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BLOG Why Buy Property In Dalyan - 8 Reasons To Choose This Destination In Turkey

10 October 2021 / Lifestyle

Why Buy Property In Dalyan

If you are thinking of buying property in Dalyan, rest assured that you are on the right track. Sitting on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, this stunningly beautiful area presents many opportunities for anyone looking for a summer holiday home, a place to live permanently in Turkey or an ideal investment.

We have a soft spot for Dalyan and have spent many months exploring the area and enjoy the regional delights. So, you might think we are biased when it comes to knowing whether it is a suitable property investment. However, concrete reasons make buying an apartment or villa in Dalyan a wise real estate purchase.

Why Buy Property In Dalyan

1: Dalyan And The Great Outdoors

In June, the Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper said Dalyan, a picturesque town, was one of Turkey's best places to visit. Indeed, the small town sits next to the winding Cayi river, and with the majestic rock tombs ruins in the background, residents have the perfect setting for an outdoor adventure. Life outdoors is greatly encouraged by the weather climate of hot summers and mild winters and local places of natural beauty like nearby Koycegiz lake. Dalyan sits slightly inland so houses give off a river view rather than the sea, but the beautiful Iztuzu Beach is just a short drive away.

2: Careful Property Development

Dalyan is a small town, and despite the rise in popularity, it will stay that way. While other places in Turkey sold out on their aesthetic appearance to build mass apartment buildings, Dalyan has not. Most facilities maintain a height of two to three stories. Additionally, there are no large nightclubs hosting parties for thousands of people or shopping malls containing hundreds of shops. Dalyan stays true to its cultural heritage, which makes it stand out among other destinations. Dalyan's property portfolio also carefully blends old with new, from the traditional stone villa to a modern ground floor apartment.

3: Getting Here

One reason Dalyan is popular with expats is that Dalaman airport is just a 35-minute drive away. As one of Turkey's top three touristic airports, the air travel hub hosts thousands of flights every year, and in the winter months, when the schedule dies down, it also connects with the new Istanbul airport. When arriving by sea, sailors can head to nearby Gocek. Otherwise, the central bus station in nearby Dalaman hosts cheap and frequent services from all over Turkey. Additionally, the nearby D400 highway heading from the east to the west of Turkey means you can quickly get to Dalyan by road.

4: Mid To Long Term Potential

Dalyan is one of Turkey's stronghold destinations for tourism. As much as it is popular now, domestic and foreign interest in the town will increase as people seek to get away from the more well-known places like Marmaris and Bodrum. Additionally, because there is so much effort put into preserving the town’s natural layout, if house buyers keep their home for roughly 5 to 10 years, there is much potential for capital appreciation.

5: Lifestyle And Things To Do

Regardless of whether homebuyers want a holiday home or somewhere to retire and live all year round, Dalyan comes up trumps with a good lifestyle and range of activities. Summer revolves around lazy days by the pool, enjoying the Cayi river, heading to nearby Iztuzu Beach, or enjoying the tranquillity of Koycegiz. If you hire a car, there is plenty of other places, and the expat community often organises meetups and nights out. While the rainy season (roughly two months a year) means dialling down the outdoor lifestyle, locals enjoy an active schedule and social life for most of the year.

6: Cost of Living

Regardless of where you choose to live in Turkey, you can enjoy a low cost of living. In Dalyan, one way to do this is to stop by the weekly farmers market for fresh fruit and vegetables that we guarantee taste better than in your home country. Pay low costs for council tax, there is no TV licence and enjoy incredibly cheap water and gas bills. While being a car driver, smoker and drinker can drive your costs up, retirees on a budget would do well to look at Dalyan and Turkey rather than European countries like Spain, Portugal, or France.

7: Everything Turkish

Dalyan has a special little touch because it is not a conservative town yet remains true to its culture and traditional outlook as a farming area. A great place to experience Turkish culture is the riverside restaurants that serve the blue crab's local delicacy. Combine this with some fresh salad, traditional Turkish meze, and a glass of raki for an authentic Dalyan experience. Likewise, when you move permanently to Dalyan, you will soon discover the welcoming hospitality of local Turks. Many expats choose Dalyan because local Turks make it incredibly easy to settle in and make friends.

8: Price of Property

Although property prices have risen considerably in Dalyan thanks to the scarcity, they still provide a decent bargain, especially when compared with other areas in Turkey. Combine this with low purchasing costs and a quick purchasing time of as little as a week to understand the last reason buying in Dalyan is a good idea.

To start your search, browse our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in Dalyan. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location, home features, and the contact details to find out more via email or arrange a viewing. Alternatively, contact us via telephone and speak to a local agent today about more reasons to buy a home in Dalyan.

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