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BLOG Rent to buy – should you keep hold of your old property when buying a home in Antalya?

29 May 2022 / Properties

Rent to buy – should you keep hold of your old property when buying a home in Antalya?

If you enjoy regular holidays in Antalya and dream of making it your permanent home, what will you do with the house or apartment you already own?

Perhaps you’ll decide to put it on the market – that would give you a lump sum to buy your dream villa in Antalya. Or maybe you’ll keep it and rent it out, bringing you a regular source of income.

Both options have advantages – but there are downsides to consider as well.

Keeping your current home – the advantages

If you decide to hold onto your current property, the obvious bonus is that it’s a potential source of regular income. Rents across the globe have been rising fast; in the UK, for example, the average isn’t far below £1,000 a month.

Naturally, yields vary depending on region and location, but the rent from a city apartment or family-sized home in a regional town would probably cover your outstanding mortgage. Any excess could go towards your new home in the sun.

Of course, you’d likely still need additional funding for your new property in Antalya, either from a pension, investments or savings. However, if the mortgage on your existing home is paid off and you’re free to invest all potential rental income in your new home in Turkey, it could be enough to finance that luxury villa with pool and gardens you’ve had your eye on in Kalkan.


Another advantage of keeping your current home is that it gives you readily available accommodation for trips to your home country. This can significantly reduce the cost of trips to see family and friends.

Of course, if you’re renting to long-term tenants that won’t necessarily be possible, but options like Airbnb allow more flexibility. You might also look at renting to family or close friends willing to allow use of a spare room as part of the deal.

It’s also worth remembering that retaining an address in your home country means you have a presence there. Should you wish to return one day or want to apply for credit or a mobile phone contract, for example, this will make it an easier process.

And there’s no harm in having a bolthole in case your overseas adventure comes to a premature end or doesn’t go as you hoped.

Keeping your current home – the disadvantages

It’s important to know that being a landlord isn’t just about banking a rent cheque every month. You also have quite a few responsibilities.

In the UK, for example, if you ask for a bond or a deposit up front to cover any end-of-tenancy repairs, you have to pay the money into an approved scheme – not your own bank account.

Landlords in Britain are also now responsible for checking if their tenants have a legal right to live in the country. The property itself also has to pass some pretty thorough environmental and safety tests to prove it’s habitable.

Rental income is taxable and must be declared. Many new landlords are often unaware that insurance policies taken out during their own private residency are invalid once a tenant moves in.

Wear and tear also remain the owner’s responsibility and not the tenant’s – a frustration when it appears problems are the result of a lack of care and consideration, rather than poor maintenance. Arranging repairs can be inconvenient too – such as if a tenant reports a burst pipe at 9pm on a Saturday.

Maybe the most surprising drawback of keeping two homes is that it makes moving on that bit harder.


Knowing you can always go back might mean you don’t commit wholeheartedly to your new life, making the transition period longer and more difficult. A fresh start in a new country where not everyone speaks your language can be both exciting and daunting – but full commitment to the adventure makes it easier.

Can we help you?

If you’re considering investing in property in Antalya, we’re here to make the process as simple as possible. Browse our extensive selection of villas and apartments in Antalya and, when you’re ready, we’ll be there every step of the way from viewing to completion.

You’ll also find more detailed information about the Antalya region on our site, including in earlier blogs and our regional and buyers’ guides.

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