Things to do in Gocek

Things to do in Gocek
Things to do in Gocek
Written on: 26 December 2017

One of the best ways to explore the coast of Turkey is a week-long tour sailing. This is exactly the way I was introduced the bays of Fethiye, one of those being the posh shopping bay of Gocek.

Gocek started as a small sister town to the larger city of Fethiye. For a long time, the mountain separating the two cities overshadowed the Gocek bay, but Gocek doesn't have an official beach which keeps the town at a smaller population and from overdevelopment.

While the area small, there are still many activities to occupy your time.

Here are the most popular things to do in Gocek:

    1. Enjoy some shopping.

Much to my surprise, this small sophisticated town offers a selection of shops and variety of restaurants on the walking streets downtown. Authentic, name brand items are found nestled among the shops with ‘genuine fake’ products. I later learned that many celebrities like to spend holidays in Gocek including Roman Abramovich, Prince Charles, Bruce Willis, Tina Turner, Demi Moore, Rod Stewart and others.

Local markets are found in every Turkish city, and Gocek is no different. Enjoy the Sunday Market which you can find everything from fresh veggies to handmade Turkish goods.


    2. Visit the 'Secret Beach' of Gocek.

While it is true that there is no public beach in Gocek, this feature has kept this little gem from being overdeveloped; giving you the solitude you want with the large beach cities like Fethiye still within reach. Over the years, real estate in Fethiye became more popular, and foreigners looked to smaller, quieter towns. Both of these reasons make it a great location to own real estate in Gocek. This quiet little town also provides the perfect location for luxury villas in Turkey.

So what to do if you want to visit a beach? You can take a quick little motor boat over to Gocek Island and spend the day at a secluded beach area. The area has a small cafe, changing and showering facilities. The last boat heads out around 6 pm.

Other pricier nearby options included the D-Marin hotel,a very chic beach club, the more reasonably priced Lime Beach Club at Club Marina, and the Dice Bar has a few sun loungers. Most entrance fees give you access to a sun lounger, pool facilities, and a bar/restaurant where you can order cocktails and food all day.


    3. Sail on a traditional Turkish Gulet.

If you aren't an owner of one of the many yachts, don't worry. You can still enjoy sailing without all the work on one of the daily boat tours. You should not miss the popular 12-island boat trip. The boats leave in the morning and stop in numerous bays along the way. During the stops, you have time to swim in the crystal blue water, sunbathe, and indulged in a delicious Turkish lunch. The tours usually leave between 10 and 10:30 am, returning before sunset.

Looking for a more flexible, customized options? Go down to the waterfront, and find any number of cruise boats that will take you out for anything from half a day to a couple of weeks. Many yacht charters offer a wide range of different services.

It's no wonder that the central area of Gocek is a perfect stopover for yachts needing a break from the water. Without all the hustle and bustle of sunbathers, sailors can quickly make it to the shops to restock and enjoy an evening or two on land. Other residences never need a car to get around since the main area is an easy 15 minutes walk in all directions.


4. Real estate in Gocek.

The property in Gocek is not just an interest for those seeking stunning homes close to the marina, but also for those nature lovers of the town as well. The options to choose from whether luxury villas for sale in Gocek or modern Gocek apartments for sale. Gocek also offers to those who wish to build their custom built homes in Gocek with added privacy and luxury. For more information about our Gocek properties for sale please visit our portfolio in here.



Written by Catie Funk for Turkey Homes.




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