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BLOG So, you’d love to live in Antalya

8 September 2019 / Lifestyle

Sometimes, we visit places on holiday and imagine how fantastic life would be if we lived there. Whether it be the stunning location, relaxed lifestyle, the delicious food, perhaps the people you’ve been meeting, the activities you’re been having a go at, maybe it’s the great shopping experiences at the local markets or the world class malls, maybe it’s the great places nearby that you’ve been exploring, or, more likely, a combination of all of these, it’s easy to get caught up in the whole experience and never want it to end. Well, the reality is, in the city of Antalya, it doesn’t have to end. You can turn your holiday stay into a permanent lifestyle, or at least a long-term holiday lifestyle.

Once you’ve been captured by the allure of this stunning Mediterranean city, and decided you want to turn your holiday experiences into real life, the reality may hit with numerous uncertainties. What about work? Schools for the kids? Kindergartens? Daycare? What about doctors, hospitals, dentists and specialists? Can I buy all the things I need? The brands I like? Food? Medicine? And what about cultural things? Are there cultural performances, shows or exhibitions? Well, in a nutshell, the answer is, ‘yes, it is all fine’! And here’s why.

Firstly, work. Depending on your language skills, qualifications or business idea, it is possible to work in Antalya. However, like any country, Turkey has very specific laws and procedures that must be adhered to. The best thing is to thoroughly investigate any work options you may wish to pursue before jumping in with two feet, and don’t rely on the, ‘it’ll be fine’ method.

Next, education. If you dream of a sea change to Antalya with a family, that’s not a problem. From daycare to university, you can find quality facilities and institutes in which the language of communication/instruction is English, if that is your preference. But rest assured, children pick up Turkish exceptionally quickly. And you? Yes, if you have no Turkish language you CAN get by and, you too, will pick it up quickly once you are immersed in it. You’ll find that many people in the city speak foreign languages and it is rarely a problem.

That brings us to medical issues. You will find world class medical facilities and professionals in the city of Antalya. Many hospitals, particularly the private ones, of which there are many, have either English speaking doctors and specialists or have translators on-site to assist. Do your own investigating, but you are sure to find a place that you are comfortable with and feel confident in. The latest techniques and equipment are used in the private facilities, and compared to prices in many countries, the charges are very reasonable. You might find the method of prescription writing a bit strange, but pharmacies can supply all the medicines you need and all personal health products you’re familiar with.

And shopping? Well, that’s a great experience. Shop with the locals in the weekly markets, haggle prices, pick up some bargains and immerse yourself in the experience. This is probably part of what attracted you in the first place! But of course, there are times when we want the luxury of air-conditioned, classy malls with international brands, and there’s several choices for that. And stores for beautiful homewares, the latest technology, whitegoods, stunning furniture and everything you will ever need. Your new home can look however you dream it to be. And brands you love? Yes. Cosmetics, personal items, clothing and more. And, select supermarkets sell a great range of international food brands.

And what about cultural activities? There are plenty of those to enjoy. Antalya has great internationally famous festivals; film, piano, opera, theatre, jazz, food and more. There are fabulous venues, such as the ancient Aspendos Amphitheatre or the Antalya Opera theatre. And if theatre isn’t really your thing, cinemas show the latest films in English. Grab a popcorn and escape the real world for a while.

Not that you have a lifestyle here that you need escaping from. You have absolutely everything you need, plus the benefits and joys of living in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. You now get to wake up to stunning mountain views, with the sparkling water of the Mediterranean beckoning you each day of summer for a swim, or at least just a walk along the promenade. Ride a bicycle to work or for pleasure. Bike lanes and the weather make that perfect. Evenings are lovely for strolls. Weekends go venturing further afield. Buy a car, hire one or use buses. Anything is possible.

So, yes, there are factors that you need to consider when making a change. But good things don’t come without some effort and in the city of Antalya, you can enjoy that dream life as a reality.

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