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BLOG Is Didim A Nice Place To Live? Expats In Turkey Series

24 October 2021 / Lifestyle

Why Didim is a Nice Place to Live

So, if you are asking is Didim a nice place to live, you are obviously thinking of moving to Turkey, either for an extended period or permanently. When customers ask us if a place is a nice place to live, we point towards existing expat communities to prove that it is. Didim is no exception. Hundreds of foreign residents reside here all year round and have no regrets about making a move. Having said that, we also met people who preferred Bodrum or Fethiye as a place to live all year round.

They cited the British ambience of Didim as a turn-off, but Didim is transforming and shedding its old reputation. Yes, football bars serving English breakfasts and Sunday dinners still make a roaring trade, but Didim has become more of a cosmopolitan Turkish town over the last five years. The latest trends and brand name coffee shops, combined with old traditions form a welcoming place, proud to take care of its foreign residents. Let's look at the reasons why we love living in Didim.

Why Didim is a Nice Place to Live

1: Altinkum Versus Didim

Sometimes there is confusion over whether the name is Didim or Altinkum. Both names apply. Didim refers to the old town centre and traditional Turkish atmosphere. Altinkum refers to the beachfront districts popular with tourists, hence the name's translations of golden sands. What this means is that residents have the best of both worlds on their doorstep.

2: Beachfront Ambience

Naturally, being a coastal place, there are many small bays and coves, but Altinkum has three significant beaches. As well as swimming, sunbathing, and water sports, what we love to do is walk down to the main beach in the afternoon and sit in a restaurant with a cold beer soaking up the promenade ambience. The sea view is to die for, and restaurants and bars along the promenade serve various alcoholic drinks and meals, making this a great place to dine out.

3: Apollo Temple

Another place we like to hang out is the Apollo temple region. The tall and proud historical ruins remind us of days gone by and how Didim has progressed. Coffee shops and bars around the temple generally serve traditional Turkish cuisines, and an afternoon spent in one of those is always a great way to de-stress and unwind.

4: Shops and Markets

One thing that Didim does lack is a decent shopping mall. Therefore, most Didim residents head to nearby Soke for a shopping mall experience. Otherwise, a few brand name shops like Mavi and Koton make a roaring trade. The local market on a Saturday is everything to expect from the Turkish way of shopping, and great when shopping for fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. Overall, you can get everything you want in Didim, apart from the shopping mall experience.

5: Bars, Restaurants, and Coffee Shops

In recent years, many coffee shops came to Didim, including Starbucks. Otherwise, residents enjoy a wide choice of bars and restaurants to dine out. The general trend is that the further away from the beachfront, prices are lower, and for expats, restaurants like Muco, Jacks Place, Caspers and Yasin's provide the typical Karaoke and quiz nights. In addition, traditional Turkish dining is seen in places like Alo 24 and Seray, and fast-food outlets like Burger King, McDonald's also deliver to your home. So you will never be short of places to dine out.

6: Clean Roads and Park Areas

In the past, Didim had a bad rap. Roads were mostly mud tracks, and the town was squalid. But over the last ten years, the local council has invested heavily into the aesthetic appearances of the place. They regularly plant flowers and, when in bloom, make Didim a pleasant place to walk around. Didim council regularly clean streets and spray for mosquitos. They also upgraded roads to prevent flooding. Along with allocated green areas, Altinkum is a lovely, clean place to live.

7: Street Animals

Didim council runs a shelter that operates a neuter and release program. But over the last ten years, residents' attitudes towards the street animals changed. While walking around the streets, you will regularly see food put out for the dogs and cats. Some roads even have the local street dog, which they named and feed. While it would be nice to see them all homed, it will take more years for the neuter and release programme to work, but in the meantime, the care and love shown to the street animals are heart-warming.

8: Local Expat Groups

If you want to make friends, find new hobbies, or get involved with local charities, join the expat groups. Whether it is darts, a cinema trip, or dog walking at the local shelter, Didim expat groups always welcome new members. Additionally, they are a great source of local information and help on issues like residency, bringing pets into Turkey, driving, owning a car, and banking.

9: Weather and Climate

We are pretty sure we do not need to talk about the weather, but it is one main reason we love living in Didim. Of course, September saw a heatwave, so we stayed in air-conditioned rooms during the afternoon. But otherwise, we enjoyed a glorious Spring and summer, with plenty of alfresco style nights. Quite often, when the rainy season in February and March comes around, we are content to stay indoors and cosy up on the settee, which recharges our batteries ready for Spring.

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