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BLOG The Must-Do Experiences For Visitors to Alanya

15 May 2020 / Travel

Stunning surroundings and easy access to some of Turkey’s best beaches mean Alanya has long been a haven for holidaymakers and expats alike. Its irresistible charm makes it the perfect retreat, whether you’re seeking a life in the sun or simply want your own piece of paradise for a few weeks each year.

With the soaring Taurus mountains providing the perfect backdrop to the turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea, Alanya attracts visitors all year round. A temperate climate and some 300 days of sunshine each year make it an attractive off-season proposition for those who find the heat of high summer too fierce for their tastes.

If you’ve never visited before and are wondering what there is to do or the attractions you should see, allow us to make a few suggestions.

Sapadere Canyon

This stunning natural wonder should definitely be on your ‘to do’ list. Carved out of the earth by water, wind and ice, Sapadere Canyon – also known as ‘Hidden Paradise’ – is around 800m long and 400m high. The air is fresher and cooler in the gorge, which can be a welcome break from the heat.

Follow the wooden pathways, taking in the local flora and fauna as you go, and watch the waterfall cascade into the natural pool at the end. You can even enjoy a refreshing dip if you feel like it but be warned – the water temperature rarely tops 10°C. Sapadere Canyon is around 45 minutes from Alanya and easily reached by car, or there are many organised excursions.

Kleopatra Beach

With crystal-clear waters lapping against a 2km stretch of soft white sand, it’s no wonder Kleopatra Beach has such a famed reputation. One of Turkey’s renowned Blue Flag beaches, it’s believed the Egyptian Queen herself had a fierce love of the area and came here to bathe, while Mark Anthony is said to have gifted it to her as part of her dowry.

Alanya Castle

Standing proudly against the peninsula, the fortress is Alanya’s most striking landmark and well worth a visit. Standing some 250m above sea level, it’s thought to date back originally to around 3BC. The castle you see today is an open-air museum, the remains of renovations carried out in the 13th century by the Seljuks after the conquest of Alanya by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I. Take the cable car up and explore its history, while enjoying breath-taking views of the coastline and Alanya’s Old Harbour. At night, the castle is a fabulous spectacle as it stands floodlit against the sky.

Shopping at the Bazaar

The Alanya Bazaar is a carnival of colour, with clothing, trinkets, jewellery, gifts, spices, traditional lamps and carpets, and more. Browse at your leisure and be prepared to haggle over anything that takes your fancy – it’s part of the experience, and the traders will expect it.

If you go on a Friday, you’ll also experience the weekly pazar, or market, with its vibrant array of fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. Soak up the sights and sounds, and stock up on delicious local produce for your apartment or villa.

Go on Safari

A jeep safari is a great way to explore the area, especially if you don’t have your own transport. You’ll discover places you might not see otherwise and, of course, you can drink in the stunning scenery rather than focusing on driving.

There are many different excursions, some more suitable for young children or families than others, so make sure to find one that’s right for you. Most will include lunch at a traditional restaurant or lokanta, and all will give you some unforgettable memories.

Take a boat trip

There’s something magical about spending the day at sea on a traditional wooden gulet. Every voyage is different, with something new to experience – even expats who live in Alanya full-time never tire of them. Trips leave the Old Harbour daily and include multiple swim stops and a delicious, freshly cooked lunch.

Enjoy panoramic views of the coastline and keep your eyes open for turtles or even dolphins. If you enjoy snorkelling, the bays are perfect for exploring underwater – as well as all kinds of fish and sea creatures, you might even spot an elusive octopus. Not all boats visit the same bays, so if there’s anywhere specific you hope to visit check before you book your trip.

Thinking of buying?

If you’re considering buying a holiday property in Alanya, or making a permanent move, take a look at our buyers’ guides. You’ll find lots of helpful advice and information, along with our current portfolio of available properties.

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