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BLOG Notary Changes to Selling and Buying Real Estate in Turkey

6 July 2023 / Properties

Notary Offices For Selling & Buying Property in Turkey

More changes to Turkey's real estate buying and selling process are working in the buyers and sellers favour this time. As of July, the 4th 2023, notary offices in Turkey can now conduct real estate transactions. Whereas previously, they were limited to notarising contracts drawn up by solicitors, they now can draw up the contract and manage the transaction.

Once a sale has been agreed, sellers will book their appointment via the e-Application page on the Union of Turkish Notaries' website. They will enter all property details, submit necessary documents, and enter the details of the seller and buyer. Notary offices will then confirm all applications with the land and cadastre office before sending an SMS confirming the time and date to carry out the transaction. 

The fee will be determined at the time. This decision will simplify and streamline the process for real estate agents, buyers and sellers. Even though buying property in Turkey is quick, this will ensure it happens quicker.

About Notary Offices in Turkey

A Notary Public is a public officer authorised to authenticate and certify various legal documents and transactions. They provide impartiality and legitimacy to the documents and ensure their compliance with legal requirements. Notaries in Turkey are responsible for multiple activities, including but not limited to….

Authentication and Certification of Signatures: Notaries verify signature authenticity on documents, like contracts, agreements, and powers of attorney.

Document Authentication: They authenticate and certify various legal documents, like birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic diplomas.

Document Drafting: Notaries assist in drafting legal documents, including contracts, affidavits, and statutory declarations.

Property transactions: Notaries play significant roles in property transactions. They ensure the legality and accuracy of property sales, purchases, and transfer documents.

Inheritance matters: Notaries facilitate the authentication of wills and other inheritance-related documents.

Procedures for Legalisation of Other Documents in Turkey

Document Preparation: Ensure the document is correctly prepared, signed, and dated by the relevant parties. Have supporting documents or identification ready.

Notarisation: Visit a Notary Public (Noter) office and present the document for notarisation. The Notary will authenticate the signatures, confirm the parties' identities, and stamp or attach an official seal to the paper.

Legalisation: Further legalisation may be required depending on the document's nature and intended use. This can involve obtaining an apostille or consular legalisation.

Translation: If the document is in a language other than Turkish, you must have it translated into Turkish by a certified translator.

More About Real Estate in Turkey

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