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BLOG What Is Winter Like In Antalya?

15 November 2021 / Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered what winter is like in Antalya? If you’re used to visiting in the heat of the summer, it might be hard to imagine life there once the tourist season is over. But the area is fast gaining popularity as an all-year-round destination and, if you’re considering buying your ideal home in Antalya and making a permanent move, it makes sense to know what it’s like here every season of the year.

The weather is mild

One of Antalya’s biggest advantages is its Mediterranean climate. The sun shines for around 330 days each year – so even in winter, you can sit outside at a café or on the balcony of your luxury villa in Kalkan and enjoy lunch or a coffee. In fact, it’s often warm enough to sunbathe and have a paddle in the sea; some hardy souls even swim all year round.

Yes, it can get chilly at night. There can be spectacular storms and, on occasion, it will rain for several days on end. But these periods are brief. Modern properties in Antalya are well insulated; a wood-burning stove, air conditioning units or other heating systems will keep you cosy until the sun comes out again.

It’s quieter

There’s a hustle and bustle in Antalya in the summer. Crowds of excited holidaymakers throng the streets, the restaurants are busy, the sunbeds are all taken. In winter, the atmosphere is more relaxed and less urgent. There are fewer people, so it’s a good time to visit local attractions and landmarks.

While some restaurants and bars do close down once the season ends, there are plenty that remain open. You’ll have the chance to experience real Turkish life and get to know people better; the pace of life is slower.

It’s cheaper

Prices are higher in the summer – it’s the same in every tourist destination, a case of supply and demand. But out of season, you’ll find special offers and bargains to be had. From discounted hotel rates to menu and meal deals in the local restaurants, winter offers the chance to enjoy everything Antalya has to offer for less.

You can go skiing

Did you know there’s a ski resort in Antalya? Saklikent, on Bakırlıdağı (Bak-ur-luh-da-uh) has an increasingly enviable reputation and lies just 45km or so outside the city.

You can generally ski there between mid-December and April each year, with an average snow thickness of 100cm to 230cm. It’s suitable for a wide range of abilities, with 10km of pistes at a range of altitudes. If you’ve ever fancied learning to snowboard, the ski school offers lessons in that too.

You might prefer to ski in the morning and then head back down the mountain for an afternoon on the beach. However, the on-site accommodation includes a hotel with a health and wellness centre, so it’s also ideal if you live here and feel like a winter break from your home in Antalya.

There’s still plenty to do

The perception that tourist resorts become ghost towns once the summer holidaymakers leave is outdated – certainly when it comes to life in Antalya. There’s still so much to do in winter. Explore the area’s ancient ruins in peace, take a trip up Tahtalı Dağı (Tah-ta-luh Da-uh) on the Olympos Teleferik for unique and stunning views across the Antalya region, or visit attractions like Antalya Museum or the aquarium.

It’s also a good time to visit some of Antalya’s modern malls and indulge your inner shopaholic. You’ll find luxury brands, chain stores and bespoke independents selling everything from clothing and home décor to beauty products and notebooks.

Travelling is easy

Antalya International Airport offers direct flights all year round to and from some destinations. There are also plenty of internal flights to Istanbul, which acts as a gateway to the rest of the world. Tickets are generally cheaper out of season, too, so a winter getaway will cost less than you might expect.

Can we help you?

The team at Properties Antalya has extensive experience when it comes to buying and selling Antalya real estate. We’re there every step of the way, from identifying potential properties for our clients to completing their purchase.

We’d love to help you, too. Whether you’re thinking of a modern penthouse in Antalya or a luxury sea view villa in Alanya, browse our extensive online portfolio here, then get in touch when you’re ready to make the next step or if you have any questions.

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