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BLOG Why The Bolu Province Is The Perfect Place To Own A Holiday Home In Turkey

24 October 2021 / Properties

Why Buy a Holiday Home in Bolu

The Bolu province of Turkey rarely features on the mainstream tourism market. Yet, this getaway destination is a must-visit for domestic travellers and citizens of the incredible Istanbul and Ankara cities. So often overshadowed by the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, the Bolu province does not have any beaches, yet it offers many lifestyle aspects, the coastal beach resorts can't.

Sitting within north-western Turkey, the province covers nearly 7,500 square kilometres and breaks down into nine official districts. This presents home buyers with plenty of choices when it comes to ideal locations. But why are increasingly more Turks buying holiday homes in Bolu, and would it suit you?

Why Buy a Holiday Home in Bolu

1: Historical Landmarks

Historians are not clear about when Bolu was first established. However, they know various empires ruled over it, including the Romans, the Persians, the Seljuk Turks, and eventually the Ottoman empire. They left behind several ancient mosques, buildings, and Hans, including Yildrim Beyazit, Sarachane and a 19th-century Turkish bath. History lovers should drop by the Bolu museum, with its vast collection of artefacts discovered throughout the region. Mudurnu and Goynuk are also towns famed for their old Turkish houses showing the traditional Ottoman architecture.

2: Lake Abant

An article about Bolu would not be complete without a mention of Lake Abant. Sitting in the middle of forest land, this is why many Turks from Istanbul and Ankara head here for the weekend. Many people also buy holiday homes in the surrounding districts or stay in hotels around the lake. There is also the option to purchase a nearby land plot and have your custom villa made. Set within a stunning forest, locals say visitors can experience all four seasons within the lake district since the variety of blooming flora and fauna is massive—more about Lake Abant.

3: Other Lakes

Visitors and holiday homeowners also have delights of Golcuk lake and Yedigoller lake. The first sits within the Aladaglar mountain range and is also protected because of local wildlife. While the second is aptly named because several small lakes form the area. Picnics, walking, and cycling are all great activities to do from Spring to Autumn. The site presents stunning sights during winter when a blanket of snow falls over it. These two areas, complete with Lake Abant, highlight the beautiful landscapes Bolu is well known for.

4: Kartalkaya Skiing Region

Owning a holiday home in the Bolu province is not just for summer because, during winter, the Kartalkaya region at 2200 meters altitude becomes a prime skiing spot. Offering up cross country and off-piste skiing as weak as 30 kilometres of runs, book a hotel directly on the mountain, so you wake up and are straight onto the ski slopes. The skiing season typically runs for 120 days every year, from December to March, attracting snowboarders. One tip, though, if you do not like crowds, is to visit during the week because Saturdays and Sundays get busy.

5: Short Drive to the Beaches

Although the Bolu province doesn't have any beaches, it is just a short drive to the Akcakoca area, home to Black Sea beaches and a Genoese castle if you are hampering after sea views. Sitting in the neighbouring Duzce province and about 200 kilometres from Istanbul, Akcakoca was named after a 14th-century ottoman army leader, hence the central statue in the town centre. It is also known for its unusual mosque and mass hazelnut production. As well as the beaches, enjoy sailing, fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and walking. Such is the lure of Akcakoca during summer school holidays, the population more than doubles.

6: Getting to Bolu is Easy

Bolu sits on the central Istanbul – Ankara highway so getting here by car is easy. You also have a choice of four airports: Zonguldak, Ankara, Bursa, and Sabiha Gokcen. Otherwise, the central bus station hosts services from all prominent places in Turkey. Wherever you buy a holiday home, you need peace of mind that you can get there quickly and efficiently and the Bolu province ticks all the boxes.

7: Weather and Climate

Bolu is a year-round destination, especially for skiing, but visitors can expect gorgeous weather from Spring to Autumn. Spring is also spectacular since dormant flowers break out of their winter spells, and naturally, with many landscapes of natural beauty, they become a blanket of vibrant colours. Additionally, the warm orange and red colours of Autumn make this a top photography spot in Turkey. Meanwhile during summer, the cool nights are perfect for al fresco dining.

8: Modern Architecture

See our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in Bolu to see precisely what is on the market. Each property listing contains everything to know, including price, location, home features, regional information and contact details to find out more via telephone or arrange a viewing. Alternatively, call us today and speak with a local agent about why the Bolu province is the perfect place to buy a holiday home in Turkey.

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