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BLOG Where to Live in Fethiye – Expat Guide to Places

14 February 2021 / Lifestyle

Where to Live in Fethiye

So, if you want to experience the Turkish Mediterranean dream and wonder where to live in Fethiye, you have come to the right place. Sitting on the Turquoise coast, the picturesque Fethiye region offers everything including gorgeous beaches, hidden bays, ancient ruins to explore, a variety of coastline resorts, and it belongs to the famous Turkish Riviera and Lycian way. One huge advantage is that the region is roughly an hour drive from Dalaman international airport, hence connects easily to an international flight schedule, attracting tourists and expats from all over the world. Before we start, let’s talk about Oludeniz.

Many travellers to Turkey visit here, and fall in love with the seaside beach resort. We understand why. This holiday destination is home to the idyllic Blue Lagoon, is famous for paragliding, offers water taxi access to the stunning Butterfly Valley, has a stunning sea-view, and numerous cafes, bars and restaurants serving international menus. However, the law prohibits new construction. Hence the lack of housing means most existing buildings are tourist hotels. It is rare to find a home in Oludeniz. However, many other alternatives sit within a short bus ride away. Let’s look at them.

                                                               Live in Fethiye: Places That Stand Out

1: Calis Beach

If beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets and strolling along the promenade, is your idea of a home from home, start your home search in Calis Beach. Built initially to cope with the touristic overspill, from Fethiye town centre, it is now a booming tourist and expat haven, especially with Brits. Sitting roughly 1.7 kilometres from the centre, it offers a slightly more peaceful ambience, yet a wide range of shops and facilities are just within a bus ride away. Sunbathing in the sunshine is the favourite day time activity here, yet at nights, restaurant and sit-down bars offer a wide range of family entertainment.


2: Lively Hisaronu and Hillside Ovacik

Although Hisaronu and Ovacik don’t have any sandy beaches to offer, they are just 4 kilometres from Oludeniz. Already popular expat hubs, they offer stunning Taurus Mountains views to compensate for the lack of sand. Initially, two small villages, they grew to accommodate the overspill of tourism from Oludeniz. Although there are a few apartments, most properties to rent or buy are large family, villas of which some have private swimming pools that are perfect for those summer days. The nightlife scene in this Hisaronu holiday resort is a delight with restaurants offering every type of cuisine and bars entertaining families. Sitting next to Hisaronu, Ovacik is another family holiday destination and expat hub, but it does things on a slightly quieter scale.


3: Tranquil Uzumlu

If a beachfront location isn’t on your moving criteria, consider mountainous Uzumlu for relaxation. This remote destination sits roughly 30 minutes’ drive from Fethiye centre, and although there is the old and traditional heart of the village, most properties are new build villas. When choosing to custom make their own villa, many people choose Uzumlu because land prices are lower thanks to its inland location. Indeed, think about summers spent around a deluxe poolside or trekking in the surrounding, beautiful countryside.


4: Sailing Gocek

If you like to sail the Mediterranean-sea and a marina base is what you are looking for, Gocek ticks all the boxes. During summer months, many international yachts docks into the six marinas, to enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Gocek centre does not have a sandy beach to boast of but is known for its coves and bays that make cruising the coastline a sailor’s delight. The notable aspect about Gocek is that building height regulations are minimal, so your sea view is guaranteed, and it maintains the small-town atmosphere it is well known for. Sitting on the outskirts of the region, it is 30 minutes’ drive in Fethiye centre.

5: Historical Kayakoy

Kayakoy is one of Fethiye’s top sightseeing destinations. Many holidaymakers join an excursion to explore the ghost village that it is well known for. Yet, a small population exisits in a separate part. Here’s the thing to know about Kayakoy’s housing market. All properties are traditional old stone cottages, and because there is a lack of supply, you will be hard-pressed to find one to rent. Additionally, the ones for sale carry a hefty price tag because of their historical values.


6: Fethiye Town Centre

The town is the beating heart of Fethiye. Known for its archaeological amphitheatre and preserved tombs overlooking the town, it is another yachting hub. Many a traveller arrives to join a yacht charter cruise from Fethiye to Antalya, or hire a boat trip gulet to go cruising the Turkish coastline and Dodecanese islands. During summer, ferries also run to Rhodes Greek Island. Fethiye centre brims with modern and traditional shops, bars, and restaurants and buses depart from the central bus station to head to other places in Turkey.

The Ottoman old part called Paspatur is a delight to explore, while the harbour area is a great place to grab a cold beer and watch the world go by. Altogether within the centre, there are 15 neighbourhoods to choose from including Akarca, Babatasi, Cami, Catalarik, Cumhuriyet, Foca, Karagedik, Karagozler, Kesikkapi, Menteseoglu, Patlangic, Pazaryeri, Tasaka, Tuzla and Yeni. Akarca, Babatasi, Tuzla, Keskikapi, Cumhuriyet, and Karakozler are good places to choose if you want to be near the sea.


7: Live in Faralya

Also known as Uzunyurt, Faralya boasts of beautiful panoramic coastline views. It is a lovely place to go trekking and discover Roman ruins. Set steep in the hills, its remote location is perfect for those who want seclusion, but bus services are few and far between so ideally, you would need to be a car driver. Faralya is a small village, so you won’t have a wide choice of homes to choose from either.


8: Sovalye Island

If Island living is your idea of the perfect home, consider Sovalye. Guaranteed, you will need a hefty budget since most villas sell for a million pound or more, but basing yourself here is being at one with Mother Nature. It has a fantastic sunset to boast of, a few select restaurants offering fine dining, and a water taxi service to the mainland gets you near shops, banks, and transport links.

Find Out More

If you are looking at moving to Fethiye and want to buy property, call us today. Our local agents who have lived in the area for many years can advise on all matters including schooling, social facilities, residency and more. We can also send a portfolio via email of homes for sale, or you can browse our listings of apartments and villas here.

Our guide to expat living in Turkey will also be useful for anyone searching where to live in Fethiye. Discussing practical matters like the language barrier, apps to make life easier, expat banking, working and more, it is full of useful tips and advice.

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