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BLOG Is Moving to Turkey a Good Idea?

27 July 2020 / Lifestyle

Why Moving to Turkey is a Good Idea

We wholeheartedly agree moving to Turkey is a good idea for everyone. Admittedly, we are biased because we were born here, and work with many foreigners who also live here all year round and say they wouldn’t move. But don’t just take our word for it. In 2018, Anadolu Agency said immigration was up year-on-year, while a report from Daily Hurriyet news said just over 4 million foreigners from 192 countries were living in Turkey.

With a population of 82 million Turks, that is a sizeable proportion, and government ministers confirmed each one adds to the culture and diversity of society. Popular places foreigners move to include Istanbul, for working expats, and the Mediterranean Antalya and Fethiye regions and Bodrum on the Western Aegean coast. If you still need convincing though whether it is a splendid idea, read on for more reasons to move.

Why Moving to Turkey is a Good Idea

1: Beautiful Weather

As the world’s seventh-largest country, Turkey has several weather zones that show its diversity. For example, while it is cold and rainy in the northeast, people lay on beaches and sunbathe in the south and west. For the best weather climate as in scorching summers and mild winters, choose the Antalya region. It is Turkey’s number one holiday destination, with millions of tourists visiting it every year and this speaks volumes about its gorgeous weather.

2: Moving is Good for Your Health

So, the gorgeous weather also aids our mind, body and soul because it encourages an outdoor lifestyle. Whether this is swimming in the sea, pursuing outdoor hobbies, or only alfresco dining, experts confirm being at one with Mother Nature rejuvenates and aids our wellbeing. To lose weight, a morning walk along the beachfront is perfect. For solitude and peace, many mountain retreats provide just that. Living in Turkey is just a great way to boost your happiness.

3: Save Money in Turkey

Money always talks and in Turkey, you can make your money stretch twice far more than in your home country. According to Numbeo, the money crunching machine that checks prices from all over the world, the cost of living in Turkey is 55% cheaper than the United States. Drinking, smoking, and running a car can all add up since these are expensive to do, but household bills and general weekly food shops present loads of opportunities to save money.

4: Stunning Apartments and Villas

If you moved to Turkey before the year 2000, finding quality housing was a problem. The real estate market had flunked decades before, and they put minor effort into modernising it. Fast forward 20 years and new housing is the choice of abode for everyone. Look at some villas on the market, and they easily match any luxury home in America, the UK, France, Spain, or Portugal. If you want to move here and buy property, look at our apartments and villas for sale, to get a better idea of prices, features and amenities.

5: Transport Network

As well as upgrading its real estate market, Turkey has ploughed billions into improving highways, and transport hubs. Travelling around has never been smoother. Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum airports are the top three touristic air travel hubs servicing the Aegean and Mediterranean. Istanbul also boasts of a brand-new airport that, when fully complete, will be the world’s biggest. Aside from that, if cross-country buses are your preferred method of travelling, expect frequent schedules, cheap tickets, and top-quality service.

6: Turkish Food is to Die For

If you think Turkish food is all about the doner kebab, you are sadly mistaken. There are over 40 types of kebabs for meat lovers. Still, vegetarians and vegans will also find themselves at home, thanks to locals’ insistence on using fresh, organic ingredients for cooking homely meals. Move to any Aegean or Mediterranean resort to discover fish and seafood are significant, but likewise, some mezes, soups and puddings dating from the Ottoman kitchens always keep you coming back for second servings.

7: Impeccable Healthcare

Did you know Turkey makes a roaring trade in healthcare tourism? Whether this is hair transplants, dental work, IVF treatment, plastic surgery, or simple healthcare for elevating ailments. There are two reasons for this; the low cost, which in many cases, presents massive savings, and the professionalism and training of doctors and nurses. Many people who live here all year round, opt-in for the government SGK system, otherwise get private health insurance, but should something happen, you will be well taken care of.

Tips for Making the Move

Residency Permits. As you can see, moving to Turkey is a good idea, but remember the practical aspects, of which the most important is residency permits. This article lists the official website for an application, outlines the procedure and talks about need to know aspects that will make applying even easier.

Expat Life in Turkey: Moving overseas is a great life experience, but also prepare for ad hoc moments that will test your nerves and determination. We talk about what to know when living in Turkey all year round, and tips for ensuring you stay for many years to come.

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