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BLOG What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Antalya?

11 November 2020 / Travel

When it comes to planning a holiday, several questions pop up time and time again on Facebook groups, online forums and other social media. Along with exchange rates and the average cost of food and drink, what most people want to know is what the weather will be like.

It’s understandable. You’ve been working hard and you’re ready for a well-earned break; the last thing you want is to be trapped inside while storms and torrential rain lash the beaches. No matter how sumptuous your luxury villa in Kalkan might be, chances are you hoped you’d be able to get out and enjoy your surroundings.

So, with that in mind, when is the best time to visit Antalya? While we don’t have a crystal ball when it comes to the weather forecast, we can help you decide based on the kind of trip you’re looking for.

In search of summer sunshine

Let’s start with the obvious. If your main aim is to lie around the pool or relax on stretches of golden sand, you’ll want heat and sun – and plenty of it. The holiday season typically starts in mid-April and finishes at the end of October, but the warmest months are from June to September.

July and August are fiercely hot, and many people find the high temperatures – sometimes reaching 50°C/122°F – simply unbearable. Walking around is generally an uncomfortable experience, so if you hope to discover Antalya’s attractions, you might want to avoid high season. For nothing more taxing than swimming, sunbathing or enjoying the occasional boat trip, however, it could be just what you had in mind.

June and September, while still hot, tend to be just those few degrees cooler. The days are more bearable if you plan to travel or explore, while the evenings are pleasant – you won’t need a shawl or jacket, but you won’t find yourself dripping in sweat the moment you move, either!

Remember, too, that as this is the most popular time for holidays, resorts and beaches will be busy with both domestic and international tourists. If you prefer peace, quiet and fewer people, it’s probably not the best time for you to visit.

Spring and autumn

May and October are fast becoming the months of choice for regular visitors to Antalya. The weather is generally pleasant, warm without being too intense. Daytime temperatures still reach around 28°C/82°F, and rainy days are few. It gets cooler at night, so you’ll need an extra layer if you go out and might prefer indoor dining, but it’s not uncomfortably cold.

In fact, if you plan to discover more about the area, these are the best months to come to Antalya. The weather is perfect for walking – whether it’s hiking along parts of the Lycian Way or strolling around the historic ruins and attractions. Keen swimmers might find the pool a little too bracing, but a dip in the sea is refreshing.

Christmas and New Year

Antalya is enjoying a growing reputation as an ideal destination for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Although Christmas isn’t an official holiday in Turkey, where some 97% of the population is Muslim, many of the area’s top hotels offer high-end, all-inclusive packages with all the usual trimmings. Delicious food combined with luxurious accommodation and top-notch entertainment mean guests can enjoy a stress-free break and, usually, some welcome winter sunshine thanks to the area’s Mediterranean climate.

Alternatively, another option is to rent one of the many exclusive holiday villas in Antalya for a more private celebration, while still being able to enjoy the area’s beauty and facilities. Those who invest in buy-to-let holiday homes are increasingly realising the potential for year-round rentals, which means more properties are being made available.

A wonderland in winter

There are those who’ll tell you winter isn’t a good time to visit Antalya, but for others it still holds the most attraction.

Ski enthusiasts head to the winter resort of Saklıkent in their droves between November and May, keen to take advantage of the Beydağ mountain range’s snowy slopes. Lying just 45 kilometres from Antalya, it’s entirely possible to ski and then visit the city for dinner or even a dip in the sea.

Similarly, winter is the season of choice for golf enthusiasts, keen to enjoy a few rounds on the championship-standard courses in Belek. It’s easier – and more pleasant – to play without the fierce summer sunshine beating down, while the area in general is quieter without the summer hordes.

Ready to buy property in Antalya?

If you’re looking for your dream holiday home in Antalya, so you can come and go as you please, or considering an investment to take advantage of the lucrative rental market, talk to us. We’ll be there to help every step of the way, from identifying suitable properties to completing your purchase. Feel free to browse our full portfolio here and get in touch with any questions.

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