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BLOG What Is The Most Expensive House In Turkey?

11 November 2021 / Properties

Most Expensive Houses Sold In Turkey

Finding out the most expensive house in Turkey is not straightforward because there is an unwritten rule in the real estate market. Sometimes owners of pricey mansions will not advertise how much they sell for and only use agents who promise confidentiality. Agents also vet interested buyers to ensure genuine interest and available funds. Then, the sales take place in secret with undisclosed amounts. It is a matter of if you must ask how much, you cannot afford it. That is how these discreet circles work.

But as a rule, Turkey's most expensive housing market is the Bosphorus mansions. These dates from the Ottoman period and owning one also bring certain obligations since most are under preservation status. Hence owners are limited as to the décor, design, and renovation work they can do. In addition, these expensive homes bring a prestigious status because dignitaries of the Ottoman empire built most; hence you are not just buying real estate, but also a colourful piece of Turkey's history. When Ottoman mansions go on the market, they generally reach between 50 to 150 million USD at price. So, let us look at two disclosed sales, the price tags, and the houses themselves.

Most Expensive Houses Sold In Turkey

1: Zeki Pasa Mansion – 95.5 million USD

In 2019, the Zeki Pasa mansion went on sale accompanied by a hefty price tag of 550 million liras, which worked out at roughly 95.5 million USD. As one of the largest Bosphorus mansions, the luxury property sits under the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge on the European side of Istanbul. Built in 1899 for an Ottoman marshal called Musir Zeki Pasa, the luxury home covering five floors includes four kitchens, eight bathrooms, and 23 bedrooms, boosting a magnificent sea view. It also consists of a lift to navigate the vast spaces, a 100-metre pier for a luxury yacht to moor up, and a 4000 square foot garden for relaxation. Designed by French architect Alexandre Vallaury and featuring a baroque style, the Zeki Pasa mansion is unique from other Bosphorus homes. It was built from brick rather than wood.

2: Erbilgin Bosphorus Mansion – 100 million Euros

In 2015, the Erbilgin mansion sold for a staggering 100 million euros. Purchased by Qatari businessman AbdulhaDI mana, who acted as the middleman, the buyer's identity was kept secret. However, it was later revealed that the buyer was Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, the eighth Emir of Qatar state. At the time of the sale, Forbes called it the 5th most expensive house in the world. Built in 1887, the stylish four-story mansion covering 5000 square meters features a swimming pool, sauna, and Turkish bath, while gold was used for décor on the walls and ceiling. With a neo-baroque architecture style, and 64 rooms, Sehzade Burhanettin Efendi Yali was the original name of the mansion, but the Erbilgin family purchased it in 1985 and renamed it.

Yali and Bosphorus Homes on the Market

If you want to know more about the Yali mansions and expensive homes in Turkey, browse our portfolio of Bosphorus property for sale. Sitting in neighbourhoods like wealthy Sariyer, they perfectly display why this is Turkey's most expensive housing market. Otherwise, our article about the housing styles of Istanbul might also be of interest. They are a fascinating insight, not only into Turkey's largest city but how architectural trends and external influences affect an urban landscape

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