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BLOG Why Antalya is a Popular Destination for Muslim Tourists

18 September 2020 / Travel

Its many attractions have brought western tourists flocking to Antalya for years. Offering sandy beaches, a warm welcome and great weather, the area has also tempted many to take the next step and buy a holiday property in Antalya province, or even move there full time.

Recently there has been another growth area – the number of Muslim tourists coming to Antalya. And, just like those who have come before them, they are choosing to invest in luxury villas and private homes so they can make the most of all the region has to offer.

What makes Antalya so attractive?

Turkey has been popular among Muslim travellers for some time, but more recent figures have shown Antalya creeping up the list as their choice of destination. As well as its many charms, the area offers exceptional value for money, making it more appealing than many of its pricier rivals.

When it comes to buying property, a mountain view penthouse in Konyaaltı or a luxury apartment in cosmopolitan Antalya city is far more affordable than their counterparts in Istanbul, for example, with the added bonus of being a relaxing retreat from the big city bustle.

As one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world travel industry, before Covid-19 hit, it was predicted Muslim travel would contribute $183 billion to the global economy by 2020. By comparison, the figure in 2017 was $148 billion. No surprise, then, that hotels, tour operators and holiday companies are doing their best to meet Muslim needs and bring even more people to the region.

Superior shopping

The malls in Antalya satisfy the most ardent shopaholic. Attractively designed, they boast an extensive range of stores selling everything from homewares to high-end clothing and accessories. It’s all too easy to while away the hours, browsing and giving your credit card a workout!

The Mall of Antalya, located near the airport, has an outlet section and a superb selection of retailers, as well as a row of independent booths selling handmade and personalised items. Terracity is a modern, multilevel centre with some 180 shops and restaurants, as well as a cinema, while the Antalya Migros mall spreads over three levels and is favoured by many for its excellent range of designer shops.

On a more traditional level, Antalya’s old city includes many shopping gems lining its cobbled streets. Hand-made shoes, rugs and jewellery, coins and curios, made-to-measure suits – there’s a wealth of delights to discover.

The covered food market is huge, with hundreds of stalls offering a mouth-watering array of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, herbs and spices, dried fruit and nuts, local honey, cheeses and butters, and much more. For anyone looking to stock up their store cupboards, it’s a must-visit.

Every need catered for

Every visitor to Turkey is familiar with the call to prayer echoing across the rooftops five times a day. Some excursion operators, recognising the needs of their Muslim customers, now plan itineraries to include breaks near a mosque at prayer times. Antalya also has several notable mosques where Muslim travellers can pray, including the 900-year-old Yivli Minare mosque in Kaleiçi, and the Ottoman Murat Paşa.

Hotels and resorts also recognise the needs of their Muslim guests, with many offering separate swimming pools for men and women, the latter also screened from the outside world, and pork-free restaurant menus. It’s even possible to book halal flights with some airlines, with no alcohol on the refreshment trolley or duty-free service.

A halal feast

As most meat in Turkey is slaughtered according to halal requirements, finding suitable dining options is rarely a problem among Muslims visiting Antalya. However, in an area that also welcomes western tourists, pork is seen on some restaurant menus.

Many, however, do not serve pork products and are also alcohol-free. It’s easy to find halal food in Antalya – opening up the wide variety of delicious Turkish dishes to Muslim visitors.

Thinking of buying?

Our local knowledge and vast experience mean we can advise on the best areas and properties to suit both Muslim and western clients looking to invest in real estate in Antalya. We’re there to help every step of the way and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us to learn more.

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