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BLOG Where Should I Buy Property in Turkey?

10 July 2021 / Properties

Where to Buy Property in Turkey

If you are wondering where to buy property in Turkey, get ready for an avalanche of choices. Turkey is a vast country, the 37th largest globally, and thousands of cities, towns and villages stretch from the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts to the Northern Black Sea and east. So, to help homebuyers decide where to buy, we can look at past and current trends.

Few foreigners buy in eastern Turkey, mainly for three reasons. The first being foreigners, especially those buying a holiday home in Turkey, would like to be near beaches, and the east is landlocked. Second, it has more of a conservative society approach, and lastly, the property market is not as developed as other parts of Turkey. We can also look at the demographics of buyers.

Those who enter the job market tend to buy in big cities like Istanbul because their career dictates their choice of destinations. Middle Eastern nationalities often head to the northern coast in cities like Bursa and Trabzon. This is because of similar culture and traditions; hence, they feel very much at home. On the other hand, western property buyers generally head to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts with cosmopolitan ambiences thanks to the tourism trade. So, let's look at ideal places for foreigners searching for property in Turkey

                                                   Where to Buy Property in Turkey

1: Buy in Istanbul City

Despite not being the capital, Istanbul leads the way in both domestic and foreign property sales. Many foreign buyers want a real estate investment. So they purchase apartments in large, off-plan developments that often sell with cash discounts and long-term payment plans with 0% interest. Additionally, continuing property development into the European side boosted its profile and brought in investors from all over the world. They buy in up-and-coming neighbourhoods and districts with mega projects like the new Istanbul airport and the planned Istanbul canal route.


2: Antalya City Centre

Heading over to the southern coastline, Antalya city stands up to the podium as the number one Mediterranean place for beaches, shopping, and nightlife. Despite being a city, the cosmopolitan ambience makes it a top holiday home destination. Two beaches, Lara and Konyaalti, often win awards for being Turkey’s best. The latter includes the new marina project set to boost the city's appeal on the sailing scene. This brought in property investors from around the world.


3: Mediterranean Alanya

Also belonging to the larger Antalya province, Alanya made headway during the recent COVID pandemic. As Turkish property buyers look to get out of the large cities, they head to other places in Turkey like Alanya for less congested living and villas with private gardens and pools. Additionally, in the last ten years, Alanya local council heavily promoted the town throughout the world. This boosted the tourism trade and brought in foreign holiday homes buyers and property buyers who seek to live in Turkey all year round.


4: Luxury Property in Kalkan

This place is a stellar destination of the Turkish Riviera and famous for its large, luxury villas, including private infinity pools. Because Kalkan is nestled over a hillside, many homes have stunning Mediterranean sea views, so architects incorporate that by building floor to ceiling windows to maximise the view and natural light. Therefore, property buyers who want an upmarket destination should consider Kalkan. Likewise, for anyone looking for an income from renting out their property, Kalkan offers the highest holiday home rental yields in Turkey.


5: Beautiful Fethiye

Sitting on the southern coast of Turkey, the Fethiye region breaks down into popular places like Calis Beach, Hisaronu and Ovacik. The latter serves as a suitable alternative to property buyers who look to Oludeniz but can't buy because of building regulations. Altogether the region is one of the most picturesque destinations in Turkey and includes beautiful places like Butterfly Valley, the Blue Lagoon and Saklikent Gorge. Fethiye is an all-rounder property market attracting many nationalities but notably won the hearts of British buyers, many of whom live here all year round.

6: UNESCO Bursa

Sitting in Northwest Turkey, Bursa shot to fame when many historical sites from the Ottoman empire were added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Notably winning favour with Middle Eastern nationalities, property buyers have the best of both worlds. As well as the historical city centre and outskirt neighbourhoods, nearby is Mount Uludag, a place of natural beauty and one of Turkey's top skiing destinations. Moreover, Bursa is relatively late in modernising its real estate market; hence prices work in the buyer's favour.


7: Iconic Bodrum Town

This place was one of the first in Turkey to embrace mainstream tourism nearly 70 years ago. It is where the concept of blue cruises and the Turkish Riviera was born, hence enjoys a stellar reputation as one of Turkey's best sailing places. Known as the heart of the peninsula, buyers have easy access to the main bus stations, modern shopping malls and an all-encompassing gastronomy scene. Given its reputation, prices are higher than other places in Turkey, but this does not deter buyers, some of whom snap up millionaire villas when they come on the market.

8: Trendy Yalikavak

This place took some of the spotlight off Bodrum town when the marina opened. With the ability to accommodate mega-millionaire yachts, this attracted celebrities, wealthy businesspeople, and Saudi royalty. This, in turn, boosted the real estate market as architects sought to build more luxury homes befitting the new type of clientele in town. Having said this, the old part of town still maintains its traditional charm hence buyers alternate their days between nostalgia and trends.

Tips To Help You Decide Where to Buy

Budget: Before you start your property search, decide on your budget but factor in extra purchasing costs as well. We give all our clients a complete payment plan detailing what needs to be paid and when, so there are no hidden surprises.

Amenities: Decide how close you want to be to amenities like banks, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, and transport links. Buying in a countryside destination when you don't drive can be an unwise decision to make if you want everything on your doorstep.

Local Research: We help all our customers decide where to buy, but it is also helpful to know the characteristics of each place to ensure they fit your ideal lifestyle. For example, Didim, also known as Altinkum, is popular with British buyers, while Russians prefer the Antalya region. Likewise, upmarket Alacati has more Turkish vibes than foreign.

Start Your Property Search in Turkey

When deciding where to buy property in Turkey, a significant factor in your decision is budget and what you get for it. Every place differs for prices per square meter and dependent on nearby amenities and facilities. To gain an idea of the property market and to start your search for a new home, browse our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in many areas of Turkey. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location, photos, home features and contact details to find out more via email or arrange a viewing.

Our Buyers Guide

We understand many people are new to the Turkish housing market and naturally have questions about the property buying process. The good news is that Turkey's method is a lot simpler than many other countries, and in addition, it is quicker. Depending on the type of property and if finances and paperwork are in place, buyers even receive title deeds on the same day. We are with our clients every step of the way, but to ensure you are knowledgeable, read our buyer's guide.

About Us

We are Turkey Homes, a property specialist with offices all over the country. We hope we have answered your question about where to buy property in Turkey, but if you have any other questions or would like to start your property search, call us today. We can also send a portfolio of properties for sale via email if you let us know your budget and criteria. Happy house hunting!

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