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BLOG Why Uzumlu In Fethiye Attracts Foreign Property Buyers

25 July 2021 / Properties

Property in Uzumlu, Turkey

Uzumlu in Fethiye is not one of the Turkish property market’s hotspot destinations, yet over the last year has seen increased buyers of many different nationalities. Sitting a 30-minute drive from Fethiye town in Mediterranean Turkey, Uzumlu’s off the beaten track location made it a well-kept secret for many years.

Combining modern properties with the ambience of a traditional Turkish village also makes Uzumlu a unique place to buy property since other areas can be accused of selling out their cultural heritage for 21st-century living. So, let us look at the Uzumlu property market and why the village suddenly saw an increase in demand from foreign and Turkish home buyers.

The Popularity of Uzumlu in Fethiye

No one could foresee how the COVID pandemic would affect businesses and life in general, but the impact is seen in Turkey’s housing market. There is a surge in demand for private villas with swimming pools and gardens in remote destinations with small populations. The increase in house buyers is, in turn, driving prices up, making already existing property owners very happy with their capital growth.

The extra interest from buyers are people looking to get out of the large cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. They want less congested destinations and ones that, in the event of more COVID lockdowns, are decidedly more aesthetic and pleasing on the eye than concrete blocks of flats. This is where Uzumlu ticks all the boxes with a small population, houses that spread out and an inland location with stunning mountain scenery.

Uzumlu translates into the place of grapes but earned the nickname Yesil Uzumlu thanks to the beautiful views property owners wake up to. Another advantage of Uzumlu’s inland location is the elevated altitude, which ensures cooler temperatures than counterpart towns down on the Mediterranean coastline.

Life revolves around the traditional town square, and every average year, when there is not a pandemic, Uzumlu gets together to hold the three-day mushroom festival. Given the position and off-track location, some property owners own cars. Still, overall, they enjoy a slower pace of life with fewer distractions and more chances to embrace the beauty of Mother Nature.

Property in Uzumlu

Uzumlu twins scenic views with a modern housing market. The inland location makes land cheaper to buy than in coastal regions, and one look at the portfolio, and you will see large, spacious villas. Most have pools since the sea is a 30-minute drive away. But for people who want to build and design their own home, Uzumlu is an affordable choice.

Additionally, bungalows are rare in Turkey, but Uzumlu offers a selected few that stand out. You can see the housing market of Uzumlu by browsing our portfolio of homes for sale. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, home features and contact details to find out more or arrange a viewing. Alternatively, call to chat with one of our local agents about Uzumlu in Fethiye, Turkey.

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