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BLOG Why 2022 has been a good year for property sales in Antalya

7 December 2022 / Properties

Regular readers of our blog will know we anticipated 2022 would be a better year for the Antalya property market. Without seeming complacent, we think we can already say: “We told you so.”

One of the key factors of course is that Covid-19 has loosened its grip around the world. Freer movement – both within Turkey and internationally – has meant there are more people around. Naturally, this has been good news for tourism, which is such an important part of the region’s economy.

While demand from the Black Sea region has dropped, that’s been counterbalanced by a surge of interest from Germany. Domestic tourism in Turkey has also increased considerably, thanks to the pandemic altering our perspectives on holidays. That’s led to plenty of Turkish people rediscovering their homeland’s Mediterranean coastline.

So how has that impacted on property sales in Antalya?

Life in Antalya is affordable

The conflict around the Black Sea has prompted both Russians and Ukrainians to consider relocating to a region where many already spend their summer holidays. For many, Turkey is an affordable solution – particularly since the lira began to struggle on the international money markets in late 2021. Buying their own exclusive sea view villa in Kalkan or a contemporary apartment in Antalya – either for extended holidays or a permanent move – makes perfect sense.

The same applies to Europeans influenced by changes in their own political landscapes. Germany, Sweden and the UK have all seen new leaders installed and, for some, that’s made a new life or retirement somewhere in the sun easier to contemplate. Turkey’s appeal to foreign nationals from affluent Middle Eastern nations such as Dubai, Qatar and the UAE is also well known.

Those who follow Turkish affairs closely will know the country faces potential change too, with important elections scheduled for 2023. But, for now, you’ll find a warm climate and plenty of choice when it comes to affordable luxury properties in Antalya – very attractive to those looking for an idyllic life of comparative peace and comfort.

Antalya also enjoys a reputation as being relatively cheap from a Turkish perspective. One square metre of property is approximately half of what you might expect to pay in Istanbul. Bodrum is also much pricier.

There’s so much choice

Since tourism really caught on in Antalya in the early 1980s, the city has developed considerably. While there are now some 120 five-star hotels lining the coastline, plenty of homes have also been built to satisfy the demand for longer and more permanent stays.

Konyaaltı and Lara Beach have always been the most popular areas and remain so, particularly in the resale market. However, with both close to capacity, the smart money – especially among investors with an eye on the next ten years – is snapping up new homes in Altıntaş.

Altıntaş is conveniently close to the airport, but still just a couple of kilometres from the sea. It offers both luxury and convenience – and the regional administration, which is controlling development, is insisting on sound infrastructure, decent facilities and good public transport links.

However, as well as smart apartments and state-of-the-art residential complexes, buyers willing to look a little further afield will find secluded villas with private pools in the villages and settlements on the edge of the city.

Easy access

If you’re a foreign investor looking for a holiday home – or something more permanent – you won’t really want a three-hour transfer to the nearest airport. Travel to and from your new place in the sun is going to be important – particularly if it’s something you’ll do regularly.

Antalya International Airport opened in the late 1990s and now boasts two international and one domestic terminal, offering flights to and from over fifty destinations around the globe. It’s second only to the new airport in Istanbul when it comes to visitor numbers and, importantly, it operates throughout the year.

For travel around Turkey, Antalya sits on the both the D400 and D650 dual carriageways offering road links north, east and west. It’s a regular stop on Turkey’s coach network. Locally, the city boasts a tram connecting the airport to the city centre as well as plentiful bus and taxi services.

Superb healthcare facilities

Health tourism has become increasingly important to Turkey’s economy. The nation does offer citizens free treatment in emergencies, as well as care for those who would otherwise struggle to afford it.

However, if you live in Turkey as a foreign national, one condition is that you have insurance to cover any treatment – at least until the age of sixty-five. After that, payment for all but emergency treatment is still required but, as insurance is harder to acquire, it’s no longer needed to obtain a residency permit.

Nevertheless, medical treatment in Turkey is much cheaper than places such as the US or Europe. As a result, elective and cosmetic procedures and dental care are popular with patients from all over the globe.

The money they bring has injected a fresh surge of investment in health care. New clinics and ultra-modern private hospitals are widely available, offering high-quality care in buildings of a standard you’d expect from a five-star hotel.

Antalya residents can access a total of twenty-six private hospitals, eighteen medical centres, nine physiotherapy centres and twenty-three dialysis centres, adding to the area’s appeal for those considering retirement.

How can we help?

If you’d like more information about current available properties, advice on which area might suit you or in finding your dream home in Antalya, we’d love to help – so just get in touch.

You can also find more information about the region on our blog which also includes posts about alternative coastal locations such as Kemer and Alanya.

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