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BLOG Moving to Antalya with children – what are your education options?

3 July 2022 / Travel

Moving to Antalya with children – what are your education options?

For those who enjoy family holidays in Antalya, the thought of moving there permanently is often a ‘maybe one day’ dream. For some, though, the thought of living in a modern sea front home near an idyllic sandy beach is irresistible – and they start making plans.

If you’re thinking about moving to Antalya and you have children, their education is something you’ll want to consider carefully. Settling into new surroundings, making new friends and learning a new language can be a daunting prospect for the best of us – and while some youngsters will take it in their stride, others will find it difficult.

Timing is important. If your child is older, is it a good idea to transplant them into an unfamiliar education system if they’re approaching exams? Even if you’re planning to move after this milestone, anxiety about relocating could affect their performance and results.

So, if you want to embrace a fresh start in your dream home in Antalya and the education of school-age children needs to be factored into your plans, what options do you have?

An international school

International schools are usually attended by children from varied cultures and backgrounds. They have the advantage of exposing children to many different nationalities at once, while offering learning within the framework of a common curriculum.

Children from western countries will find the classroom environment both comfortable and familiar. While the primary language may vary, it’s often English. International schools also tend to offer globally recognised curricula and exam systems, such as the International Baccalaureate. Classes are generally small, so teaching is more focused and personal.

If you choose an international school in Antalya, be aware that it can be tempting for your child to stay within their comfort zone and only mix with those who speak their own language. You’ll also need to factor school fees into your budget – these will vary, depending on which establishment you choose.

Stay local

From the child’s perspective, entering the local school system in Antalya will need courage from them and plenty of support from you. It’s worth knowing that, in state schools, the law stipulates Turkish must be the primary teaching language.

If your child is resilient and outgoing, they’ll find it easier and will likely gain confidence rapidly. Younger ones also tend to adapt more quickly, fitting into their new routine and soaking up the language. Being immersed so completely in Turkish culture means that, before you know it, they’ll be taking the lead when it comes to social interactions and shopping expeditions.

However, it’s unrealistic to expect them to feel comfortable immediately. Class sizes are generally larger than in the UK, for example, and teaching styles tend to be very different. Do your research and spend time talking to your child to see how they feel about the idea; it’s vital to address any anxieties they might have. If you can, connect with other expat parents to learn about their experiences.

Home schooling and remote tuition

While home-schooling is considered illegal in Turkey, a loophole exists as technically this applies only to Turkish citizens. This means that, if you’re considering investing in Antalya real estate and moving from overseas, you might want to consider it.

Some parents opt to take full responsibility for home-schooling themselves, from timetabling to teaching. However, it’s not an easy option and it’s important to consider your child’s future. They’ll need some formal qualifications if they want to go on to university, for example.

If you’re not sure you’re capable of helping them achieve this, don’t despair. Online technology – especially amid the recent global pandemic – means there’s fresh thinking about home-schooling, and you don’t necessarily have to be the teacher.

There are organisations offering remote tuition, following recognised syllabuses in all the standard subjects and more. These typically include any necessary books and materials and a dedicated tutor for support, with regular assignments and one-to-one video or telephone calls. Most aim to take the student up to exam standard, and they can also help with arranging these for your child.

This system does require a certain amount of self-motivation, but it also helps a child develop a sense of responsibility and sets them up for the less-regulated environment of higher education. There’s also an element of flexibility as students set their own learning sessions – so it might be easier to focus on maths and biology in the morning if your child knows they can enjoy an afternoon around the pool in your luxury apartment complex in the afternoon.

Again, though, whether this is appropriate will depend on your child. Home-schooling can be isolating, and they may miss interacting with others their own age. You may need to work harder to ensure they have a healthy social life.

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