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BLOG Is Antalya A Good Place To Live?

8 August 2021 / Lifestyle

Antalya’s reputation as a popular Turkish holiday destination is indisputable, coming second only to Istanbul when it comes to visitor numbers. Even last year, as the global pandemic decimated international travel, official figures put arrivals at Antalya Airport in 2020 at almost 3.3 million.

As the world begins to open up again, it’s expected holidaymakers will flock once more to Turkey’s Turquoise Coast to enjoy its beauty and many attractions. But while Antalya is beloved by visitors, it’s also a favoured place to settle by expats who want to live in Turkey full time.

So – while there’s no doubting its credentials when it comes to having a great holiday, is Antalya a good place to live all year round?

A different life

You fell in love with it as a visitor, but it’s important not to wear rose-tinted spectacles if you’re planning to move to Antalya full time. Everyone who’s made the move will tell you the reality of daily life isn’t the same as being on holiday – sitting around the pool sipping cocktails is very different from doing your weekly grocery shop in 40°C heat!

That said, many of the reasons you were drawn to Antalya in the first place are what will make your life here relaxed and enjoyable; it’s simply a case of balancing your dream with reality. It may even be that you decide to have the best of both worlds, buying a home in Antalya so you can live here part of the year and spending the remaining months in your home country.

A cosmopolitan atmosphere

Antalya is home to people from many different countries and some areas have become expat ‘hubs’. The mix of nationalities gives the city a European feel, which is reflected in the excellent range of restaurants and facilities.

If you love to shop, you won’t be disappointed by the modern shopping malls, which feature a mix of Turkish and international brands as well as independent stores. There are also plenty of traditional shops selling items such as beautiful hand-made carpets and locally made crafts; the mix of cultures is part of what makes Antalya such a vibrant place to live.

Beautiful beaches

Arguably the most famous feature of the Turkish Riviera is the seemingly endless sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. The Antalya coastline is some 350km long and boasts a record number of Turkey’s Blue Flag beaches – more than 200 have been awarded the coveted honour. With the Taurus mountains providing a stunning backdrop, you’ll marvel at your surroundings every day. There are plenty of properties for sale close to the beach in Antalya, so if you dream of a beachside lifestyle with the convenience of city living, this is the place for you!

Wonderful weather

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast has a temperate climate with over 300 days of sunshine each year on average. Even in winter, though the nights are cool, daytime temperatures are often high enough to make a trip to the beach or an alfresco lunch very enjoyable.

The spring and autumn months are especially pleasant and generally quieter than high season. Make the most of them and visit local attractions, go walking and enjoy the area before it gets too busy with holidaymakers.

Everything for everyday living

Antalya is a busy working city, so it offers everything you need for daily life and is another reason it’s popular with those who decide to move to Turkey permanently. There is excellent medical care, with private and government hospitals offering general and specialist treatments. In addition, Antalya International Airport is just a short drive away, connecting passengers to a wide variety of destinations both directly and through the hub of Istanbul all year round.

Ready to find your dream home in Turkey?

If you’re thinking of buying property in Antalya, we’d love to help. We can guide you through the process from start to finish, whether you’re looking for a full-time home or a holiday villa. Take a look at our current portfolio and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

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