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BLOG Why Buy Property in Bodrum?

16 January 2017 / Properties

Why Buy Property in Bodrum?

If you are looking for reasons to buy property in Bodrum, know that the real estate market offers a wide range of properties for sale, and you will find what you want. As a real estate agent, we can testify that Bodrum is one of Turkey's popular destinations where sandy beaches, bountiful amenities, and luxury villas go hand in hand. While Mediterranean resorts and much of the Turkish Riviera have seen homes sold to moderate buyers from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, Bodrum is the new Istanbul regarding foreign investment.

Istanbul has enticed wealthy business moguls for years, with multi-million-pound cityscape apartments that overlook the Bosphorus River and are the perfect location for anybody doing business in Turkey. On the other hand, Bodrum has multi-million-pound properties and very different lifestyles that present various real estate options. Indeed, Bodrum easily matches other major cities in Turkey.

Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Bodrum

Aegean Coast of Turkey

1: Ideal Destination of Yalikavak

Formerly a main sponge fishing port, Yalikavak, the most elite village, has a bustling centre, particularly on market days, and boast of two blue flag beaches. However, the town centre, surrounded by hills with incredible views, has attracted investors from many European cities with a prime location, and a multimillion-pound marina. Creating a space of high-end eateries and shopping outlets alongside mooring spaces for mega yachts, the peninsula became the new fashionable place to holiday. That reputation hasn't slowed down since.

Surrounded by five-star hotels, members' clubs, and mega-yachts, Yalikavak marina paved the way for Turkey to be a top choice with affluent holidaymakers and multi-million-pound investors. Despite the millionaire marina, the combination of this quaint, traditional Turkish village and its rather neat step into the contemporary attracts property investors. It is no surprise that property prices increase quickly here since it is one of the most desirable locations in Turkey.

2: Lifestyle Preferences

Put aside the exclusive marinas because shopping is an enjoyable pastime that can take all day. Open every season, the ideal location of shopping malls with modern amenities attracts residents and holidaymakers from all over the peninsula. Places like the Oasis shopping mall in Ortakent range from budget to luxury goods, while high-end luxury goods can only be found at the marina in Yalikavak.

Bodrum is also home to exclusive eateries and nightlife venues. No exploration is complete without indulging in its gastronomic offerings. The city pulsates with aromas of Turkish cuisine, from sizzling kebabs to freshly baked pastries. Waterfront restaurants along the marina provide delectable fresh fish dishes and breathtaking views, creating perfect settings for leisurely meals.

Narrow streets come alive with music from bars, clubs, and open-air venues. The city's vibrant nightlife caters to diverse tastes, whether one seeks a sophisticated cocktail lounge or a dance floor under the stars. The lifestyle choices make Bodrum, an ideal place to retire and live all year round.

Sailing in Turkey

3: Coastal Resorts and Stunning Sunsets

While expensive neighbourhoods like Yalikavak attract the rich and famous, Bodrum remains one of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations, and there are fantastic investment opportunities for foreign buyers with reasonable property prices. Bodrum's beautiful coastline and excellent climate are two reasons real estate is growing in demand across the area, and there are so many destinations to choose from. Choosing the right location is crucial when considering residential properties in this idyllic Turkish town, as each region has a unique appeal.

Beautiful Bitez: The popular resort of Bitez stands out as an excellent choice for tranquil atmospheres and beachfront properties. Bitez is famous for its sandy beaches, green landscapes, lush tangerine groves, and laid-back ambience. The area offers various properties, from beachfront villas to traditional Turkish houses, making it ideal for more relaxed paces of life and mid- to long-term rises in property values.

Charming Gumusluk: If you're drawn to the idea of a quaint fishing village with bohemian flair and your dream property, Gumusluk is ideal. This charming seaside town is known for its crystal-clear waters, picturesque landscapes, seafood restaurants, and vibrant arts scene. Properties in Gumusluk range from cosy apartments to beachfront villas, providing an excellent opportunity for peaceful retreats with authenticity and excellent prices for properties.


Trendy Torba: Just a short drive from the bustling city centre, Torba offers serene escapes, with a beautiful coastline, luxury resorts, and a mix of modern and traditional properties. Torba appeals to those who desire a tranquil environment without sacrificing proximity to the vibrant energy. Houses for sale are a mix of conventional Turkish-style or modern villas with SMART home technology.

Golturkbuku: Known as the Turkish Saint-Tropez, Golturkbuku coastal village attracts the elite with its glamorous beach clubs, upscale restaurants, and exclusive properties. This upscale resort offers high-end rental properties and waterfront estates, making it a wise decision for luxury living. Such is the prestigious status, mainstream tourism steers well clear of this resort but the added bonus is the exclusive atmosphere.

Family Friendly Gumbet: Gumbet, a famous resort town, beckons foreign property buyers with its lively atmosphere and homes for sale. Gumbet is renowned for its bustling beachfront, energetic nightlife, and many water activities. The crescent-shaped bay of Gumbet boasts golden sand, making it a popular destination for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts, and by day, visitors can indulge in various water-based adventures, from jet-skiing to parasailing. At the same time, the evenings come alive with the sounds of music and laughter emanating from the numerous beach clubs, bars, and restaurants that line the shoreline.

4: Types of Property

Bodrum speaks to all kinds of investors with various property prices. Yalikavak offers many modern villas across the stunning hills. Still, those looking to buy property may be surprised that there are also average prices in other destinations. Apartments for sale can be found across the peninsula. While some owners enter the rental market for the high rental yields, some live in them, and others use them as holiday homes. Many expats live in apartments and villas all year round, simply because the cost of living in Turkey is much cheaper than in their home country.

Bodrum also excels in villas. Some are historic old properties that have been refurnished, while others are luxurious villas boasting modern trends and smart home technology. From apartments to luxury villas, our properties for sale in Bodrum perfectly highlight ideal real estate investments in Turkey. Whether you want affordable prices, cultural heritage, or getting to know about the various property types available, you will find it interesting. If any villas or apartments are for sale, catch your eye, and you want to know more, use the contact details to receive more information via email or arrange viewings of various types of properties.

Turkish Coastline Bodrum

5: Beautiful Scenery and Prime Location at Bodrum Center

At the centre of this captivating region lies Bodrum coastal city, once a charming fishing village, now a vibrant hub that encapsulates the essence of Turkish culture, history, and turquoise waters in a central location. History unfolds in every cobblestone, alleyway, and structure, and initially built by the 15th-century Knights of St. John, Bodrum Castle now houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, offering a captivating journey through maritime history.

Bodrum Center seamlessly blends the old coastal town with the new for foreign buyers, as charming whitewashed buildings adorned with bougainvillaea share space with modern shops, cafes, and art galleries, and this is where investors who want commercial property go. Additionally, luxurious hillside villas offer incredible sea views that add to property values. During the summer season, you can even see across to the Greek islands.

This port city is not only about the lively nightlife, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and luxury hotels. It also offers moments of serene beauty. The marina, lined with luxury yachts and traditional fishing boats, invites leisurely walks along the waterfront, while the seafront promenade provides a perfect setting for a peaceful afternoon. Whether you seek luxurious lifestyles, stunning landscapes, a beautiful marina, a cultural excursion, a shopping spree, a culinary adventure, or a lively night out, Bodrum Center beckons, promising an unforgettable experience on every corner of enchanting streets.

6: Easy to Get Here Via Bodrum Airport

Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV), commonly called Bodrum Airport, serves as a gateway to the stunning Bodrum Peninsula and the surrounding Aegean region. Located approximately 36 kilometres northeast of Bodrum city centre, the airport connects international and domestic travellers to this popular tourist destination.

Several domestic flights connect the peninsula to major cities across Turkey, but Bodrum Airport is also well-connected with numerous international flights, especially during the peak tourist season. Visitors from Europe, Russia, and the Middle East frequently choose Bodrum as a holiday destination and arrive via the airport or the central bus station.  All this means that getting to and from your chosen destination is incredibly easy.

7: Golden Beaches in Popular Neighbourhoods

One significant benefit for property owners and the expatriate community is that you are only a short ride from picturesque beaches and tranquil atmospheres. The Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey is a coastal haven boasting enchanting beaches that beckon sunseekers, water enthusiasts, and relaxation seekers during the warm climate season. Each stretch of sand along this idyllic peninsula unveils its unique charm, making Bodrum a destination where the beauty is as diverse as the history.

Bitez: Bitez Beach provides serene retreats in favourable climates for more tranquil escapes. Surrounded by Mandarin orchards and framed by lush hills, Bitez offers a peaceful ambience for leisurely sunbathing and swimming, and shallow waters make it particularly suitable for families with children. At the same time, waterfront restaurants serve up fresh seafood and traditional Turkish delicacies.

Camel Beach: Named after the rock formations resembling camels, Camel Beach in Ortakent is a natural wonder that captivates visitors with unique charm, and is an excellent spot for swimming and snorkelling. The surrounding landscape, with its olive groves and distant silhouette of Greek islands, adds an extra layer of allure to this hidden gem.

Gumbet: Gumbet Beach, renowned for its vibrant nightlife, offers lively atmospheres during the day and transforms into bustling entertainment hubs by night. With water sports, beach clubs, and thriving party scenes, Gumbet promotes dynamic seaside experiences, and the beachfront promenade has cafes and bars, creating lively backdrops against stunning Aegean views.

Turkbuku Beach Clubs: Often called the Turkish Saint-Tropez, Turkbuku boasts glamorous beach clubs that cater to discerning clientele seeking pleasant climates. With high-end beach clubs, designer boutiques, and luxury resorts, Turkbuku offers sophisticated retreats for seaside indulgence. The pristine beach clubs provide an exclusive relaxing setting where visitors can soak the sun in style.

Yalikavak's Tranquil Bliss: The beautiful beach of Yalikavak combines natural beauty with sophistication. Surrounded by traditional fishing boats and waterfront cafes, the gorgeous beach is ideal for unwinding while enjoying stunning views. The gentle sea breeze and scent create soothing atmospheres for leisurely days by the shore.

The Bodrum Peninsula's diverse beaches cater to every preference, whether it's the lively energy of Gumbet, the tranquil shores of Bitez, or the luxury of Turkbuku. Whichever stretch of sand one chooses, the Bodrum Peninsula promise an unforgettable seaside experience, where the beauty is matched only by the warmth of Turkish hospitality.

Use Our Services and Real Estate Agency

Our dedicated team of professionals understands the types of property and diverse real estate landscape Bodrum offers. With an intimate knowledge of local market trends, property investments, and real estate prices, we guide our clients through every step of the property buying process.  From selecting the most suitable neighbourhoods to negotiating the best deals, our estate agents pride themselves on fostering transparent and trusting client relationships during all real estate transactions.

We prioritize fulfilling individual preferences and investment goals, ensuring each property transaction is a seamless and rewarding experience for our valued clientele on a property search. So choosing our real estate advisors means accessing an extensive network of options, exclusive opportunities, and expert advice.

Whether you're seeking a serene villa with panoramic sea views, a stylish apartment in Bodrum's vibrant town centre, or a charming property nestled in peaceful countryside, our agents have the expertise to give you more reasons to buy property in Bodrum and match your aspirations with the perfect property. So, call us today to find out more. Our commitment to excellence and personalized approaches distinguishes us as the go-to partner for informed and satisfying real estate investment in captivating Bodrum.

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