Moving to Antalya: The How to Guide For Expats

Moving to Antalya: The How to Guide For Expats
Moving to Antalya: Two Reasons to Do It
Written on: 12 December 2018

Moving to Antalya is a big lifestyle decision to make, more so, if you are a foreigner. It not only involves a change of location, but a complete switch to a different language, cuisine, and culture.

If you have already been there on holiday, familiarity does wonders to help with the move, but you may still wonder if it is the best thing to do. In this article, we look at reasons why thousands of foreigners have made a move and now live there all year round.

We also look at helpful hints, tips and advice from the people who have already done it.

Moving to Antalya: Two Reasons to Do It

The diversity of locations: When we talk about Antalya, we mean the whole region which comprises a city centre and smaller coastal resorts and inland towns. Each district’s individual characteristics suit a variety of budgets and lifestyle preferences, so no-one needs compromise on their idea of what a Turkish Mediterranean lifestyle should be.

For example, to be in the heart of the action, the city centre or Alanya is ideal, while those who want peace and quiet would feel more at home in the smaller resorts of Kas or Side. Buyers with an unlimited budget often flock to Kalkan, home of luxurious villas with infinity pools, while budget buyers like the Mahmutlar district of Alanya.

Varied Property Portfolio: Did you know Antalya is the second most popular destination in Turkey for foreign property buyers? Officials predict year ends sales for 2018 will be around 7,000 homes, and since 2013, foreigners of many nationalities have bought just over 27,000 homes.

One reason for this popularity is the varied real estate portfolio. Comprising off-plan, new and resale studios, apartments and villas, it accommodates buyers of all budget from £40,000 to millionaire mansions. See our collection of flats and villas for sale in Antalya, and for details on any of the properties, just fill in the enquiry form.

Three Benefits of Living in Antalya

Cost of Living: While Antalya does luxurious living in style, it also offers lower living costs, when compared to foreign countries. Household bills are a fraction of the UK, and shopping for fruit and veg at the local, weekly farmers market is just one of many ways to cut back on the cost of living.

Weather and Climate: Antalya’s Mediterranean climate means warm summers and mild winters, so people enjoy the outdoor weather for at least 300 days a year. Even though temperatures drop in winter, they are still ideal for getting out and about.

Lifestyle: People who have moved to Antalya often value the new lifestyle change the most. Antalya’s cosmopolitan ambience ensures no nationality feels out of their comfort zones, the weather encourages outdoor activities, while hobbies, a beach-side lifestyle, socialising and charity work often appears on the list of pursuits that expats enjoy.

Four Tips for Making the Move

1: Be in control of your finances, especially if you still own property in your home country. Know your incomes, expenses and factor in ad hoc costs such as household repairs. Set a budget and stick to it. Also, keep an eye on exchange rates if you receive a wage or pension in a foreign currency.

2: Upon arrival, apply for a Turkish residency permit, and opt into the government SGK insurance, if you don’t have a private policy.

3: Tap into existing expat communities, which are a significant source of advice but don’t limit yourself. Making Turkish friends provides an additional support system with a different viewpoint.

4: Be open to change, learning and self-growth. Learning as much of the language as possible, tasting Turkish foods and attending cultural events like weddings will help.

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