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BLOG Gorgeous Beaches in Fethiye – Turkey

19 October 2022 / Lifestyle

Fethiye Beaches

When researching beaches in Fethiye, Turkey, do not underestimate your choices. This section of Turkey on the southern Mediterranean coast is a beach lovers paradise, from long stretches of sand to tiny hidden coves and peaceful bays. Local councils run some, and they rent out sunbeds and umbrellas. Others belong to large, all-inclusive hotels offering water sports. While the rest are pure, hidden spots of paradise to lay your towel down, and few crowds and water sports enthusiasts ensure quiet, peaceful days. Many people ask us if the beaches in Fethiye are sandy. They are more of a shingle quality, but this does not distract from the fantastic settings and sea views. So, let us find out which Fethiye beaches to put on your bucket list.

                                              Gorgeous Beaches in Fethiye – Turkey

1: Enjoy Calis Beach

Sitting west of Fethiye town centre, Calis Beach attracts many people looking to buy holiday homes in Fethiye because the name refers to the whole resort, not just the beach. Of course, this reflects the typical, Mediterranean summer vibes encompassing all resorts and highlights the beach as one of Fethiye's best destinations for summer holidays. As well as the beach with umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, there is a selection of water sports, and the local council also modernised the promenade to promote an ideal Mediterranean lifestyle.

Calis Beach Fethiye

2: Oludeniz Beach, Kumburnu Beach and the Blue Lagoon

Meanwhile, sitting on the other side of Fethiye town centre, Oludeniz features a stunning beach (Belcekiz). The walk down the back eventually leads to Kumburnu beach and the Blue Lagoon, a highly photographed place in Fethiye and Turkey. The quirky aspect about Oludeniz is that the beach is also a landing pad for the paragliders coming in from Babadag mountain. Down at the Blue Lagoon, you can hire pedalos and a small hut for refreshments. Otherwise, for Oludeniz, there are backing bars and restaurants for those lunchtime snacks. Most people looking to own a holiday home in Oludeniz choose the backing resorts of Hisaronu and Ovacik because of a lack of property for sale.

3- Tranquil Butterfly Valley

Known in Turkish as Kelebek vadesi, Butterfly Valley beach is pure stone and not the most comfortable to lay on. However, we mention this beach for two reasons. Firstly, the scuba diving there is fantastic. Secondly, the vibes around this beach lure us into relaxing and switching off from the outside world. Butterfly Valley has this unique other-world vibe that makes you forget the beach belongs to one of Turkey's most famous beach holiday destinations. We also love getting to Butterfly Valley via the water taxi from Oludeniz beach. The ride-along reveals fantastic coastal scenery.

4: Kidrak Beach in Fethiye

Such is the beauty of Kidrak; the stretch of sand is environmentally protected. Although small, the setting commands instant respect from all those who visit. With the water reflecting different shades of blue and backing camping facilities, this is where to head to get back in touch with Mother Nature. Another reason for the fame is that this beach is ideal for watching the vibrant Mediterranean sunsets that Fethiye is famous for. So, hire a sunbed, grab an umbrella, and enjoy a wonderful relaxing day at Kidrak.

Kidrak Beach Fethiye

5: Gemiler Beach

This shingle beach surrounded by olive trees and pine forests is a firm favourite for ex-pats who live in Fethiye all year round. Clear Mediterranean waters lead to ideal snorkelling conditions, and with a view of Saint Nicholas Island, Gemiler is also the perfect spot for families. If you get hungry, head to the nearby restaurants that serve snacks and sell refreshments. Some also serve fresh fish dishes. Sitting not so far from Oludeniz, Gemiler is a must-visit.

6: Back to Nature at Kabak Beach

Also, sitting near Oludeniz, Kabak is a pure gem of Fethiye. To get there, follow the long winding road that simultaneously gives off stunning scenery. Once you arrive in Kababk village, follow the steep path down for about 20 minutes until you reach the beach, and relaxed vibes make the place seem like another world. Some guest houses also offer yoga lessons. In 2014, Kabak was chosen by the UK Guardian newspaper's readers as being Turkey's best. While we disagree with this statement, Kabak offers much to those seeking tranquillity.

7: Sovalye Island of Fethiye

Sitting just off Fethiye's coastline and reaching via water taxi from Calis Beach, this island is a must-visit. Typically, property for sale gets millions of pounds because of the lack of land for development and a tranquil island lifestyle. But you don't have to buy a house to enjoy the island. A favourite activity for many is to spend the day on the island beaches, then head to quaint restaurants for fantastic sunset views while eating a delicious dinner.

Sovalye Island Fethiye

8: Nationally Protected Katranci Beach

Katranci, within the national park of the same name, is about 15 kilometres from Fethiye town centre. Backed by pine trees forest, the gentle shelving into the clear Mediterranean waters is too much to ignore. All facilities include shower cabins, restaurants, toilets, sunbeds, and umbrellas to rent. Many families like Katranci for the picnic area; to stretch out your time, there is a nearby campsite.

9: Inlice Beach

This beach is closer to the Gocek part of Fethiye than the town centre. However, it is still worth the detour. Taking about 30 minutes to reach, the advantage is the lack of crowds. A small beachfront restaurant serves essential snacks, or take a cool box for your drinks. The other benefit is the calm waters which make this beach great for young kids.

More About Beaches in Turkey

Beach Homes for Sale: If you are in the market for an idyllic beachfront home, look no further than Turkey. The country has 7000 kilometres of coastline, fronting the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean and Marmara seas. Seafront homes range from studio apartments to large duplex apartments boosting terraces with front-row seats to amazing seafront views. Additionally, large villas for sale command instant respect in some parts like Gocek and Calis beach.

Top Ten Beaches in Turkey: From the beaches in Fethiye to further afield, we look at the top beaches in Turkey that garner admiration and fame from all over the world. Turkey is one of Europe's most affordable destinations, and guests can expect great value for money, a wide variety of locations, and fabulous beaches.

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