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NEWS Officials say record increase in early bookings for Turkey in 2018 observed

28 Jan 2018

It is reported that Turkey is expected to have a very fruitful year in tourism. Professionals in the sector say early bookings from European markets (Germany to be in the first place) have increased by up to 70-80 percent. The statement came from Akdeniz Touristic Hotel and Business Association (AKTOB) which also shared said increase was in early reservation was around 30-0 percent in the Dutch market.

On the other hand, the governor of Antalya also made a statement saying 2017 was a year of significant improvement in terms of numbers although the desired income figures could not be reached. He added that Turkey had entered 2018 with new excitement, hopes and expectations, however. The governor went on to say anybody could see 2018 would be much better than 2017 judging on the pre-booking figures and demand at tourism trade shows and added that both Turkey and Antalya could break the record of all times in 2018, in terms of tourism performance. Experts forecast Antalya region will surpass 14 million in number of incoming foreign tourists, in 2018.

The officials comment that parties responsible for the operation of the sector are aware Antalya needs to go through a proper preparation period before mass arrivals start and attend to details such as reception of passengers at the airport, cleanliness of the town and the environment, training of tourism personnel, vehicle renewals  etc. Experts in the sector remind that the best advertising – despite the power internet and all – is still word of mouth advertising and good references adding that is exactly why all foreigners to spend their holidays in the region should go back home with pleasant memories – to send more potential guests to Turkey.

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