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BLOG Skywalk Fethiye and the Transformation of the Region

18 June 2021 / Properties

About Skywalk Fethiye

Everyone is buzzing about Skywalk Fethiye, a new cable car project awaiting official opening by Turkey’s president. Fethiye is already a famous touristic district and home to many expats who have bought a property. Still, local expectations say Skywalk cable car will breathe new life into Fethiye.

Skywalk cable car will take passengers from Oludeniz beach to Babadag summit. Many people interested in paragliding already make the journey up to the mountain top by road. However, this hair-raising route involves haphazard roads and tight bends. Therefore, the cable car will make life easier for paragliders and local tourism and property experts say the cable car will further boost Fethiye’s status as a prominent touristic hub of Turkey.

About Skywalk Fethiye

The Skywalk Fethiye Cable Car Project will carry nature, hiking, paragliding and wildlife observation enthusiasts, as well as day-trip tourists to Babadag summit for 12 months of the year. The owners also say the Babadag summit will host national and international events and festivals relating to sports, nature, art, and music, thanks to Skywalk. The project owners emphasise Skywalk is a “natural, modern, fast, comfortable and environmentally friendly means of transportation.”

Skywalk will contribute to the economy by creating jobs, and the cable car meets transportation safety and environmental health criteria. Regardless we cannot argue with those fantastic views that await. Standing at 1969 meters high, 61 cabins with a seven-minute journey can carry 1 million tourists a year. The project has taken 30 years, and locals eagerly await the official opening. Local tourism officials expect a mass increase in tourists when Skywalk eventually opens because the cable car will extend the tourism season. Still, its influence is already seen in the housing market.

The Future of Fethiye

Currently, two factors drive Fethiye’s housing market. The first is Skywalk because of an expected boost to tourism. The second is many coastal areas in Turkey like Fethiye are seeing an increase in homebuyers who specifically want detached villas for sale. They mostly come from big cities where COVID infections have been the highest in Turkey. These buyers want to get out of apartment living, into their residences with private gardens and swimming pools.

But they still want all facilities and amenities like banks, shops, supermarkets, and schools to be close by. This is where Fethiye ticks all the boxes. Likewise, the Skywalk project now puts Fethiye top of the list for buy-to-let investors who look to tap into the touristic market for rental income. Holiday rental properties can fetch any wards upwards of £250 a week in Fethiye. Once Skywalk transforms the tourism season into a 12-months operation, buy-to-let investors have 52 weeks of potential maximum occupancy.

Fethiye already features highly on the list of top destinations for foreign buyers. A lot are British, but other nationalities include the Europeans. With more Turkish buyers, including those from Germany, taking a personal stake, the housing market offers a healthy and wise investment.

Naturally, given the Skywalk cable car project starts in Oludeniz, many homebuyers inquire about the property for sale there. However, because Oludeniz is protected by law, and there is a lack of land for building, the alternative is nearby Ovacik, and this is where home buyers turn to. The driving interest is already pushing up the value growth of apartments and villas.

If you want to buy property in Ovacik, see our portfolio of homes for sale here. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location, home features and contact details to find out more or arrange a viewing. Otherwise, if you are new to the area but want to see what all the hype about Oludeniz is, watch our YouTube Interview with our director Tolga Ertukel. The interview highlights the area’s popularity, range of tourist facilities and why Oludeniz is one of Turkey’s most beautiful destinations.

About Us

We are Turkey Homes, a property specialist with an office in Fethiye and many other parts of Turkey. If you want to buy real estate, drop by, and meet the team. Our office is no 18 in the Se-sa Is merkezi on Ali Gaffar Okkan Caddesi, in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi. We have also collected our teams’ local knowledge and experience to form our blog about Fethiye for tourists and homebuyers interested in learning more. Alternatively, follow us on Facebook to stay updated with news and developments about Skywalk Fethiye.

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