local cuisine. However Fethiye fish market takes the concept to another level. Situated within four stone walls, quaint and traditional restaurants surround an open-air courtyard of stalls selling freshly caught fish and seafood.


The cuisine trend of sea to table has never been so quick and easy. Stroll around and pick your evening meal choices from specialities such as sea bream, sea bass, calamari or giant prawns. Take it to a nearby restaurant, and within 20 minutes, feast on your catch of the day with fresh salad, bread and many choices of Turkish mezes(appetisers.)

To be authentically Turkish, slowly sip a glass of raki that is famously known as lion’s milk because of its milky white appearance. The fish market in Fethiye town centre is a popular place, and nightlife scene during summer but you can also read about our other recommended places to eat in our blog pages.

Paspatur: The Old Fethiye Town Centre

Every town and city in Turkey has a district known as the old part, and in Fethiye, this is Paspatur. Far from being a fast-paced hive of activity, think of it as a nostalgic stroll of pleasure into days gone by. Small shops, quaint bars and reasonably priced restaurants line both sides of cobbled streets, making up a labyrinth of many opportunities to shop for souvenirs.


Including jewellery, household textiles, spices, books, leather and much more, the laidback shopkeepers of Paspatur leave you to browse at your leisure. Of course, it is a delight to explore it during the day but also go back at night time for traditional bars playing live music.


Fethiye town centre has excellent transport links to famous places that are recommended tourist attractions, including Saklikent Gorge, Oludeniz and the Blue lagoon, as well as Kayakoy Ghost Village. Read more about them in our Fethiye blogs.


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