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6 April 2020 / Properties

5 Reasons to Buy Property In Side

If you are a house hunter in Turkey and wondering why buy property in Side, there are plenty of excellent reasons. The Mediterranean resort, a seamless blend of new modern developments with old historical ruins is one of Turkey’s lesser talked about destinations, yet it offers a lot to anyone looking for holiday homes, a buy-to-let investment, or buyers looking for long-term capital appreciation.

Sitting on the southwest coast, it belongs to the Manavgat region, which is traditionally Turkish. Yet, Side has evolved into a multicultural hub favoured by Europeans, Brits, and other nationalities. This cosmopolitan feel harks back throughout history, which includes its major status as a slave-trading town and a Roman trading port. So, let’s discuss the finer details why Side is a viable choice for house-hunters in Turkey.

5 Reasons to Buy Property In Side

1: Larger Antalya Region

Side belongs to the broader Antalya region that is a significant player on the tourism and foreign house sales scenes, coming second only to Istanbul. As the region’s popularity grows, many ask if it will overcome Istanbul and become Turkey’s number one go-to destination. Things that make the Antalya region a force to be reckoned with include the best nightlife and shopping scenes in Mediterranean Turkey. In the hospitality industry, it is also known for its professionalism, and many five-star hotel chains operate in the area. A host of tourist attractions and places to go keep anyone living or holidaying in Side occupied for months to come.

2: Good Transport Links

One benefit of belonging to the Antalya region is easy access to an award-winning state-of-the-art airport. Operating all year round, with frequent flights to and from various countries and other destinations in Turkey, its prominent status also leads way to cheap ticket prices. Aside from that, Side sits on the major D400 highway, one of Turkey’s longest roads running from the east to the west of the country. This means getting to other destinations like nearby golfing Belek is easy whether driving or relying on public transport.

3: Affordable Prices

Despite belonging to one of Turkey’s most popular and busiest districts, property prices per square meter in Side offer some of the best value for money, especially when compared to places like Antalya city centre. The closer to the coastline, the higher the prices, but even those properties offer spectacular views and great prices, especially for first-time buyers, making their first investment in Turkey.

4: Types of Property

Every buyer has different preferences for what they want in a home, and that is where Side delivers by offering a variety of property types including budget and luxury, resale, off-plan and recent developments.  A recent trend for apartment buyers is large lifestyle residences, where for a yearly communal fee they have access to a wide range of communal facilities like a swimming pool, on-site gym, spa, Turkish hammam, security and other examples. Sometimes, buyers opt for a detached villa with private pool and garden so they can enjoy privacy and have lots of space for year-round living. See perfect examples of the property in our Side real estate portfolio here.

5: Lifestyle Influences

Many people who purchase property in Side do so, after first visiting the area on holiday. They see the tapped in Mediterranean lifestyle as too much of a lure, and thanks to its tourism status, it is free from the fast-paced hustle and bustle. Side is also a compact town with many all-inclusive hotels inland and on the outskirts; this ensures its historical and natural beauty keeps people coming back. Combine that with the gorgeous summer climate, a beachside environment, and a range of international cuisines, and all the boxes for a desirable location are ticked.

To buy property in Side, and talk to a real estate agent, contact us today. We are Turkey Homes, a property and investment expert, with offices all over the country including Side and the Antalya region. As well as answering your questions and advising on your purchase, we can send a selection of homes for sale via email.

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