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BLOG Why the Fethiye Region is Emerging as a Power Player

20 May 2021 / Properties

Why Fethiye?

These days, when it comes to Turkey's housing market, the focus is on Fethiye. Having already been a favoured destination for tourists and house buyers for many decades, recent local efforts by the municipality and driving trends put the region on the map as a top investment destination. Sitting within the Mugla region on the southern Mediterranean coast, residents and tourists already enjoy scenic landscapes, the sailing and marina lifestyle, and a perfect year-round weather climate. But the local council is not prepared to rest on their laurels and strive to improve Fethiye at every opportunity they get. Having already invested millions into repairing roads, and water infrastructure, let us look at what else is happening.


Sky Walk Cable Car

Every resident is excited by the planned Skywalk cable car project. Running between Oludeniz beach and Babadag mountain summit, all year round, paragliders will love the ride, but also tourists who want to witness the beauty of Fethiye from up high. Stretching for 1969 metres, 61 cabins will turn this currently long journey by road into just seven minutes. The optimistic team behind the project say that as well as being about transportation, the cable car will also become a top recommended tourist activity. They estimate because of the ease, it will attract more paragliders and people hiking the famous Lycian way that Babadag sits on. Activities and catering establishments at the summit will also bring in more tourists who want a day out. Since the cable car will operate all year round, and not just in summer, residents can enjoy a ride anytime they want. Eventually, the project aims to cater for 1 million cable car passengers every year.


Calis Beach Promenade

Meanwhile, the folks over in Calis Beach have also been busy gearing up for the summer season. Word is spreading about this destination, built initially to cope with a tourism overspill, from Fethiye main town centre. As well as hosting a fantastic beach, dramatic sunsets draw in the crowds. To stay true to its name, promote the beachside ambience, and keep visitors happy, the local council has been working hard to repave the promenade just in time for the influx of tourists, both Turkish and foreign.


Fethi Bey Park

In 2018, the local council opened Fethi Bey Park. Named after an airline pilot who was originally from the region and the inspiration behind Fethiye's current name, the local council wanted a recreational area for young and old alike. With special paths for runners and cyclists, massive amounts of green space make the park a welcoming place to be. Residents also use the benches, hammocks, water features and pergolas, while the kid's zone includes climbing frames, a skate park, and a basketball country. Now the park is nearly at the third anniversary of its opening, the gardens have matured, and it is now one of the most popular things to do in the Fethiye region.

The Rise in Property Value

COVID changed the way we live and work, and this, combined with efforts by the local council, dramatically affected property values. COVID is prompting more Turkish buyers to get out of the big cities like Istanbul, especially those who can work from home. Fethiye is one area seeing an increase in interest from Turkish buyers who want villas with private gardens. This surge in interest and purchases from the domestic sector and local projects and endeavours is installing confidence in the market, and in some neighbourhoods over the last year, property values have increased by as much as 40%. Here at Turkey Homes, we have also seen increased interest for properties for sale in Fethiye. If you are a potential buyer, who wants to know more about property values in Fethiye, contact us today.


More About Fethiye

All of this is just a snippet of what has happened over the last twelve months in Fethiye. Let us not forget, it has been a leading destination in Turkey for many decades. As both a tourism hotspot and popular destinations for ex-pats, if you have not already been, put Fethiye on your bucket list. To find out more information about Fethiye, see our area and information guide. As well as talking about the region, we drill down to give the local knowledge on individual areas.

About Us: We are Turkey Homes, a property and investment specialist with offices in Fethiye town centre. Our local agents, who have lived and worked in the area for many decades, are full of helpful information for anyone looking to buy a property, either as a summer holiday home, investment, or permanent living. To speak to them, drop by our office on Ali Gaffar Okkan Caddesi in the Cumhuriyet district, or call us today.

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