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BLOG What is the Best Month to Visit Turkey?

25 May 2022 / Travel

What is the Best Month to Visit Turkey?

The best month to visit Turkey will depend on your travel preferences, what you hope to get from your trip and where you go. Don’t even try to stereotype Turkey, the world’s 37th largest country, into one type of holiday. On the contrary, the country excels in every theme, including beach tourism, historical exploration, adventure sports, mountaineering, city breaks, sailing, and much more. Additionally, Turkey breaks down into several weather climates; hence in the northeast, while it is cold and chilly, people are sunbathing on the Mediterranean beaches in temperatures of 30 plus degrees.

Landscapes vary from the dramatic mountain and forest ranges to sandy beaches, and regional cultures provide surprising twists at every turn. Personally, our favourite months to visit are Spring or Autumn. Temperatures are neither too cold nor too hot, and we indulge in our exploration passion. Turkey’s official tourism season runs from May to October, but the country strives for year-round tourism so everyone can enjoy the delights that this country offers, all year round.

                                                      Best Months to Visit Turkey

1: Beach Holidays – May to October

When May arrives, local councils in Aegean and Mediterranean beach resorts of Turkey open beaches for business. So rent an umbrella and sunbed from the beach vendors, then slap on that sun cream and enjoy the day swimming and topping up your golden tan. Sun worshippers will love the months from July to the beginning of September when temperatures often reach the mid-40s. However, for more bearable temperatures, especially for young children, and less chance of looking like red lobsters, pick May or October to visit Turkey.


2: Exploring Tourist Attractions and Historical Sites

Historical sites and tourist attractions are open all year round in Turkey. Do check museums, though. Some close on Mondays, while others choose other days. However, don’t explore outdoor attractions from June to September. High temperatures mean sweat pours off you in next to no time. Likewise, the most rainfall happens from January to March. So, if exploring is your passion, pick April to June or October to December to visit Turkey.

3: April to June and Spring in Turkey

We love Spring in Turkey. Flowers start blooming, and landscapes boast beautiful auras of colour. Daytime temperatures are just perfect for getting out, albeit you will need a light jacket at the beginning of Spring, and there will be some rain. There might be a slight chill in Istanbul during April, but the annual tulip festival also takes place, so explore the many green parks that local Istanbul residents enjoy. Meanwhile, in southern Antalya, sit outside in your shorts and t-shirt, and swim in the Mediterranean. Find out where to go and what to do during Spring in Turkey.


4: July to September and Summer

Summer is when Turkey’s tourism season runs on full steam. As well as hosting international tourists, the school holidays happen, so seaside residents fill up with Turks and foreigners eager to enjoy their summer holidays. If you do not like crowds, avoid these months. The beaches are packed, as are bars, restaurants, and hotels. Even inland places like Cappadocia fill up with round the world backpackers. Med and Aegean Temperatures also rise to their hottest. However, in Northeast Turkey, head to places like Trabzon and Rize for cooler temperatures.

5: October to December and Autumn

Cue the vibrant orange, red and yellow colours of Autumn in Turkey. Most Turks love Autumn, a welcome relief after the summer heat, but the season is also ideal for exploring major attractions. Most beachside resorts calm down in October, and since the main summer flight schedules finish this month, there are also fewer crowds. Frugal travellers can also grab good bargains on flight and hotel prices. Even though daytime temperatures are pleasant, night-times get chilly, so pack a jacket. Many ex-pats in Turkey spend Christmas in Antalya because of the cool temperatures.


6: January to March and Winter

Although tourists still come, these are Turkey’s quietest months and when the rain arrives. In places like Cappadocia, Trabzon, and Istanbul, snowfall turns landscapes into winter wonderlands. Cappadocia is a magical time when snow falls but bear in mind that most attractions are outdoors, including the hot air balloon rides, and your trips may be called off. The best reason to visit during these months is to ski at one of Turkey’s major resorts. About skiing in Turkey.

Also, About the Best of Turkey

Places to visit in Turkey: To see the best of Turkey is to explore a rich cultural heritage drawn from many influences over the centuries. Discover a rich timeline through many ruined cities and ancient landmarks because Turkey has this uncanny knack for captivating everyone. So, as well as knowing when is the best time to visit Turkey, put these places on your list to visit.

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