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BLOG Why Turkey is the ideal family holiday destination

13 June 2018 / Travel

Why Turkey is the ideal family holiday destination

The school holidays are fast approaching and many of us are now deciding where to go on our well deserved break away. Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations this year with over 40 million tourists expected - and for good reason. Turkey's warm welcome, pristine beaches, wonderful climate, affordability and wealth of family friendly resorts is hard to beat.

1. Great value for money

Turkey is often sold as a European destination therefore many assume it to be expensive. But, Turkey is a non-eurozone, its currency is the Turkish Lira. At the moment the exchange rate is in the tourists favour. For those with Pounds, Euros or Dollars to spend, the cost of daily living, eating out, drinking and entertainment is very affordable. Turkey is far cheaper than the likes of Spain, Italy and Greece meaning your spending money stretches far further.

2. Phenomenal food!

Turkey serves up fabulous food! The country sits where East meets West so for centuries the local cuisine has been influenced by flavours from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Don't be fooled into thinking that Turkey is all Turkish delight and doner kebabs. Yes, these are both readily available on every tourist street, but head to a local restaurant and you will find not one type of kebab, but many. From tasty chunks of lamb or chicken grilled on a skewer (shish kebab), to layers of meat served on pide bread with a tangy tomato sauce and yogurt (iskender), there are lots of kebab variations to choose from. If you are after something healthy, try the daily catch served up with a little seasonal salad and balloon bread, the wonderful array of olive oil or yogurt based mezes, or some slow cooked lamb 'tandir' - a dish that's so tasty the meat simply melts in your mouth! There's also lot's of options for kids too; Turkish 'pide' (pizza), 'borek' (filled pastries), 'corba' (soup) or 'gozleme' (Turkish pancakes) are all dishes sure to get the kids approval.

3. A warm welcome

The Turks are well known for their hospitality and if you are bringing kids with you, be prepared for an even warmer welcome! Turks go out of their way to make guests feel welcome and it's amazing how many locals will remember you (and what your favourite drink is), year after year. Turks also love children and will happily entertain and make a fuss of the little ones. Many hotels have kids clubs allowing Mums and Dads some time to relax and unwind. There are also lots of family friendly restaurants and bars and no end of beaches, trips and excursions ideal for kids of all ages. A trip to Turkey is something the whole family will enjoy.

4. Great selection of resorts and accommodation to choose from

Most people don't appreciate the size of Turkey - it's over 2 and a half times the size of the UK. The country is vast and diverse. Turkey homes a wealth of resorts and locations to choose from. There's bustling cities ideal for explorers, tranquil seaside bays where you can simply relax and unwind, or off the beaten track villages where you are more likely to see a goat than an tourist! Most family travellers tend to head for the popular resorts around the Aegean or Mediterranean coast - Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye or Antalya in particular. These are the more established coastal areas well used to families. From 5 star all inclusive luxury, to little family run hotels, there's accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Another popular option is a self-catered stay in a property in Turkey. If you are a large family, or like to keep kids in a routine, hiring a villa in Fethiye or an apartment in Bodrum can really make sense. Normally the cost of renting a Turkish property is very reasonable if split between guests and the bonus is that you get to live as a local, buy the fabulous fresh fruit and vegetables from the open markets, shop for groceries in supermarkets, or order take out when you fancy.

5. Wonderful nightlife and entertainment

All the tourist resorts in Turkey boast a fabulous array of restaurants, bars and nightlife.  Most will have a mix of traditional and modern haunts, some even running regular live music (Turkish and English), Turkish nights, BBQ parties or cabaret shows. With young kids in tow it can be hard to enjoy an evening out as small children (the under 5's) tend to get bored quickly and constantly require attention. Luckily, most restaurants in Turkey are very child friendly, some even have kids entertainment or soft play areas meaning parents can enjoy a drink without a barrage of tantrums or teary 'I'm bored' cries.

6. Lots of activities for all ages

Jeep safaris, boat trips, blue cruises, visits to historical sites, lazy days on the beach, golf, paragliding, water-skiing - you really can be as lazy or as crazy as you want in Turkey! Turkey is one of the most historical and culturally rich countries in the world. Each region has its own story, its own attractions.  You don't need to travel far to find a day trip and your travel representative, or your local activity shop will gladly explain the best excursions suited by age and agility.

7. Turkey is a manageable distance away

Turkey is a manageable distance away for most British and European visitors. The flight is little more than 4 hours from most locations meaning the journey is not too stressful for the youngsters. Providing you have your hand luggage filled with a few favourite toys, a tablet or iPad with a movie or entertainment, and some favourite snacks to help the journey pass quickly, the flight should not be any more daunting than a trip to the seaside in your home country. Kids love new experiences and Turkey offers up all manner of new and interesting things to see and do. Don't be put off by the journey, it will pass quickly, and once you are relaxing by the beach with the kids happily making sandcastles or tucking into a snack, you will forget all the stress and simply relax into your holiday!

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