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BLOG Living In Antalya: A House Hunters Guide

25 June 2019 / Lifestyle

6 Reasons People Move To Antalya

Overseas property hunters thinking about living in Antalya need to only look at the many foreigners already doing it to confirm they are making the right decision. The region comprising the city centre and smaller coastal resorts is the second most popular holiday destination in Turkey, but also the second most popular for foreign house sales.

Plentiful reasons for buying include a sound real estate investment, owning a summer home and choosing somewhere to live out a retirement dream. Proof of the pudding is in official statistics of foreigners applying for a residency visa.

However, walk down any busy street to hear a variety of languages spoken including British, Russian, and German, proving the cosmopolitan ambience that makes Antalya is one of Turkey’s celebrated successes.

Living in Antalya: 6 Reasons People Move Here

For anyone undecided whether life in Antalya would suit them, here are some reasons to take the plunge and do it.

1: Warm Weather: Playing a large part in luring buyers from overseas, the hotter climate than the Aegean, Marmara, and Black Sea regions of Turkey, means it is still possible to swim in the sea during winter!

During hot months like July and August, temperatures reach as high as the mid-40s, but most places also enjoy a cool breeze thanks to the geographical layout. Mild winters encourage outdoor activities, and the rainy season only lasts two months.

2: Perfect Lifestyle: Even though modern living has overtaken Antalya, they still stay core to their roots of a fresh and healthy diet. It is Turkey’s citrus capital and being a coastal destination fish, and seafood feature on most restaurants’ menus. Combine this with a diehard belief of an outdoor lifestyle, and all doctors would approve of your new daily routine.

3: Immense Diversity: Now, this is what Antalya excels at, and it earns the region international fame. Wherever it be shopping, nightlife, scenery, types of housing, or food, everyone has a vast range of choices. From quiet, off the beaten track locations like Cirali to the upbeat, never stops city centre, both budget and luxury visitors find what they are looking for.

4: Shopping and Nightlife: Without a doubt, the shopping and nightlife scenes are the best in Mediterranean Turkey. From Kalkan’s rooftop dining scene to Alanya’s party all night atmosphere. After sunset, Antalya does low key in style, but wild partygoers will love the best nightclubs in Turkey. Likewise, shopping choices include large malls, select boutiques or weekly Turkish markets for that all-important cultural tradition.

5: Transport Network: Being the hub of southwest Turkey, Antalya must make it easy for people to get there. In which case, look no further than their state-of-the-art airport open all year round, that operates flights from around the world. Also well connected to the rest of Turkey, the D400 highway and ultra-modern marinas makes it easy for guests coming in via sea and road.

6: Large Property Portfolio: One reason people find it easy to make a move is that the real estate market is thriving and includes budget one-bedroom apartments to luxury mansions offering the latest in modern home technology.

A closer look at the market also reveals off-plan, key-ready and resale homes. House buyers can see current for sale listings of property for sale here, and fill in the enquiry form or call to arrange viewing dates and times or to receive more information.

Where is the Best Place to Live in Antalya?

The answer depends on your lifestyle preferences, but some questions to ask yourself will help you decide. For non-car owners, nearby bus routes will be helpful. Do you want to be close to the sea or will a mountain view also be just as lovely? If moving as a family, where are schools and childcare facilities? Find out more about the most popular places where foreigners live in this article.

Average Living Costs and Daily Expenses

Numbeo, which is a number-crunching database that also uses people’s input, says the cost of living is 3,510,63 Turkish Lira a month for a single person who doesn’t pay rent. However, social people who enjoy eating out, drinking, and socialising, should increase this, and factor in yearly costs like health coverage, residency renewal and property maintenance fees.

They also say it is 14% cheaper to live in Antalya, than Istanbul, and restaurant prices are 75% less high than that of London. With careful money management, you can live on $1,500 equivalent in Turkish Lira a month if you own your property, while those who have a budget of $3,000 or more, will enjoy the more elegant side of life.

Living as an Expat in Turkey

A frequent question often asked is whether moving to Turkey is easy. In the case of Antalya, it is because as mentioned before, locals speak a multitude of foreign languages, and this solves so many problems. For retired people, the biggest problem is the copious time they have on their hands. So this is an excellent time to get active, meet new friends and take up those hobbies you always dreamed of doing.

Other helpful tips for a smoother transition include savvy financial management, a willingness to learn about the culture, food and history, and also be organised with legalities like residency permits, house ownership, driving rules etc. This expat guide to living in Turkey will help.

How to Buy Property in Turkey

Buying property is the easy part of living in Antalya. Turkey ditched useless regulations that held up the process, and the real estate market is more efficient and professional than ever before. If your finances are ready, it takes as little as two weeks to sign for the deeds, get your keys and move into your new abode. Call us or read this article to find out the step-by-step stage to buying a Turkish home.

More Useful Reading

Districts of Antalya: The region breaks down into 19 official areas, all of which offer something unique to tourists and foreign house buyers. This article talks about each area and why it stands out.

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