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Bodrum Town Area Guide

At the heart of the Bodrum peninsula in Turkey is the town centre, a scenic destination reflecting everyone’s idea of a laid-back lifestyle in the sun. When you buy property in Bodrum, you are tapping into an easy lifestyle where everything is on your doorstep.

The airport is just 40 minutes’ drive away, and the central bus station connects locals with the rest of Turkey through cheap and frequent road travel. In Bodrum town centre, a variety of supermarkets, shopping malls as well as bars and restaurants line the main and back streets leading their way down to the Aegean Sea.

Nightlife establishments are also well known throughout Turkey as progressive leaders paying the latest tunes in western and Turkish pop. Events throughout the year include musical concerts in the castle, charity events and the annual sailing regatta attracting sailors from all around the world.

The diversity of establishments and social calendar events means life in Bodrum is as cheap, luxurious, mundane or hectic as you want it to be.

Bodrum’s Rise to Fame

The long-standing reputation of Bodrum town as an inspirational haven for artists was cemented by the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, an exiled writer who termed the phrase “Blue Voyage” reflecting Bodrum’s sailing excellence on the Turkish Riviera.

However, long before artisans arrived, locals survived on sponge diving and fishing for income. Other more notable people even left their mark including the Saint John Knights who built the landmark castle and the King of Halicarnassus, whose mausoleum become one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The pinnacle point was the 1980s when Bodrum town centre embraced mainstream tourism. The professional reputation for excellence in the hospitality sector also worked its way into the sailing industry, shopping and fine dining establishments and real estate in Bodrum.

The result is a forward-thinking community attracting different nationalities and Turks from around the country.

The Traditional and Modern Lifestyle of Bodrum

Travel brochures often portray the town as a community of white wash sugar cube houses cascading down the hillside, yet it is about much more than that.

Its reputation as a retreat for wealthy and influential people of the world attracts world renowned architects to build millionaire villas, incorporating current trends for a modern lifestyle.

Property for sale in Bodrum town is often priced higher than in neighbouring resorts because of its status as a transport, business and sailing hub. Still, anyone who plans to move to the area has an impressive portfolio to browse through including new build, resale, off plan and renovation homes.

From basic 1-bedroom homes incorporating the age-old architecture of the peninsula, to 6-bedroom luxury villas with many bathrooms to accommodate all members of the family. Some homes have private swimming pools as their main exterior feature, well others boast of the best in landscape gardening.

Alternatively, those looking for villas and apartments for sale in Bodrum as either holiday homes or buy to let investments, are tapping into an already proven tourism scene that is one of the busiest in Turkey.

Every year, thousands of foreign nationalities and Turks arrive by air, sea, and land to sample the delights of Bodrum that grace the pages of many travel magazines and books.

With every amenity as well as a wealth of things to do on your doorstep, it is a destination worth looking at!



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