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NEWS Antalya breaks new record in number of incoming tourists

1 Jun 2018

It is reported that the number of tourists coming to Antalya and Gazipaşa airports has approached 3 million as of 28 May 2018. The previous record of Antalya was recorded in 2014.

Antalya which set a target of 14 million foreign tourists for the current year already reached a figure of 2,686,441 with an increase of 2,651 as of May 28th, as compared to the same period in 2014.

The number of tourists arriving in the city via Antalya and Gazipaşa Airports reached 2 million 686 thousand 441 as of Monday, May 28 corresponding to an increase of 47 percent compared to the same period last year.

This increase is attributed to the restored image of Turkey after a serious and long lasting crisis in the global sector but also the remarkable efforts spent by the local authorities – to include the municipality certainly. To provide an example, the authorities responsible for the promotion of Antalya tourism have participated in many international exhibitions which have led to building a strong image of the city among travelers, again.

It goes without saying on the other hand Antalya is like a second home for Russian tourists not to forget the rising trend of German tourists and other guests from Europe, mainly.

Antalya is referred to as Turkish Riviera and has so many alternative advantages to attract large numbers of foreign guests. To provide an example the province has many – and most likely the most beautiful – beaches, historical spots and fantastic places for daily excursions.

It is no wonder Antalya is called the capital of Turkey’s tourism when the country has giant cities like Istanbul that has so much to offer to foreign visitors.

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