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BLOG What Is the Best City To Live In Turkey?

6 August 2021 / Lifestyle

The Best Cities In Turkey To Live In

If you want to know the best city to live in Turkey, get ready for a wide variety of choices. Turkey is a diverse country. Some sites will list cities like Istanbul and Antalya, but other cities like Ankara and Izmir also offer something unique. The specific criteria a person has also affects the decision as to which city will suit your lifestyle and budget.

When finding a place to call home, do your research. Maybe you want to live in a large urban landscape, but some coastline places also offer an idyllic beach to match. For foreigners, deciding where to retire in Turkey is a decision dedicated by lifestyle preferences and mostly budget. Each place offers something unique, and across the country, living costs vary from Istanbul, the most expensive place to live to cheap and cheerful Aegean resorts. However, knowing current trends will also help decide.

Firstly, working foreigners head to cities like Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, while non-working and retired expats like places on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Secondly, western and European nationalities prefer these two coastlines, whereas Middle Eastern nationalities like cities in the North like Bursa and Trabzon. This is because both are more in line with their culture. Certain places like Didim also have an English stronghold population. Do your research first and remember to look at the destination in both summer and winter, because life is different when the tourists go home. So, in this article, let us look at popular Turkish cities and discuss why they are great places to live in Turkey.

The Best Cities In Turkey To Live In

1: Big Istanbul: The Best World Contender

Living in Istanbul is not for the faint-hearted. The massive area of 39 official districts is home to millions of people, from the old and traditional districts to new, modern neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the Asian and European sides. Working, not retired expats settle in Istanbul, as seen in their career choice from journalism to technology. Istanbul is the hub of Turkey. If the city halts, Turkey does too. Unfortunately, it has the highest living costs in the country, so include extra into your monthly budget. Regardless as the best place for shopping and nightlife, Istanbul leads the way for putting Turkey on the international map. Think of it alongside the likes of Rome or Milan. (Istanbul area guides.)

2: Life in Ankara City - Capital of Turkey

Welcome to Ankara, Turkey's 2nd largest city, which is far from small. This is another Turkish destination that working expats head to. However, despite the prominence, Ankara does not rank for foreign tourism because of a lack of tourist attractions and an inland location. So, for a typical Turkish city with promising shopping and nightlife potential, it fits the bill. The population of 6 million people also features the younger generation because as well as being a good business hub, Ankara is an educational stronghold with many universities.

3: Beautiful Authentic Izmir City

Sitting in the Aegean region, Turkey’s third-largest city, Izmir has long maintained a local reputation for forward-thinking and trends. As well as the town centre, the region includes smaller coastal resorts that make a great day out. Turks on holiday love places like Alacati, Cesme and Foca and many own retirement or holiday property there. Aside from the historical Konak centre, Izmir city likewise revolves around business but offers a more westernized ambience than Ankara or Istanbul. Once again, expect a varied nightlife and shopping scene.

4: The Impressive Mediterranean Antalya

Imagine living in a place with a fantastic view. Mediterranean Antalya is the favourite beach destination for Russian, German, and British holidaymakers in Turkey. Antalya offers scenic landscapes from the coastline to woodlands and high mountain ranges, and the sandy beaches delight everyone, alongside several high-end resorts. Rent is reasonable, despite the sometimes high prices. The Mediterranean culture is more exuberant than Istanbul, making it easier to find international schools. Once again, this is a destination with a major city centre of Turkey and more petite, surrounding coastal resorts giving more places to explore and buy property.

5: Bodrum in Aegean Turkey

Aegean Bodrum has a large community of foreigner groups, proving its worth as an ideal destination in Turkey. The property market includes budget and luxury homes, albeit prices are higher than other destinations in Turkey. In addition, Bodrum town centre serves as a hub for the peninsula and a gateway to other places. To spend time in the Bodrum area of Turkey is to live among artisans and those who believe in non-conformity. Indeed, Bodrum likes to do its own thing regardless of what is happening in the country. The seaside position means locals combine city living with gorgeous beaches and an excellent restaurant scene.

6: Popular Fethiye City on the Mediterranean Coast

We must confess that the famous Fethiye city centre is our favourite out of all the year-round destinations in Turkey. Visitors often end up staying for months, sometimes even years. There is so much to see, and the beauty of the city is unparalleled. Should you need a travel break, a short bus ride in every direction takes you to many places of the Mediterranean natural beauty like Oludeniz Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley, Yaka Park and Saklikent Gorge. Moreover, anyone looking to buy property in the Fethiye area will like the affordable property prices.

7: Live in Impressive Bursa

Popular with Middle Eastern nationalities, Bursa is a city in north-western Turkey with a population of over three million and the capital of the Anatolian region. Beautiful nature surrounds the hills of Bursa, and lush forests cover the mountains. To the east, within an hour’s drive, is Cappadocia, home to the unique and beautiful rock formations of the ancient villages. It is among the perfect places to live in Turkey. Bursa also stands out for two other reasons. Firstly, the architecture of old landmark buildings saw them included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Secondly, as home to Mount Uludag, it is also a top skiing destination in Turkey so that homeowners can combine urban living with the great Turkish outdoors.

8: Spectacular Trabzon

When finding a perfect place to live in Turkey, Middle Eastern nationalities often consider family-friendly Trabzon. Rule over the city in north-east Turkey changed hands more often than the average Turkish person would admit, hence the colourful history. Still, now the peaceful, open seaside, warm climate, and various rustic villages and ancient cities make Trabzon a popular destination. Once again, a short drive out of the city centre takes locals to different green places like Uzungol and the Ayder Plateau.

Other Places in Turkey

We hope we have answered your question as to which is the best city to live in Turkey. If you want to buy real estate in Turkey, read our blog. It gives information about many and unique places that present an opportunity for anyone relocating. Alternatively, contact us to speak with an agent about living in Turkey.

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