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BLOG Things To Consider Before Moving To Antalya

10 October 2021 / Lifestyle

It’s finally happening – you’ve decided it’s time to make your dream of life in Antalya come true. There’ll be a hundred and one things on your ‘to do’ list – in fact, you might even have that many lists!

While you’re working through what needs to be done, there are some important decisions you’ll have to make. The more prepared you are, the easier the move will be so here are a few pointers to keep you on track.

Where will you live?

The Mediterranean lifestyle is much sought after by expats, with many choosing to live in coastal resorts. Antalya is an international tourist destination, which means your lack of Turkish is likely to be less of an issue; you’ll find English is widely spoken, along with various other languages. Antalya itself is a working city so, even though the resorts themselves are quieter out of season, you’re not too far from excellent shops and leisure facilities.

Exactly where you live will depend on factors including budget and the kind of lifestyle you plan to lead. Belek is the golfing capital of Turkey, so you might hanker after a luxury custom-built villa close to world-class greens. Kalkan is renowned for exclusive, high-end villas with stunning sea views, while Alanya boasts easy access to two airports and is an increasingly popular choice among those wanting to buy property in Turkey. Historic Side has grown since its days as a small fishing village and offers excellent value, while Antalya itself will suit those who like to be close to a main hub.

To buy or not to buy?

For most people, the goal is to buy their dream home in Antalya. However, some prefer to rent first so they can be completely sure they’re making the right decision. You might have had many wonderful holidays in one particular place but living there year-round can be quite different.

Rents have increased considerably in recent times, so if you’re going down this route look around and make sure all agreed terms – such as the rental period and any price rises – are stated in your contract. When you’re ready to buy, check out our portfolio – we’ve got everything from penthouse apartments to secluded villas. We pride ourselves on giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision, so our listings are as detailed as possible.

The ideal lifestyle

Are you hoping life in Antalya will be like one never-ending holiday, or do you long for a quieter, more traditional life? This will affect where you decide to make your home and will also depend on your budget to an extent. You might want to eat out several times a week and spend lots of time travelling and visiting different places. In that case, a property closer to transport hubs and the bright lights is likely to suit you better than somewhere more remote.

Review your finances

It’s essential to have a plan when it comes to funding your lifestyle. Will you be relying on rental income from property in your home country, or even from a second buy-to-let investment in Turkey? Many expats retire here on their pensions, while others take advantage of high interest rates and open savings accounts here. One word of caution – while returns are still considerably higher than in many countries, there’s no guarantee they will stay that way. If you hope to live off the interest yielded by your savings, it’s wise to have a backup plan – just in case.

Full or part-time?

Will you go all-in and move to Turkey lock, stock and barrel? Or would it suit you better to spend part of the year in Antalya and the rest in your home country? Many expats take advantage of the temperate Mediterranean climate to enjoy glorious autumns and mild winters here but prefer to escape the fiercer heat and busier resorts in summer. If you intend to split your time between two countries, you might not need a residence permit; those from the UK, for example, no longer need a visa to enter Turkey and can spend 90 days out of 180 in the country as a tourist, calculated on a rolling basis. It’s a great way to have the best of both worlds!

Think about healthcare

As a resident, if you’re aged below 65, you’ll need to either have private health insurance or join the government-run SGK scheme. (The latter is only currently available if you have already been resident in Turkey for at least a year and is subject to various medical checks.) If you’re over 65, there’s no such requirement; however, it would be wise to think about how you would cover any major medical costs, such as an operation. If you plan to spend some months in Turkey and some in your home country, you might want to rely on travel insurance; if so, you should check that your policy covers you for an extended period.

Are you ready to buy?

Our team is ready and waiting to help you at every stage of the buying process, from selecting an area and viewing properties to agreeing a price and making sure all necessary paperwork and procedures are properly completed. Just get in touch to learn more – we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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